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A group of islands off the northern coast of Scotland is leading the way on hydrogen power. "Wind turbines needed to be switched off on a daily basis, as power cables reached capacity, leaving clean energy unused."

http://www.wicz.com/story/41946699/this-small-island-chain-is-leading-the-way-on-hydrogen-power "It was here that in 2017 the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), in a world first, used tidal energy to split water and make hydrogen — a process known as electrolysis." ---------------- In recent years the UK has become home to 7 of the world's 10 largest offshore wind farms, 2 of the 4 largest under construction and 9 of the 14 proposed over 1GW globally. Boris has now committed to

Michael Krewson

Michael Krewson

Spanish princess Maria Teresa is world's first royal to die from the coronavirus

https://www.insider.com/royal-death-coronavirus-spain-princess-maria-teresa-borbon-parma-2020-3 Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma, a cousin of King Felipe IV of Spain, died on Thursday from COVID-19. The 86-year-old princess is the first royal to die from the coronavirus. She died in Paris, and a funeral was held in her honor in Madrid on Friday, according to an announcement from Spain's Prince Sixto Enrique de Bourbon. Spain's King Felipe IV and Queen Letizia have both

Michael Krewson

Michael Krewson

80% of Covid19 intensive care patients are overweight

https://engnews24h.com/80-percent-of-ic-corona-patients-are-overweight-shortages-are-imminent-now/ 80 percent of all Dutch corona patients treated in intensive care are overweight. Diederik Gommers, chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC), explains this on Friday Jinek. According to Gommers and Peter van der Voort, head of intensive care at the UMCG, there is “apparently” a link between the overweight people and their problems with the coronavirus, although this can

Michael Krewson

Michael Krewson

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