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1956 - Zone visits to the Branches begin

The Librarian

This event repeats every year forever

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1956: Zone visits to branches (now called branch visits by headquarters representatives) begin. For many years, zone/branch visits were not a regular thing here in Australia. Yet, since 2012, we have had a branch visit nearly every year. In 2012, all congregations in Australia were tied in via audio link to hear Brother David Splane give an encouraging talk. In 2013, for the first time, we had a video tie-in Australia-wide to hear Brother Geoffrey Jackson. In 2015, we had a brother from the London branch office (I have forgotten his name), and last year we had Brother David Schafer from world headquarters. We have not yet had announced if we will have a branch meeting streamed to us this year, but if we do have one this year, it will probably be in March or April (that's when they always have been in the past for us).

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