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It is difficult to see life clearly when I lose perspective. Writing things down has been the greatest therapy. But I often write without realising how others might read the material. I'm usually thinking something completely different, it makes sense to me, but its safe to say it can confuse people. Here are my words, my thoughts, but don't let them affect you, these are just the words of a mad man :)

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Utter Madness!

Madness, chaos, wild confusion and disorder. This is the way the universe began - we're told. As the "dust" settles things become  more orderly more and more still. Yet, stillness is not always proof of becoming more orderly, just look at my room! It's very still! But definitely not orderly. My room reflects my state of mind, my house reflects my body, my property reflects my immediate social environment, further a field reflects my place in society. On and on until we pan out to view the w



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