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  2. Qualcomm wins estimated $3B/year from Apple The treaty of Vers-iPhone... Apple announced a legal truce Tuesday with Qualcomm. The patent lawsuit courtroom drama is over. Then it shockingly defined the relationship, announcing they're biz partners. Again. Qualcomm shares hulked out, surging 23% on news they'll supply iPhones once again. Designed in California. Made in China. Litigated everywhere... The relationship between Apple and Qualcomm is swinging back to love after previous love/hate chapters: 2007 - 2016: Qualcomm provided Apple bits of hardware that helped iPhones destroy BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, and a million other now-obsolete gadgets. 2016 - 2019: Apple ditched Qualcomm for Intel. Qualcomm went on a suing rampage, claiming Apple whispered its secrets into Intel's ear and profited off its patented tech. Yesterday: Apple settled — It's paying Qualcomm an undisclosed amount for past misdeeds. And it's switching back to Q for iPhone modems. Lawyers aren't thrilled. The next six years (with option to extend for two more): Based on our rough calculations, that'll add $3B-$5B annually in sales for Qualcomm (that's a big, big deal). THE TAKEAWAY Qualcomm's leverage = 5G... The San Diego-based chip-maker is one of just a few making chips needed for the new 5G network. Intel is reportedly behind (you can't round up from 4.5G), and China's Huawei was labeled a national security threat. Apple needs Qualcomm. PS: Right after the deal, Intel announced it's done with 5G. That's one way to rebound from getting broken up with by Apple.
  3. And I STILL cannot get a stylus for my iPhone. I give up. Amazing how it didn't actually come to fruition for decades after.
  4. Apple (+0.65%) canceled its AirPower charger, saying it "will not achieve our high standards."
  5. * 24. Februar 1955 in San Francisco, Kalifornien[1]; † 5. Oktober 2011 in Palo Alto, Kalifornien ..... My first reminders to the genius Steve Jobs, in the year 2011...
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    Apple (+0.87%) launched a new generation of AirPods with optional wireless charging, longer talk time, and hands-free Siri access.
  7. This is not only a quicker way of doing things on the Mac but is also useful when your Trackpad or Mouse stops working, or your Mac gets stuck for some reason. Read on to learn about the super useful keyboard shortcuts for OS X. Shut down or Restart with keyboard shortcut Power button: Press the power button to turn on the Mac or wake from sleep. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds without lifting to force your Mac to turn off. Press and hold power button for 1.5 seconds to get the turn off dialog. This dialog will ask if you want to restart, shutdown or put the Mac to sleep. You can also access the dialog box quickly by pressing Control + Power buttons (Eject button on Macs with optical drive). Command + Control + Power Button: Press this keyboard shortcut to force restart your Mac. Command Control + Media Eject button: Press this combination to quit all apps and restart the Mac. Command + Option + Control + Power Button: Press these buttons to quickly turn off your Mac. Log out of current user account with Keyboard Shortcut Command + Shift + Q: Press this key combination to log out of the current user account. Log out will happen after confirmation. Command + Shift + Option + Q: When you add Option key to the mix, you will not be asked to confirm and log out will occur right away. Put Mac to Sleep with Keyboard shortcut Shift + Control + Power (or Eject) button: Press this key combination to quickly turn off the screen, and put Mac to sleep.
  8. This is what I've found: Wi-Fi will provide you with the fastest connection, and a more reliable one than Bluetooth. That being said, it will be the biggest battery suck of the three available options, especially when you're tethering more than one device. Bluetooth tethering You'd only want to use Bluetooth tethering when you want to conserve battery on the device with the connection (iPhone or cellular iPad). It's fairly slow, and you'll only be able to connect one device at a time. All that and, unless you have an older iPhone or iPad, Bluetooth tethering is fairly superfluous. If you're in a pinch, though, it'll do.
  9. Well... as soon as I made my post.... my bluetooth internet stopped.... not sure if it was bluetooth's fault or the cell network itself.... So I just switched back to wifi. These need to work smoother. 😉
  10. So I'm using my Personal Hotspot from my iPhone to get internet connectivity on my iMac and MacBook Air. I can do so either through Wifi or Bluetooth. My wifi tends to not want to connect "automatically" without turning the on/off switch a couple times on the Personal Hotspot (wifi) so I just connected via Bluetooth hoping I can bypass all this connection lag. Next question though is .... Is Bluetooth slower than Wifi? or vice-versa? Just curious if anyone on here knew for sure or could explain it. Thx in advance.
  11. the two are issuing a joint credit card that pairs with your iPhone to make managing money easier. The specs: The co-branded card will test with employees before officially rolling out to the rest of us this spring, per the WSJ. The allure: Cardholders will get extra features inside the Apple Wallet app—setting spending goals, managing balances, and tracking rewards. And the reason: Is youuuuu Times are changing... Faced with shrinking iPhone demand, Apple’s boosting its fee-generating services unit (with a $50 billion revenue target by 2020). It’ll snag a bigger share of fees from its own card than it can from card purchases made through Apple Pay right now. And Goldman wants to use its first credit card to appeal to the everyman (and offset a slump in securities trading). It’s got high hopes new Apple/Goldman customers might also become customers at its online consumer bank, Marcus.
  12. Apple will reportedly reveal its news subscription and streaming video services at a potentially star-studded March 25 event. Looking forward to receiving our invite in the mail.
  13. The former lawyer “responsible for Apple’s compliance with securities laws” has been charged by the SEC for...insider trading. Ex-Apple exec Gene Levoff was accused of exploiting his position at Apple (-0.42%) to trade stocks ahead of earnings, per CNBC. Translation: He’s accused of breaking the very rules he enforced. Sounds juicy...more details, please. According to the SEC, he traded using insider knowledge on at least three occasions in 2015 and 2016 and had a history of insider trading before that. One sampling from 2015: Levoff allegedly caught wind that Apple would miss its Q3 iPhone sales estimates that year. Then... “Between July 17 and the public release of Apple’s quarterly earnings information on July 21, Levoff sold approximately $10 million of Apple stock,” avoiding about $345,000 in losses. Levoff got the boot from Apple in 2018, but it’s still a bad look for a company that’s been roughed up by the press this week for its upcoming news subscription service and an app that allows Saudi men to track women.
  14. It’s reportedly faced backlash from publishers over proposed financial terms for a news subscription service—namely, that Apple (+0.86%) wants to keep about half the revenue, per the WSJ. Let’s run through the details. Apple’s prospective service would let users read an unlimited amount of content from participating publishers for a monthly fee. It wants half of that subscription fee for itself... ...while the rest would get split among publishers based on how long users engage with their content. But Apple could be jostled into dealmaking mode. This news subscription service is a part of its strategy to diversify revenue in the face of weakening iPhone sales (which fell 15% in Q4). Apple’s looking to increase its paid subscriptions across devices to 500 million by 2020 from today’s 360 million. As for the publishers, striking a deal means tapping into millions of sophisticated news junkies—and the prospect of expanding their own subscription bases.
  15. This morning my cereal box informed me in no uncertain terms that it expects to be replaced with a full one, by TOMORROW! I suppose I will have to comply so there is no evidence of me being a habitual cereal killer. ( ... I like to drown the stupid flakes in milk...)

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