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So Let Me Get This Straight, "Apostate Christianity"....

Jack Ryan


Put together the bible canon, came up with the name Jehovah. Spread the basic Christian message across the globe. Got rid of all the false gods of the Roman empire and gods of other nations As well. When you consider they did this without God to help them along through divine direction all these centuries. I think they did a pretty good job. So tell me again why God hates Christendom so much?


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He hates Christendom so much cos' the WTBTS said he does ! And the WTBTS said that if you want to be a member in good standing you MUST accept everything that comes forth out of the Watchtower magazine ...or else ! Cos they are the Guardians of Doctrine and they can cock-up anytime they feel like it but you cant !

Otherwise he is actually quite loving ...............to ALL persons not just a select group!

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Why do you say God did not help the spread Christianity through the last two millennia?  Did not Jesus say that he would be with you (us) all the days?  Certainly He can direct even opposers.

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      Here is the quote from Jehovah's Witnesses calling former members "mentally diseased"

      Where in the scripture does it say that apostates are mentally diseased? I guess that's just their translation.
    • By Michelle
      How ridiculous. Anyone asking such questions is not reading the material nor either listening to or attending meetings. Uniforms? Smacks of apostate individuals spreading falsehoods. 

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