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  1. Lavaux region, Switzerland—
  2. QUESTIONS FROM READERS When were God’s people held captive by Babylon the Great? That spiritual captivity lasted from the second century C.E. to 1919. Why is this adjusted view warranted? All the evidence indicates that this captivity ended in 1919 when anointed Christians were gathered into the restored congregation. Consider: God’s people were tested and refined during the years following the establishment of God’s Kingdom in the heavens in 1914.*(Mal. 3:1-4) Then, in 1919, Jesus appointed “the faithful and discreet slave” over God’s cleansed people to give them spiritual “food at the proper time.” (Matt. 24:45-47) This was the year that God’s people started to return to their God-given spiritual estate. It was also the time when they were released from symbolic captivity to Babylon the Great. (Rev. 18:4) But when did that captivity actually begin? For a number of years, we explained that this captivity began in 1918 and involved a brief period of time when God’s people came under the control of Babylon the Great. For example, The Watchtower of March 15, 1992, stated: “Yet, as God’s ancient people were taken into Babylonian captivity for a time, in 1918 Jehovah’s servants came into a measure of bondage to Babylon the Great.” However, further research has shown that this captivity began much earlier than 1918. For example, let us consider one of the prophecies that foretold this captivity and release of God’s people. It is recorded at Ezekiel 37:1-14. In a vision, Ezekiel sees a valley filled with bones. Jehovah explains to Ezekiel that these bones represent “the whole house of Israel.” In its larger fulfillment, this restoration prophecy applies to “the Israel of God.” (Gal. 6:16; Acts 3:21) Next, Ezekiel sees the bones come to life and become a large army. What a fitting way to describe the spiritual resurrection of God’s people that culminated in the events of 1919! But what does this vision reveal to us concerning the length of time involved? First, we note that the bones are described as either “dry” or “very dry.” (Ezek. 37:2, 11) This indicates that those to whom the bones belonged had been dead for a very long time. Second, the restoration is described as a gradual process, not something that happens suddenly. Initially, there was a noise, a rattling sound, and “the bones began to come together, bone to bone.” Then, “sinews and flesh” were added. Next, the bones, sinews, and flesh were covered with skin. Eventually, “breath came into them, and they began to live.” Finally, Jehovah settled the revived people on their land. All of this would take time.—Ezek. 37:7-10, 14. The captivity of the ancient nation of Israel lasted a long time. It began in 740 B.C.E. with the fall and exile of many from the ten-tribe northern kingdom. Then, in 607 B.C.E., Jerusalem was destroyed and people of the southern kingdom of Judah were also taken into exile. This period of captivity ended in 537 B.C.E. when a remnant of the Jews returned to rebuild the temple and reestablished pure worship in Jerusalem. With these Scriptural details in mind, it becomes clear that the captivity of God’s people to Babylon the Great must have been much longer than the events of 1918-1919. The captivity parallels the time when the symbolic weeds would grow together with the wheatlike “sons of the Kingdom.” (Matt. 13:36-43) That growing season refers to the period during which genuine Christians were greatly outnumbered by apostates. The Christian congregation, in effect, was held captive by Babylon the Great. That captivity began sometime in the second century C.E. and continued until the cleansing of the spiritual temple in the time of the end.—Acts 20:29, 30; 2 Thess. 2:3, 6; 1 John 2:18, 19. During that extended period of spiritual captivity, the clergy and their political associates, who were desirous of maintaining their power, kept the Word of God from the people under their control. At times, it was a crime to read the Bible in a common language. Some people who did so were even burned at the stake. Any who expressed an opinion contrary to what the clergy taught were dealt with harshly, thus stifling any attempts to spread the light of the truth. What about the second development, the restoration? When and how did that occur? This spiritual restoration work was a gradual process. It was accompanied by “a rattling sound” during the centuries leading up to the time of the end. Although false religious teachings held sway for the most part, some faithful individuals stood up in behalf of true worship to the extent that they were able to do so. Some of them endeavored to produce Bibles in the languages of the common people. Others declared the truths that they had discovered in the pages of God’s Word. Then, in the late 1800’s, Charles Taze Russell and his associates worked zealously to restore Bible truths. It was as if symbolic flesh and skin were starting to be put on spiritual skeletons. Zion’s Watch Tower and other publications helped honesthearted ones to discover spiritual truths. Later, such tools as the “Photo-Drama of Creation” in 1914 and the book The Finished Mystery in 1917 also strengthened God’s people. Finally, in 1919, God’s people were given life, spiritually speaking, and were settled in their new spiritual land. As time has progressed, this remnant of anointed ones has been joined by those with an earthly hope, and together they have become “an extremely large army.”—Ezek. 37:10; Zech. 8:20-23.* Given these facts, it becomes clear that God’s people went into captivity to Babylon the Great with the growth of the apostasy in the second century C.E. This was a dark period of time, similar to what the ancient Israelites experienced while in exile. How happy we can be, though, that after God’s people experienced centuries of spiritual oppression, we are living in the time when “those having insight will shine . . . brightly” and “many will cleanse themselves” and they “will be refined”!—Dan. 12:3, 10. pdf Questions From Readers - babylon.pdf When were God’s people held captive by Babylon the Great?
