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  2. So who here has gotten the vaccine shot? And how did you react? Myself I got the Jand J shot a week ago and I feel fine.
  3. Actually I'm only on the internet during my lunch hour, so I definitely don't have the free time you apparently do to take cheap shots at people and insult them.
  4. Free will is an issue for many. I see many people who were formally drug addicts swear off the drugs and get their lives together, but it seems that many who appear to have addictive personalities find some way to channel their obsessive leanings in other areas as well. Perhaps since these had problems controlling themselves in a certain area they wish all to forswear the thing that caused them some difficulty. Then you get rules. A rule is certainly easier to keep than a principle, which because of its ambiguity we can never quite be done with. There's always some uncertainty. It's like when
  5. The Sealing of the 144,000 is at hand Jesus replied to them: “Tear down this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” (John 2:19) The term "this temple" was not the Temple of Stone that existed then. Jesus already inspected that Temple and upon his inspection of it, he found it as a cave of robbers. Did you never read this scripture: ‘The stone that the builders rejected, this has become the chief cornerstone.' (Mark 12:10) Jesus was indeed raised on the third day but by whom? “For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and exercise faith in your
  6. The total self-absorbtion is a tip-off, too. If his self-importance is pricked in any way, he goes into search-and-destroy mode, and nobody gets even the tiniest bit of credit for anything. @Arauna is case-in-point and it pains me to see her so abused. She has her point of view, of course, like anyone. Still, Cesar was routinely upvoting her posts. Then she made the mistake of mildly contradicting him on an inconsequential point. Even though she clarified, mollified, partially backtracked, and even apologized, it did no good. Jezebel is more noble in his eyes now. For the life of me
  7. My mistake .... It seems EVERYBODY except sEN-OR Chavez are ignorant, maggots, deaf, dumb, stupid, worthless critics, hypocrites, scum, uneducated, clueless, and animals ..... except sEN-OR Chaves. I stand corrected.
  8. On the other hand, maybe they interact w/the unpleasant for the same reason some people pick at scabs or watch Dr Pimple Popper - they just want to see what gross junk comes out.
  9. I LOVE IT!! When witnesses and ex-witnesses come together for a common cause. To attack a faithful Christian. I wonder how many psycho wards would be filled with, such mentality. 😉 ENJOY!! Your weekend, hypocrites and worthless critics. 😏
  10. And now you know why you're uneducated. See, it wasn't so hard. This, I can consider as deaf, dumb, and stupid. But don't be confused JB, you always have been. I have also called people here losers and maggots. Don't forget to put that on the list. Once again, the ignorance is shown by proving this forum has no association with spirituality, and or, academia as JWI insist. Just like any other apostate website.
  11. .... it's hard to insult someone who has whiskers growing out the side of his nose, and thumbs on his legs ....
  12. Nothing special, just accurate. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know an apostate, when they hear one. That would be blasphemy. But coming from an uneducated airhead, I should expect such stupidity. However, I applaud your kind of teaching, you have made Arauna a loser to. Nice job, ex-elder.
  13. Oh no! Not yet another one with a special calling!! This has not so far been revealed. Unusual in real life, they are a dime a dozen online. Maybe that is why the Christian organization isn’t thrilled about going there. As long as you have revealed yourself as a chosen one, I suggest a fine course might be to tell 4Jah that you are the True Anointed. I wouldn’t mind seeing that one play out. He will go batsh*t crazy. But then, he does anyway. (sorry—I tried to find a less crude synonym for batsh*t crazy. But everything that popped up on the thesaurus was worse. Sigh...what’s a rig
  14. Um..... this is all so confusing ..... It seems EVERYBODY except Senor Chavez is ignorant, scum, uneducated, clueless, stupid and animals. ........ What are the odds of THAT?
  15. There are some things and some people with whom any interaction is going to be a net negative.
  16. I have not excused any of them BUT I only refer to one occasion when you are unfair and your ranting about it proves that your attitude is wrong. So bye.
  17. I have also exposed bad thinking on this forum but not with fire and brimstone. I believe at times I was ashamed of my behavior because it came across has harsh or judgmental. Even Jesus said to Satan...... "May Jehovah rebuke you". He did not rebuke him himself. While I agreed with most of what you said, I could not stand by without raising my voice to expose extremely bad behavior. You cannot justify that as an excuse...... sorry your excuses for the 1 TTm 3: 1-5 behaviour is not christian. Against the fruitages of the Spirit there is NO LAW.... Gal 5:22.... even when working wit
  18. Hello It's me again, Been having trouble with computer and internet lately and decided to check of few things, and found out that my program didn't save some changes that I had made to the April 19-25, mid week meeting material... Here is the corrected new material ( I checked it twice/ three times). TB Meeting Workbook week of April 19-25, 2021.doc Meeting Workbook week of April 19-25, 2021.pdf
  19. Only Jesus can read hearts. I agree with you, the company here is not pure but your behavior is also badly flawed in a different way. you can learn from this, or not - your choice.
  20. There's a brother I used to do a lot of early morning work with. Let's call him Troy. Troy was quite outspoken, he was also pretty extreme. He was dropping acid and sky diving with a bunch of guys when one of them started to study. That guy eventually dropped, but Troy picked it up and ran with it. Anyway, that's his personality. So I'm taking him on this RV and the guy I'm calling on is a super-catholic and apparently wasn't too happy w/it's take on the church. So Troy butts in and starts trashing the catholic church really hard. The other guy mentioned some priest's name and Troy said "he's
  21. You’d better be glad this fellow doesn’t do the door to door ministry. We’d be banned, not just in Russia, but in every country in the world. And unlike in Russia, I would have to say: “Well, they have a pretty good point.”
  22. You forget that behaviour is a big part of our integrity. I merely stood up for someone you were railing against without understanding what it was about.... and I had to watch you go balistic..... Think about your own behaviour.....
  23. People who don't enjoy the door to door and street witnessing are either doing it wrong, or have the wrong attitude.

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