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A group of islands off the northern coast of Scotland is leading the way on hydrogen power. "Wind turbines needed to be switched off on a daily basis, as power cables reached capacity, leaving clean energy unused."

Michael Krewson




"It was here that in 2017 the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), in a world first, used tidal energy to split water and make hydrogen — a process known as electrolysis."


In recent years the UK has become home to 7 of the world's 10 largest offshore wind farms, 2 of the 4 largest under construction and 9 of the 14 proposed over 1GW globally. Boris has now committed to 40GW by 2030 - for context, it's currently about 10-12GW, representing 30-40% of the UK energy mix - and Round 4 of bidding has begun with some ~13GW already being built, so I have a feeling harnessing or selling that excess power will become a big deal in the next few years

A company called Quidnet is working on this in the US. This is going to be massive when they make it work.

wind GIF

Having maximum power output at night is a great feature for electric vehicles, which overwhelmingly charge at night. If the EV ratio were something like 25% to 50% of vehicles they would soak up as much as the wind farms could deliver.



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