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Found 26 results

  1. 2017 Bible Reading Checklist.pdf 2017 Calendar - basic.pdf Enjoy!
  2. Warwick, NY: World Headquarters Highlights of the Past Year 2017 Yearbook
  3. the new year book is available online on the official JWORG page, and if you like to have a look on the annoual report with the year's numbers. (do you keep statistics of all these numbers? - that could be interesting to have.) here is something interesting I would like to share. thanks
  5. updated : 8.2.1. .. 47
  6. the new yearbook of 2017 is not on the official page jworg yet. If I download the dvd, (wtlibrary2016) … wtlib_2016_E Does the dvd contain the new yearbook already ? Thank you for your answers.
  7. Totales de 2016 Sucursales de los Testigos de Jehová: 89 Países y territorios que informan: 240 Congregaciones: 119,485 Asistencia a la Conmemoración: 20,085,142 Participantes de la Conmemoración: 18,013 Máximo de publicadores en el servicio del Reino: 8,340,847 Promedio mensual de publicadores: 8,132,358 Porcentaje de aumento con relación al 2015: 1.8 Bautizados: 264,535 Promedio mensual de precursores auxiliares: 459,393 Promedio mensual de precursores: 1,157,017 Horas dedicadas a la predicación: 1,983,763,754 Promedio mensual de cursos bíblicos: 10,115,264 Durante el año de servicio 2016, se gastaron más de $213 millones de dólares en el cuidado de los precursores especiales, misioneros y superintendentes viajantes en sus asignaciones. En las sucursales sirven 19,818 miembros de la Orden Mundial de Siervos Especiales de Tiempo Completo de los Testigos de Jehová.
  8. A robotic figure interacts with members of the media during a press event for CES 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Alex Wong/Getty Images Anna Choi of Neofect demonstrates the Rapael Smart Glove therapy device for stroke victims at CES. REUTERS/Rick Wilking The Hover Camera Passport drone uses facial recognition software to automatically follow the user around and shoot video. AP Photo/John Locher Remi, a smart alarm clock, at the Urban Hello booth. David Becker/Getty Images An attendee takes a photograph of himself wearing the R-9 augmented reality glasses manufactured by Osterhout Design Group. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg The Crazy Baby Mars True Audio Levitating Wireless Speaker. DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images A show-goer tries out the YouCam Makeup mirror which shows different make up without actually applying any. REUTERS/Rick Wilking A Laka smart toy and app to benefit special needs children. DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images Chad Kresser demonstrates a prototype VR headset at the Lenovo booth. The VR headset tracks head movements using cameras in the headset. AP Photo/John Locher A Wink PTU 360-degree spherical camera with an Android phone. DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images A Faraday Future FF 91 electric car. REUTERS/Steve Marcus The Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker counts labor contractions at home. REUTERS/Rick Wilking Werner Struth, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, talks about Mykie, a personal assistant for the kitchen. REUTERS/Steve Marcus More pictures here
  9. After looking at the new 2017 year book, I see that JWs can be found EVERYWHERE! Even outside some big buildings like churches. See the front cover, and page 61. that really means preaching everywhere!!
