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Money & Finance


Gold is a good first subject. It is also one of my foundation investments.

I think it is the one investment that can get you out of the central bankers game. It is also what the elite bankers and tycoons hoard and trade among themselves.

The IMF has at it's core a gold foundation.


Daily you hear reports of the price of gold going up or down. I tend to view the world differently. I feel that gold is always gold. The only TRUE money. The rest out there is "currency".

The value of the currencies is what goes up and down and not gold.

Some other quotes about gold that I remember being told:

"Gold must be bought" - Roman saying

"He who owns the gold rules" - Not sure who said that first.


As for what I like to buy .... 1 oz. gold coins. I prefer Canadian Maple Leafs since they are 24K gold.

I have in the past bought US 22K however I am heading toward all 24K.

I stay away from Chinese Panda coins.

Kruggerands are popular but are not very pretty as a coin. I really feel gold coins ought to "look" appealing. Remember though that I don't buy for numismatic value. Only for the value.


I will add more info about gold here as I come across it.


Recommended Comments

I personally think CEF is great because the gold and silver is held in vaults in Canada  and they do not trade or lend the actual holdings. One share of CEF is directly linked to the actual gold in the vaults and you have basically zero bid-ask spread and fast liquidity.

This is also not an exchange traded fund or derivative of the precious metal. Central Fund of Canada has been around for 50+ years and will always be a favorite of mine. 


Let me know if you find something better.

Did I mention zero cost of actually holding and securing the precious metal itself?

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