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An Appreciated Feature—“God’s Word Is Alive”

FOR over two years now The Watchtower, in most fifteenth of the month issues, has contained the two-page, specially illustrated feature “God’s Word Is Alive.” These articles are written in a simple, easy-to-understand style that is designed to appeal particularly to young people, as well as to persons not yet familiar with Bible teachings. Have you been enjoying this feature? Have you used it in teaching others? Many have. One reader writes:

“This is just a note of appreciation for the excellent Watchtower series ‘God’s Word Is Alive.’ The fact that the articles are short, abundantly illustrated and centered on basic Bible doctrines makes them ideal for study with my children. The articles are also easy to review by virtue of their easy-to-read layout, making it possible for the life-giving information taught therein to be reinforced.

“In addition, I often leave Watchtowers opened to these articles in field service, feeling that the pictures and strongly worded question-themes will teach the householder something even if he barely gives the article a glance.”

A number of readers have written to tell of the fine personal benefit the articles have brought to them. A mother from Olympia, Washington, says:

“My daughter is only fourteen months old but she loves to be read to, especially from ‘adult’ magazines. You can imagine how happy these articles have made her. She loves her ‘story’ book, but these seem even more special as they are always new and different. They are brief enough for her short attention span and the illustrations catch and hold her interest.

“The contents are also a good reminder for myself and my husband, often reminding us of points we have forgotten. We are going to keep a scrapbook so we can refer back to them time and time again. . . . I use them in service when I see a householder has children, and most persons I show them to accept them thankfully.”

A letter along similar lines was received from Cologne, Germany. “For a long time I have been wishing to write,” the reader began, “to express my thanks and appreciation for the two-paged articles ‘God’s Word Is Alive,’ which are a help not just for me, as an adult, but especially for my children.” The person goes on to observe:

“My Book of Bible Stories was a great joy for us, but what it conveys is limited. As we adults need regular spiritual food, so do our children. . . . In this connection I came to appreciate the above-mentioned articles that you started last year. They are on a certain subject, but are generally simply and pointedly written. They are always illustrated with a picture for nearly each scene. The children like the Bible Story book very much, but often there are points discussed that are not shown in the picture, and it is generally history. Thus, the articles in ‘God’s Word Is Alive’ are at least as much appreciated by them, perhaps even more.”

Other readers describe how the arrival of magazines with this special feature is awaited by family members. A mother from Ogdensburg, New York, says that her “six-year-old eagerly awaits that copy each month.” She notes:

“My husband has incorporated this as a regular feature of our son’s Bible study. My husband says it’s like getting an addition to the Bible Story book once a month! The new material really sparks our son’s interest. Although he loves his Bible Story book, he pretty much knows every story in it, but he never knows what to expect of his new story each month, and he really gets excited about it. If he gets our mail out of the box, he’s the first one to grab the magazines and rip off the wrappers hoping to find a new story inside! We hope this feature will continue for many more issues.”

A mother from Seattle, Washington, offered thanks for the new Watchtower feature, and explained:

“Eleven years ago I prayed to God that he would show me the truth for I just had my first child and didn’t know how I could ever raise her properly in this wicked world. Within two weeks I was approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses and started to study with them. Now, years later, I have two fine Christian girls who come home for lunch every day to hear of the fine examples of real Christians recorded in the magazines and to hear such articles as ‘God’s Word Is Alive.’ I am so thankful Jehovah heard and answered my prayer for help and that he keeps answering it through the magazines.”

A father from Duluth, Georgia, notes the permanent value of these articles:

“I have been collecting the ‘God’s Word Is Alive’ and have found them to be very good for referring back to from time to time. They are brief but yet contain so much. I have made it a hobby to clip each one and place it in a picture album. I have the whole year of 1981 ‘God’s Word Is Alive’ in the album. I have found them to be truly enjoyable to share with others and especially with my own children, and I have even used the information they contain in my field service work.”

After expressing such appreciation for these articles, this father concluded his letter: “I was deeply disappointed to find the January 15, 1982, Watchtower missing ‘God’s Word Is Alive’ and hope they have not been discontinued. I am eagerly awaiting next month’s Watchtower.”

“God’s Word Is Alive” appeared in the February 15th issue, and in every 15th of the month issue since then. And there are plans to continue this feature for some time to come. It is our hope that you will enjoy reading it yourself and be able to use it to help many others to learn the basic truths of God’s Word.

[Box on page 29]

Valuable for Teaching New Ones

“I like the very simple language that is used, something every household should be able to understand. We need something of this nature to get through to the people. I hope these articles will continue. These are not just stories, they prove doctrines too. I think they’re great.”

—An appreciative reader of “God’s Word Is Alive”



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