  3. Annual assembly set to take place Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold annual assembly. 4 hours ago The Midrand Assembly Hall is the new venue where Jehovah’s Witnesses from Germiston will gather for this year’s annual assembly. Over 400 residents from Germiston, Primrose, Edenvale and Johannesburg East will be travelling to the Jehovah’s Witnesses annual assembly. The event takes place on January 29 at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 50 Strelitzia Road, Country View, Midrand from 9am (gates open at 7am). This year the importance of the greatest commandment to love God and our fellow man will be explored and developed. Topics like: “Remember the Greatest Commandment”, “Whoever loves God must also love his brother” and “Do not lose the love you had at first” will be discussed. For more information contact Phillip Gossel on 083 458 2210. Annual assembly set to take place
  4. Video files containing the music and lyrics for all 151 songs from the new songbook “Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah are now available. These files allow the lyrics to be shown on-screen during congregation meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 1. Jehovah's Attributes 2. Jehovah Is Your Name 3. Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidence 4. "Jehovah Is My Shepherd" 5. God's Wondrous Works 6. The Heavens Declare God's Glory 7. Jehovah, Our Strength 8. Jehovah Is Our Refuge 9. Jehovah Is Our King! 10. Praise Jehovah Our God! 11. Creation Praises God 12. Great God, Jehovah 13. Christ, Our Model 14. Praising Earth's New King 15. Praise Jehovah's Firstborn! 16. Praise Jah for His Son, the Anointed 17. "I Want To" 18. Grateful for the Ransom 19. The Lord's Evening Meal 20. You Gave Your Precious Son 21. Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom 22. The Kingdom Is in Place—Let It Come! 23. Jehovah Begins His Rule 24. Come to Jehovah's Mountain 25. A Special Possession 26. You Did It for Me 27. The Revealing of God's Sons 28. Gaining Jehovah's Friendship 29. Living Up to Our Name 30. My Father, My God and Friend 31. Oh, Walk With God! 32. Take Sides With Jehovah! 33. Throw Your Burden on Jehovah 34. Walking in Integrity 35. "Make Sure of the More Important Things" 36. We Guard Our Hearts 37. Serving Jehovah Whole-Souled 38. He Will Make You Strong 39. Make a Good Name With God 40. To Whom Do We Belong? 41. Please Hear My Prayer 42. The Prayer of God's Servant 43. A Prayer of Thanks 44. A Prayer of the Lowly One 45. The Meditation of My Heart 46. We Thank You, Jehovah 47. Pray to Jehovah Each Day 48. Daily Walking With Jehovah 49. Making Jehovah's Heart Glad 50. My Prayer of Dedication 51. To God We Are Dedicated! 52. Christian Dedication 53. Preparing to Preach 54. "This Is the Way" 55. Fear Them Not! 56. Make the Truth Your Own 57. Preaching to All Sorts of People 58. Searching for Friends of Peace 59. Praise Jah With Me 60. It Means Their Life 61. Forward, You Witnesses! 62. The New Song 63. We're Jehovah's Witnesses! 64. Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest 65. Move Ahead! 66. Declare the Good News 67. "Preach the Word" 68. Sowing Kingdom Seed 69. Go Forward in Preaching the Kingdom! 70. Search Out Deserving Ones 71. We Are Jehovah's Army! 72. Making Known the Kingdom Truth 73. Grant Us Boldness 74. Join in the Kingdom Song! 75. "Here I Am! Send Me!" 76. How Does It Make You Feel? 77. Light in a Darkened World 78. "Teaching the Word of God" 79. Teach Them to Stand Firm 80. "Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good" 81. The Life of a Pioneer 82. "Let Your Light Shine" 83. "From House to House" 84. Reaching Out 85. Welcome One Another 86. We Must Be Taught 87. Come! Be Refreshed 88. Make Me Know Your Ways 89. Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed 90. Encourage One Another 91. Our Labor of Love 92. A Place Bearing Your Name 93. Bless Our Meeting Together 94. Grateful for God's Word 95. The Light Gets Brighter 96. God's Own Book—A Treasure 97. Life Depends on God's Word 98. The Scriptures—Inspired of God 99. Myriads of Brothers 100. Receive Them With Hospitality 101. Working Together in Unity 102. "Assist Those Who Are Weak" 103. Shepherds—Gifts in Men 104. God's Gift of Holy Spirit 105. "God Is Love" 106. Cultivating the Quality of Love 107. The Divine Pattern of Love 108. God's Loyal Love 109. Love Intensely From the Heart 110. "The Joy of Jehovah" 111. Our Reasons for Joy 112. Jehovah, God of Peace 113. Our Possession of Peace 114. "Exercise Patience" 115. Gratitude for Divine Patience 116. The Power of Kindness 117. The Quality of Goodness 118. "Give Us More Faith" 119. We Must Have Faith 120. Imitate Christ's Mildness 121. We Need Self-Control 122. Be Steadfast, Immovable! 123. Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order 124. Ever Loyal 125. "Happy Are the Merciful" 126. Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty 127. The Sort of Person I Should Be 128. Enduring to the End 129. We Will Keep Enduring 130. Be Forgiving 131. "What God Has Yoked Together" 132. Now We Are One 133. Worship Jehovah During Youth 134. Children Are a Trust From God 135. Jehovah's Warm Appeal: "Be Wise, My Son" 136. "A Perfect Wage" From Jehovah 137. Faithful Women, Christian Sisters 138. Beauty in Gray-Headedness 139. See Yourself When All Is New 140. Life Without End—At Last! 141. The Miracle of Life 142. Holding Fast to Our Hope 143. Keep Working, Watching, and Waiting 144. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! 145. God's Promise of Paradise 146. "Making All Things New" 147. Life Everlasting Is Promised 148. Jehovah Provides Escape 149. A Victory Song 150. Seek God for Your Deliverance 151. He Will Call
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  15. ISAIAH 34-37 Digging for Spiritual Gems: Highlights From the Book of Isaiah—I e23 Highlights From the Book of Isaiah I.pdf WEEK OF JANUARY 16-22, 2017 Isaiah’s Prophecy I Chapter Twenty-seven e23e 34.pdf Isaiah’s Prophecy I Chapter Twenty-eight e23e 35.pdf Isaiah’s Prophecy I Chapter Twenty-nine e23e 36-39.pdf