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I have recently become very interested in AT&T as a holding. Growing up near Boston I lived across the street from a very old switching house where I could hear the clicking of the switches as technicians worked to maintain the lines. I found this old film that shows just how far we came in the last century. Amazing to think how far this will go....

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. On telephone developments, 1876-1940. Reel 1 shows items in the American Telephone Historical Library and the Historical Museum in New York City and explains their historical significance. Dramatizes John Carty's belief, in 1880, that lines from Baltimore to Chicago will some day exist.


Reel 2 dramatizes the signing of the certificate of incorporation of the A.T.T. in 1884 and the stage of improvement in 1892. Diagrams the principle of transposition.


Reel 3 explains the use of loading and repeating coils and dramatizes conditions in 1911.

Reel 4 reenacts the raising of the last pole for the first trans- continental line at Wendover, Utah, in 1915. Shows scenes of telephone employees at work and encourages historical research. DVD copied by IASL Master Scanner Timothy Vollmer.




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It’s been a rough few days for CEO Randall Stephenson. The DOJ reportedly demanded AT&T (+1.67%) drop Anderson Cooper and the rest of CNN’s 30-pundit panels to complete its takeover of Time Warner (-1.64%). Well, that’s news to Stephenson. “I’ve never been told that the price of getting the deal done was selling CNN. Selling CNN makes no sense.”

While Stephenson refuted that CNN was ever a bargaining chip, he’s still antsy about doing the $85 billion deal. And he’s not ruling out a court date with the Trump administration to finish the job: “We’re ready to litigate now.”

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The internet’s first banner ad. It was believed to have had a 44% clickthrough ratio, with visitors taken to a You Will microsite.

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