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  2. It appears you have drawn your own conclusion with my comment. It appears everyone here is willing to set a dangerous precedence when they don’t get the full context of someone else comments. Be that as it may, you had plenty of bottled up emotion. It’s good to release it. How about doing that with everyone you think has an unsubstantiated grievance, and not limit it to just one or two. The inference you promote is fundamental human rights. Do you believe, God’s word was written to expand on human rights? What about the spiritual right that Jesus gave his life for? What about the right of our creator? I doubt God would condemn and punish the organization as he did with the Israelite's every time they criticized his messenger and had someone within act upon their own greed, yet the whole nation was punished for it, God wouldn't use the same criteria in modern times. Joshua 7:1-2, Ezekiel 35:5, Isaiah 24:1-2 I wouldn’t expect a witness to argue fundamental human rights, but the rights of our heavenly father. I will agree, no one should be silenced especially when someone criticizes a critic. That also sets a dangerous precedence when someone gives more power to those that oppose and reject an organization just for following in the footsteps of Christ and obeying God’s commands. Too much emphasis is placed on 8 men rather than the worldwide brotherhood that is affected by such criticism in real time. 1 Peter 2:14-16 14or to governors as those sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right. 15For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorance of foolish men. 16Live in freedom, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. Psalm 31:18 18May lying lips be silenced, which speak with arrogance against the righteous, full of pride and contempt. This should give you pause to reflect and set aside what your conclusion was and give it a more realistic view, the comment was not intended or directed to you personally. Especially when it comes to how God communicates and how things are done. I don’t believe we have a full account on the daily lives of all the prophets, Jesus and the apostles. The accounts we do have, are of historical spiritual value. That means we don’t know everything that went on back then, and we are not deprived on anything now. Should people expect to know more just because it’s the Org by opposers?
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  4. The ONLY environment I know of where it would be smart NOT to factor this in is religion, where apparently contributed money NEVER stops flowing in, like a Japanese Tsunami. Double negatives make my head hurt! It appears that Kingdom Halls, like old people, and radioactive materials, have a "half life". I am 73, so statistically, half of people my age will be dead in 10 years. At 83, half of those people will be dead in ten years. Then it speeds up. At the end, I hope to read about it on the Internet .... BECAUSE ... I read FOXNEWS, and not CNN.
  5. 1000 componenti di una chiesa di Montréal (Canadà) chiedono di studiare la Bibbia con i cristiani Testimoni di Geova! Alla fine oltre 200 persone di questa chiesa diventano loro pure attivi cristiani T.d.Geova! Scoprite come è successo e cosa le hanno convinte di aver trovato la verità.
  6. I think a person should put money away for certain projects. We know that most projects go over the projected budget because of inflation, unexpected problems, rising costs, etc.. So a discreet person that is busy with a large project will put away money where it can gather interest until it is needed. The GB is often involved in large projects- they would not be smart to not factor this in. Yes, less and less are looking to God for solutions. Wicca, Islam and atheism taking over....... but I suspect that many more honest-hearted people will find the truth when one world religion (Satans's moral standards) is forced on all of us. How far Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 of the UN will get one cannot tell........ but it will improve public transport exponentially. "On every corner like gas stations" ...... or on every corner a "different designer church." When I lived in USA it was a joke to me how many churches there were catering for the different groups of peoples and their desires.
  7. Agreed. It is easy to critisize, hard to build up. Many condemned Moses for the way he was doing things. Later God took some of his Spirit from Moses and gave to others to help him. So Moses had a lot of Spirit and approval from Jehovah. But, it was in this time there was rebellions and murmurings against him and the people had expectations for someone better, more to their liking. If the GB inspired fear and things were less transparent you would be more in awe of them but because they project themselves unhypocritically (what you see is what you get) - people endow themselves with the right to criticize just about everything about them, going as far as saying that they are not the nation jehovah is using to spearhead the preaching work. Show me another people who has the infrastructure to fulfill jehovah's will regarding preaching in most countries and I may believe your pitiful criticisms. These are ordinary men running an operation for their food and keep. They feel priviledged by jehovah to do this assignment. I have worked in corporations where CEOs get bonuses that are in the millions. They make terrible mistakes and mess up the corporation ......and just before it collapses get even a higher CEO job at another BIGger corporation with more pay. Arrogant and stupid and very capable to make the same mistake over and over. One of them had a driver and a big limo with so much airs very few people felt worthy to speak to him. The old corporation he worked for gets a new name, new ownership and a new CEO who brings in different measures to curb spending, diversify business etc. YET people expect the GB to get it right the first time such as when the TV Broadcasts started etc. Israel, as a nation was soooooo imperfect and jehovah used them. What I see here on this forum with certain individuals is a tremendous arrogance - their right to critisize. Well, Satan gave himself the right to critisize the way jehovah chose to use his sovreignty. JAH was so gentle, that arrogant Satan used the gap to downsize Jah himself!. The governing body knows that each individual has the right to personal opinion. They tolerate a lot of personal criticism. People expect them to be an example in every respect - something which even Jesus could not do due to the wickedness of the religious