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  1. My wife and I say thank you T.B.
  2. I have just checked this out. I initially thought it was a copy of TWYLA 's contribution to this website I was wrong. My wife, a hard-working full-time pioneer loves this spiritual gift from Nicole. Thank you Nicole.
  3. It must be Thursday. There is always an e-mail from T.B. in my inbox Thank you reliable T.B.
  4. Good Day T.B. Thank you.
  5. Good Day T.B. Thank you for last weeks and this weeks material.
  6. I look forwards to Thursday's. An e-mail from T.B. is always there. I am now better prepared for the week ahead. Thank you T.B.
  7. Hi T.B. Thanks to you, my wife and I now have plenty of time to prepare for next weeks meetings.
  8. Thank you T.B. for being early again.