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A Worthy Goal for the New Service Year

1. What goal might we consider for the new service year?

1 We must set goals if we want to make spiritual progress. What personal goals have you set for the new service year? An excellent goal is auxiliary pioneering for one or more months. Since this enjoyable activity usually requires some advance planning, now is a good time to begin thinking ahead. Why consider auxiliary pioneering as a goal?

2. Why consider auxiliary pioneering as a goal?

2 Reasons to Auxiliary Pioneer: Auxiliary pioneering enables us to please our heavenly Father “more fully” by spending increased time in the ministry. (1 Thess. 4:1) As we consider all that Jehovah has done for us, our hearts move us to tell others about him. (Ps. 34:1, 2) Jehovah takes note of and appreciates the personal sacrifices we make in order to do more in the ministry. (Heb. 6:10) Knowing that we are pleasing Jehovah by our hard work brings us great joy.—1 Chron. 29:9.

3, 4. How do we benefit from auxiliary pioneering?

3 Usually, the more you do something, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Spending increased time in the ministry will make you more comfortable speaking at the door. You will become more proficient at starting conversations and in using the Bible. The more you discuss your faith, the stronger it will become. Many who were not conducting a Bible study have been able to start one while auxiliary pioneering.

4 Auxiliary pioneering may also be the boost needed to get out of a spiritual rut. A former regular pioneer who felt he was putting too much emphasis on secular work decided to auxiliary pioneer for one month. He said: “I could not believe how that one month energized me spiritually! I made arrangements to auxiliary pioneer continuously, which led to my becoming a regular pioneer once again.”

5. How may we be able to overcome feelings of inadequacy?

5 Overcome Obstacles: Some may hesitate to apply because they feel they lack ability as preachers. If this is causing you to hold back, Jehovah can help you as he did Jeremiah. (Jer. 1:6-10) Although Moses was “slow of mouth and slow of tongue,” Jehovah used him to accomplish His will. (Ex. 4:10-12) If you feel inadequate, petition Jehovah for courage.

6. How may it be possible to auxiliary pioneer despite health problems or a busy schedule?

6 Do you hesitate to apply because of health problems or a busy schedule? If you are infirm, pacing yourself may make auxiliary pioneering possible. If you have a busy schedule, you may find that you can move some nonessential activities to another month. Some with a full-time job have been able to buy out time to auxiliary pioneer by taking one or two days of vacation.—Col. 4:5.

7. Why is it beneficial to make auxiliary pioneering a matter of prayer?

7 How to Do It: Make your desire a matter of prayer. Ask Jehovah to bless your efforts to expand your ministry. (Rom. 12:11, 12) He can help you make wise decisions regarding how to adjust your schedule. (Jas. 1:5) If you lack the desire, ask Jehovah to help you find pleasure in the preaching work.—Luke 10:1, 17.

8. How might applying Proverbs 15:22 enable you to auxiliary pioneer?

8 Discuss as a family the goal of auxiliary pioneering. (Prov. 15:22) Perhaps one member of the family could auxiliary pioneer with the support of others in the household. Discuss with others in the congregation your desire to pioneer, especially with those who have similar circumstances. This may generate increased enthusiasm to auxiliary pioneer.

9. Which months might you choose to auxiliary pioneer?

9 As you review your theocratic calendar for the new service year, when might you be able to auxiliary pioneer? If you work full-time or go to school, you may want to consider months that have a holiday or that have five Saturdays or five Sundays. For example, September, December, March, and August have five full weekends. The month of May has five Saturdays, and June has five Sundays. If you have health problems, consider months that usually have good weather. You may also consider pioneering during the month the circuit overseer is scheduled to serve your congregation. During his visit, you will have the added privilege of attending the first half of the meeting that is held with the regular pioneers. Since the Memorial falls on March 22 next year, March, April, and May are excellent choices. Once you have chosen the month or months that you want to auxiliary pioneer, begin writing out a schedule that will enable you to meet the hour requirement.

10. What can you do if it is not possible to auxiliary pioneer?

10 Even if you feel that you are unable to auxiliary pioneer during this coming service year, you can still maintain the pioneer spirit. Continue to do all that you can in the ministry, confident that Jehovah is pleased with your whole-souled effort to give him your best. (Gal. 6:4) Be supportive, and encourage those who are able to auxiliary pioneer. Perhaps you can adjust your schedule to share in the ministry an additional day of the week with those who are pioneering.

11. Why should we have a sense of urgency?

11 Jehovah’s people have a sense of urgency. There is a job to get done—the preaching of the good news. Lives are involved, and the time left is reduced. (1 Cor. 7:29-31) Love for God and for neighbor will move us to do all that we can in the ministry. With effort and good planning, we may be able to auxiliary pioneer at least one month during the new service year—a worthy goal indeed!

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