leader's hearts. Jesus shone his light but it was not good enough for the religious leaders. (We have some people here who feel they are "leaders" because they forget from which organization they learnt the truth of the kingdom in the first place). They were priviledged to see the inside workings where imperfect GB are and now feel they saw it ALL so they know it ALL. Familiarity does breed contempt - Jesus's own brothers did not accept him before his death. It is when our personal opinion is no longer in line with scriptures that we ourselves go beyond that which is written. Who will stop the arrogance - you yourself must do this. If your self-control is not sufficient you can become like Cain who had no self-control and caused the death of his own kin. Spiritual death and stumbling blocks are more serious. People are only shunned in the congregation when they become rebellious in their sin. I have a lot of personal opinions - much too opinionated - and I know it. I have never been spoken to about it and I am aware that as a woman I cannot stand out too much. I am happy about it because my main focus is to preach. If I am ever spoken to, I will definitely tone my opinions down. I am fun. The young women love to work with me because we always have fun. I am upbuilding, I am a confidante, I bring my share and I have ample room to move in Jehovahs organization....... I even feel important and blessed. But not in the way others want to feel important. If one meditates about Jehovahs word and read a lot - you are bound to come up with thoughts that are not found in the Insight Book.... or have not found it yet. I have a good understanding of the truth and will never attend "clubs" for witnesses. This is the only forum I share my thoughts. I do not pretend to be a scholar because to me it is too "churchy-institutionalized". I thank jehovah every day for his blessings and the insight I get from Him because I do not think that scholars have ever got it right. The scholars in Jesus's day, in all the theological institutions in our day, do not even have a clue what the "sacret secret" is. Their guest is knowledge, not love. Their guest is ego, not love, their guest is to dominate other peoples minds with their own ideas - not love. Yes, there were those among us who are like "rocks" in our love-feasts- and jehovah is busy with a cleansing work - cleaning out those who cause stumbling. Did he not say he will start with his own people?
  8. Yes, that is better put, and I have heard brothers say this. Of course we aren't going to hoard any money because we know what the scriptures say about that. But that wasn't really what I was talking about. It was more to do with it being Jehovah's direction. But then JWI will probably remind me that since we are a faith based organization, then anything we do will ultimately be seen as God's direction, even if something isn't.. I don't really have a problem with that. What I don't like seeing is this being used as some kind of tool to make people acquiesce, or as a kind of passive aggressive manipulation by some, or as a cause for being judgemental. ie. If you don't obey, you must be less spiritual than me. With so many unbalanced individuals around, this could cause unnecessary stress I think. What I'm trying to say is I would prefer if it was presented as it really is: a sound financial decision which "makes better use of donated funds" and in order for it to work, your cooperation and support is needed and appreciated, and thank you. 🙂 That’s not what I had in mind. In fact every Witness knows that the GB is not Jehovah. But they also know that the Bible talks about obeying those taking the lead, i.e. the elders in a congregation which includes members of the GB since they are also elders. Do you have something against that scripture? I don't need your approval 🙂
  9. You call yourself astute? If you would use the head God gave you and focus, you would note that one GB member is eating a lot to be big as an elephant, one is stretching his neck like a giraffe, another growing stripes like a zebra, yet another shrieks like a macaw, and so forth. Look, everyone knows this. Why do you come to the table so ill-equipped in knowledge? ”My, what wolflike teeth you have, grandma” ”All the better to control you with, my dear.”
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  11. Um, empty K H's when the Governing Body say we are so close to the 'end of this system'. I thought there was supposed to be a massive influx near the end, not empty K H's. Actually it is quite difficult for a private person to get insurance for a minibus here in the UK. The government seem to think it has to be for business use. And congregations will not support the running of a minibus, and elders make that clear. As for 'true Christians' travelling as far as it takes. That is not a loving thought. I know of older brothers and sisters that cannot drive in the dark. I think that here in the UK half of every congregation is old people. So where is this love that should abound in the 'truth' ?
  12. I continue to disagree with your word usage. I’m not referring to my comments but how you are handling your own. The problem, you want to assess the GB are false teachers. That’s a matter of opinion. They conduct their teachings exactly as prescribed by scripture. Therefore, Jesus is the GB's teacher. I seriously doubt Jesus was a false teacher being a perfect man. I can see how some Jews thought he was, but that amounted to a historically bad opinion. Another area is the phrase “mentally ill” versus “mentally diseased”. One projects and aligns with what scripture states as false teachers. Those of us that are, willing to subvert scripture by our own understanding, while the other phrase is indicating a state of mind. I believe that difference has already been answered by others. The Watchtower is not suggesting people are crazy for being false teachers. If that is the impression you are getting, it is a false one. Under the opinion given by you, there are 9.2 billion people on earth right now that can be considered, false teachers except you. I would dispute that.
  13. Or maybe.....not Not really, although the old light is a lot newer than the very old light that you quoted..................
  14. Wasted resource. Mostly empty. etc,etc,etc. .Fill 'em, share 'em, or shut 'em.....what's the problem? These are not churches. Anyone can have a minibus? Where on earth do you live?? True Christians travel as far as it takes to get to meetings...and help others to get there too. Where on earth do you live??
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