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2008: The first issue of the public edition of The Watchtower is published.

This event repeats every year forever

Event details

This is the cover of the January 1 Watchtower of 2008. It also contained an article "Is Evolution Compatible with the Bible........good to read in line with one our presentations this month, either "Was Life Created" or "The Origin of Life" brochures. 

2008 wt 1.1 cover.pptx


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Funny.... I think the Watchtower has always been "Public"...... 

We should probably title it....2008: The first time a "Private" version of the Watchtower was ever produced.

Although it has never really been "private" ... more like "meant for JW's" (internal use only)

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@MeekSpace NG  @MeekSpaceNG Please make your JW related posts in a club such as this one or in the JW"s only..... (or in one you start on your own) rather than in the secular general community calendar or topic boards.

This site is not only for JW's.....many athiests etc on here.

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