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  1. Thank you my brother .Agape
  2. Post this on the days text   Sister Queen

    IMG-20161123-WA0000 (1).jpg

  3. Can I get the transcript of this talk Brother . Will appreciate it. Regards
  4. Thank you my Brother TB. Much appreciate it.
  5. Nice one to play at brothers & Sisters gathering Quiz time thanks
  6. Thank you Brother for the study material. . We as a family thank you for the hard work you put in. agape
  7. Give us more on South Africa brother. Thanks for all you input. Really appreciate your hard work and the team. Sisters are updating us everyday with news
  8. Sure we will. Hey family, Let us as brother & sister prayer at one specific time to comfort our dear brother and sister in Haiti Sister. Nicole you suggest a suitable that time. Hope to hear from you
  9. Thank you Sister Nicole. We in Cape Town, South Africa had 13000.plus at our convention.5,6 THANK YOU JEHOVAH FOR THIS SPIRITUAL FOOD.
  10. Thank you sister Queen
  11. Continue rejoicing in the Lord.” (Philippians 3:1) The Philippians were a generous, loving congregation who served with zeal and enthusiasm. (Philippians 1:3-5; 4:10, 14-20) So brothers and sister can continue rejoicing in the lord.and Jehovah dispatches that energy.to us whether we old or young. These sisters are a sterling example to follow.
  12. Yes, follow Jehovah's directions and you will be on the mountain as a great crowd. ........