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Best Stock Brokerages for the Average Person

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If you have a lot of money and don't care about small fees per transaction....

Try TDAmeritrade.com which will allow you to research deeply and have access to almost every market available.


If you are the average guy who does care about fees and have $15,000+ to invest ....

Try Robinhood.com it is an app on your phone and now a website which is the absolute best brokerage since there are no commission fees.

That is right... you heard me correctly. ZERO Commission!!!   You really can't beat zero.




If you are the average guy with just a small amount of $ or even a child and want to learn about stocks

You want to easily buy into some of the best stocks available out there such as Amazon and Google.  

You want to see nice brand logos next to your purchases.

The genius of Stockpile is that it allows you to buy fractional shares of the brands that you love.

.99 cent commission per trade is not bad either.




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