  10. The following are the Top 10 countries to retire abroad in 2017, according to International Living (IL), an authority on global retirement and relocation opportunities. The ranking comes from IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index, sizing up 24 countries in 10 categories from Cost of Living to Climate. 1. Mexico Mexico knocked off last year’s No. 1 Panama because you can live well there for under $1,200 a month, it’s close to the United States, the locals are friendly, English is widely spoken in popular retiree spots, the expat community is large (more than 1 million Americans live there), health care is affordable and high quality and the culture and lifestyle are fantastic. And after becoming a legal resident, retirees over 60 can grab special discounts on airlines, restaurants, groceries and medical care. Although IL’s experts say there are parts of Mexico they can’t recommend due to crime, the country overall offers “arguably the easiest transition to expat life around.” Best of all, says IL, “your dollars now buy nearly 50% more pesos than they did just a few short years ago.” Expat Jack Bramy told IL’s editors: “The cost of living in Mexico allows me to live a fun life on my Social Security check.” 2. Panama International Living editors describe their second-best place in the world to retire as “modern, comfortable and tolerant.” Panama’s also extremely convenient for Americans. Better still, says IL, Panamanians usually treat foreigners like VIPs. Says IL Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch: “With top-notch cellular and internet connections, Panama offers a user-friendly and familiar environment you may not have expected to find in the warm, sunny tropics.” 3. Ecuador Ecuador has been at or near the top of International Living’s annual best places to retire index for years. A few reasons: excellent weather (you can choose almost any climate you like by moving up or down in altitude); affordable health care and real estate and an assortment of retiree benefits. “Fitting in once you arrive is remarkably easy,” said IL Senior Editor Dan Prescher, who has lived in Ecuador with his wife for years. 4. Costa Rica International Living says Costa Rica has been hosting retirees and other expats for more than 30 years. It’s a safe, stable, laidback Central American country that has highly-rated health care and is known for welcoming foreigners. It’s also a bargain. IL’s Roving Latin America Jason Holland says “you can fill your fridge with fresh produce from farmers’ markets for about $35 per week” and “rents start at $400 per month for fully-furnished condos or homes in nice areas.” 5. Colombia International Living says Colombia “has shed its dark past” and is now “grabbing the attention of expats looking for a place to live that is close to home, has excellent health care, a diverse and temperate climate and, of course, is low cost.” On the northern tip of South America (a three-hour flight from Florida), Colombia touches the Pacific and the Caribbean and features three ranges of the Andes Mountains. While you can pay about $1,250 a month to rent a three-bedroom high-rise Medellin apartment, International Living says there are also places there for $500 a month. 6. Malaysia This Asian country is known, International Living says for its “878 idyllic islands, stunning beaches and untouched rainforests.” It’s a multicultural place that’s home to a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Europeans and Americans. The cost of living is low, the health care quality is high and IL Malaysia correspondent Keith Hockton says “the food is not just first class, but world class — and the shopping in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, where I live, is to die for.” 7. Spain The highest-ranking European country on International Living’s 2017 list, Spain features a low cost of living, a relaxed lifestyle, plenty of beaches and a warm climate along its coasts. Small one- and two-bedroom apartments rent for as little as $500 a month and can be bought for $70,000 and up, says International Living. And Spain’s largest, cosmopolitan cities — Madrid and Barcelona — are much less expensive than London or Paris. 8. Nicaragua International Living is impressed by how much Nicaragua has changed in recent years — for the better. “Everywhere you look, there is progress, and the expat lifestyle gets easier and easier every year,” says IL’s editors. A few notable features: Great health care, low stress and an ability to live here for $1,500 a month. You’ll also sometimes feel like you’re back home, since Nicaragua has stores such as Walmart and Pricesmart, selling everything from flat screen TVs to washing machines. 9. Portugal Spain’s neighbor to the west, Portugal attracts retirees due to its low cost of living, mild climate, Atlantic Ocean beaches and the fact that many locals speak English. But International Living says the country’s lifestyle is, in many ways, classic Mediterranean. The Lisbon area is a favorite with expats, say IL editors. So is the nation’s second largest city, Porto — best for those who prefer cool weather. The Algarve region, which frequently appears on Best Places to Retire lists, is known for its golf courses, beaches and British expats. 10. Malta Rounding out International Living’s Top 10 Places to Retire in 2017, this small, historic European nation is beautiful and extraordinary. It’s actually a chain of islands between Sicily and North Africa. International Living says retirees can expect 300 days of sun, mild winter, a laidback atmosphere and a large, welcoming international, English-speaking community. The cost of living is higher than others on IL’s list, though: A couple can live comfortable for less than $2,700 a month and rent a two-bedroom in Sliema, one of Malta’s liveliest cities, for about $800 a month, says IL correspondent Barbara Diggs. Health care here is excellent and a bargain: a GP visit costs around $20; a specialist may run $65. And if you’re craving to visit Paris, IL editors say, you can hop an Air Malta flight — a roundtrip costs as little as $175. Read full article
  12. Busquemos Perlas Escondidas de Isaías 24.pdf Referencias de la reunión vymc semana del 02 de Enero .pdf Reunión del 02 al 08 de Enero de 2017.pdf
  13. via TheWorldNewsOrg World News
  14. La portada de esta revista es la misma de la invitación a la Conmemoración de 2017.
  15. The cover of this magazine is the same as the invitation to the 2017 Conmemoration
  16. Una de las partes mas llamativas de estas asambleas, será la que se trata el tema de la homosexualidad y como debe ser explicada por los testigos de Jehová a los no creyentes.