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  1. Things most people don’t realize:

    • Just how much time and workload are involved in running a blog
    • That most blogs are abandoned within the first three months after starting — for precisely the above reason
    • That most monetized blogs don’t actually make money
    • That most reasonably ‘successful’ blogs are run by established PR companies 


    Check out the actual numbers:

    The Internet contains some 980 million websites. Of that, roughly 100–180 million are blogs.

    Without going into the calculations, roughly 2–4 million fresh blogposts are published daily. That means only 36 million blogs are actually active to any significant extent out of the 100–180 million blogs that exist.

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    If you are the average guy with just a small amount of $ or even a child and want to learn about stocks

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    Madness, chaos, wild confusion and disorder. This is the way the universe began - we're told. As the "dust" settles things become  more orderly more and more still. Yet, stillness is not always proof of becoming more orderly, just look at my room! It's very still! But definitely not orderly.

    My room reflects my state of mind, my house reflects my body, my property reflects my immediate social environment, further a field reflects my place in society. On and on until we pan out to view the whole world, the planet, as my body, filled with sextiillions of elements from the atomic level, all the way up to the planetary scale. My room is a mess, my house is much the same, my property is isolated but has a good view, my local community seem to be active. Further a field society is sinking into mud on one side and overcoming huge mountains on the other. Panning out into space, the planet looks dry and brown as industrialisation consumes the globe like a nasty rash.

    Weather systems are becoming more and more difficult to predict, even reversing in some cases. It is the perfect time to start a doomsday religion! Kidding, just so you know :)



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    just raised $100 million and is working to refinance more than $1 billion in debt. The parent of Kmart and Sears is also pursuing an additional $200 million in funding and plans to shave off $200 million in costs. If those efforts aren’t successful, says CEO Eddie Lampert, the company is willing to explore “all other options” to strengthen its balance sheet. One of numerous brick-and-mortar retailers hit by the “retailpocalypse,” Sears closed multiple stores in 2017 and announced even more just last week

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    .... your right to know

  5. A true follower of Christ and one of Jehovah's Witnesses should remember this paragraph from the Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook.

    I'm guessing Frederick Franz himself wrote this paragraph although @JW Insider might have a better idea.

    Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 6.55.03 PM.png

    These are mild ones...

    I've recently caught some JW"s @tromboneck (sorry to call you out there) using the work "heck" instead of "hell" etc....

    tsk tsk...

    @TrueTomHarley will surely come down on me hard on this one.... I've seen some of his language before. :o

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    Its common to asked by someone "Have you eaten balut? Do you want to taste later?" It so easy to be tempted and eat later on. Because its hard to explain them scriptural principles regarding our basis for not eating fertilized duck egg. 

    Its important to let them know you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Their reaction? They might already know we don't eat or agree with blood transfusions. If they ask "why", you can remember Paul's word in Acts 15:29. He knows good health means to abstain in blood. You can show them fascinating scriptural basis of our belief. You can ask them to eat barbeque or cracklings instead. 

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