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    • It is food for thought.  I used to routinely dismiss conspiracy theories, not on the basis that people are not evil enough...they are easily that, but on the basis that they are not smart enough to keep their stories straight. But as I get older I have come to think that they don’t have to get their stories straight. It is too easy for one side to gain dominance and portray the other as deluded lunatics. I don’t necessarily go along with this. Unusual actions can spring from many reasons & who can say who is making eye contact with whom? Having said that, the info here would take hours to digest and I have not allotted the time. @JW Insider is right. If the feed is too long, as it must be with some things, people simply will not or cannot take the time for it. It is one of the basic limitations of being human & allows for all sorts of chicanery to go on. Muddying the waters works, too. Eventually people just throw up their hands and say “Oh, to hell with it! They’re all liars anyway!”
    • Keep in mind the wording on the post as opposed to the video. Child abduction is high in Asia. The reasons why are debatable. Not all abductions are for the purpose of molestation. That’s just speculation on the posters mind.
    • Guest John
      Oh so funny, even when I'm not in the 'house' there are 'wars' going on. @JOHN BUTLER
    • Once again, the mistake falls on you. I didn’t make an assumption that you had threatened anyone. In some cultures, aside from being seen as an empty threat, there are those that will take the challenge. There is also the sibling bond. When a boyfriend does something wrong to your sister, he suffers a fate worse than death. I don't need to. I have seen enough evil for 8 million witnesses combined in a short amount of time. I have stories that would make a man cry, and a woman puke. I never lived a sheltered life. With some witnesses, this became a problem when confronted with reality. it reminds me, Even a proud Brit will see that the UK has equal to more offense than any other democratic nation. So, I wouldn't be too proud to think the UK is a better place to live and raise children. That is why Piers Morgan was handed a reality check when he attempted to make his argument about gun violence in the US as opposed to the overall violence in the UK.  
    • ... and stop from time to time to look at the sky, the birds, and the flowers ... an pick the broken glass out of the bottoms of your bleeding feet .... and massage and scratch the bee stings between your toes that are driving you so absolutely crazy that you want to cut your swollen toes off with a knife.
    • People needs to go slowly through life. That means .... walk barefoot, and watch/look/see aka learning around yourself. :))
    • LBJ is smiling at Congressman Albert Thomas (who also knew of the plot), who is giving him an all-knowing wink, signaling that the casket containing JFK’s body was being illegally moved onto Air Force Two, to be surgically altered, by Dr. John Melvin Liggett, an expert in post-mortuary reconstructive surgery, to look like he had been hit in the back of the head, (the Depository Building), and not, as it clearly was, from the front, (in actuality from the Storm Drain at the bottom of the Grassy Knoll.) This happened all out from under a grieving Jackie’s nose! This was only just part of the elaborate scheme to control JFK’s cadaver after death. - From the video above Why did LBJ have Jackie at the swearing in ceremony? The whole reason Johnson wanted Jackie standing next to him is so that Jackie wouldn’t be in the way when rogue Secret Service agents stole JFK’s casket (which contained his body) off of Air Force One, when Johnson was being sworn in! The reason they did this is so that the S.S. agents could move JFK’s body to Air Force Two, while Jackie (sitting next to another empty casket, obviously thinking her husband was still in it, throughout the entire flight back to Washington), wouldn’t notice a difference.
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