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  2. Self praise is no recomendation But then you learnt it from your bosses the GB.
  3. Just out of curiosity... do you already have time to sleep? Sometimes I wonder if you are not an alien. Well, now seriously, I just wanted to tell you that all this information is appreciated. It is sure to be valuable to some. Frankly, I don't understand practically anything. It happens to me like when I go to a museum and see a beautiful painting, I don't have the ability to paint it, but I recognize the merit of whoever did it.
  4. Pekka Mansikka is not Furuli. But several of his arguments align with Furuli, and he references Furuli as a source. The arguments inherited from Furuli should be honestly evaluated before anyone takes them seriously. The author(s) at vat4956.com have paraphrased Furuli's arguments, and, most unfortunately, so did the Watchtower artilcle mentioned above: *** w11 11/1 p. 28 When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed?—Part Two *** 11. Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts From Babylonia, Volume V, edited by Hermann Hunger, published 2001, pages 2-3.
  5. Because the entire review by Hunger is a bit hard to find unless one uses the "Wayback Machine" at archive.internet.com.
      Hello guest!
    Here is the entire review of Furuli's book by Hermann Hunger. The remainder of this post is the full review: --------- Furuli, Rolf J., Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian
  6. The following is the excerpted review of Furuli's book by Hunger in Archiv für Orientforschung (AfO). The remainder of this post contains the review: --------------- Review Reviewed Work(s): Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Persian Chronology Compared with the Chronology of the Bible, Volume II: Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian Chronology by Rolf J. Furuli Review by: Hermann Hunger Source: Archiv für Orientforschung , 2011, Bd. 52 (2011), pp. 384-385 Published by: Archiv für Orientforschung (AfO)/Institut für Orientalistik Rolf J. Furuli, Assyrian, B
  7. I don't think I should skip any of this next section of PM's "Eclipse" book either because it's about the VAT 4956, an excellent piece of archaeological evidence which many Witnesses have tried to make "infamous." 1. Clay tablet VAT 4956 The first line of this clay tablet says of its date: “In the 37th year of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.”2 Scholars have applied the information in this clay tablet to 568 BC.3 It has been perhaps the prisoner’s justification for the present ancient chronology. However, it has major shortcomings. It is a pleasure now to present new researched informatio
  8. Apparently you're too stupid to understand the video I gave you to watch.
  9. Wishful thinking m'dear....... the million years it would take to sort that out would see the end of the specie......
  10. Darwins finches had "adaption" of their beaks when the food source changed and changed back again when the food source changed back......... they were still finches. They did not change into eagles.
  11. Lol. Do you 7nderstand what you are saying? That is the problem with evolutionists.... they don't think things through. If I have a windows code to operate my computer and I suddenly develop a few "variations" in the code or a few mutations.......... I will have to get the trouble shooter in to find the "variation" so he can get the computer to run again. Genetic code is a more complex operating system than a windows system.
  12. Does that make him the "only" one seeing the discrepancies with how some scholars interpret ancient evidence? You only promote those views that agree with your false narrative of thinking the Watchtower is wrong about 607 BC just because you, Alanf, O'Maly, an ex-witness and a clueless teacher, can't make it fit to your satisfaction. Once again, who are you to decide for the rest of God's people? Charlatan!
  13. At what point does this nonsense make any difference, since both can be seen as an extension. So, who cares what people use. The author can call their extensions whatever they want. They can call first edition(white) second edition(red) third edition (blue). They're not out there to "please" you. What a dumb comparison, coming from a supposed intellectual and professed student of the Bible. No wonder "comfortmypeople" agrees with you 99% of the time. A blind leading the blind.
  14. Gnostic. This is exactly what I'm saying. you are relating it to something. Being a physical person you need to relate everything to something else. Please think outside of all the boxes. Yes the True Anointed have a duel nature of types.. You probs' don't want scripture but it shows my point. Romans 7 : 21 through 25 I find, then, this law in my case: When I wish to do what is right, what is bad is presentith me.v 22 I really delight in the law of God according to the man I am within, 23 but I see in my body another law warring against the law of my mind and leading me capt
  15. It all sounds a little 'gnostic,' 4Jah2me. Do you believe the 'true anointed remnant' have a dual nature, i.e. they are spirits inhabiting a physical body? Does this mean the 'true anointed remnant' cannot err in matters of interpretation or doctrine?
  16. Let's cover the entire Preface of the eclipses book. Lookout to Ancient Eclipses. To review this book for its relevance to the Neo-Babylonian period (N-B), I'm probably going to use some shorthand now and then for repeated names, words and phrases. PM for Pekka Mansikka, the author. NEB for Nebuchadnezzar and NEB ACC for Nebuchadnezzar's accession year (sometimes NEB 0), and NEB 1 through NEB 43, for his official years of reign. The business/contract tablets will be shorted to "biz docs," and if referring to the dates on them I will use "biz dates." Neo-Babylon
  17. Pekka Mansikka has included the following in a recent email: Did you read the book Lookout to ancient eclipses?Ps. Note: "NCUSE, Volume II" is my a translation error. The same book is Volume II of the Finnish Department. In the English-language department, it is Volume III. Sorry ; ) I don't know if Mansikka picked up on the fact that these are "Editions," not "Volumes." "Cesar Chavez" already alluded to the fact that COJ used the term correctly by calling his different updates, "editions." But Mansikka's point, above, is that "Volume [edition] II" (2020, Finnish) is the same as "Vo
  18. Yes, the True Anointed Remnant are not men and women in one sense. They no longer belong to this earth. So they have no reason to want things of this earth or of this life. I think the apostle Paul made it clear at one point that he was ready to give up his earthly life for a much better life as a spirit person, but that he realised he had to stay alive as a human to encourage others and help build congregations. God does not see then as 'men and women'. God sees them as spirit persons, and spirit persons have no gender. Jesus said that he was no part of this world andthat his d
  19. There is a revealing comment made on a recent organization’s video about trials JWs may face, that would test their faith and hope. The speaker referred to these times as “storms”, using the account of Peter walking toward Jesus on the water, and how he temporarily lost faith before taking hold of Jesus’ hand. (Matt 14:22-33) One example that he gave of someone’s ‘temporary, momentary weakness of faith’, was of a missionary couple who was sent home after many years in service. This was referred to as “adjustments that affect our privileges in service”. Apparently, this “privilege” to serv
  20. LOL! Indeed. You don't think I tried to do the same thing for many years that Pekka Mansikka, Carl Olof Jonsson, and Rolf Furuli and others have tried to do? I'm sure we've all hoped there was a way that 607 might just still work because that would be such good evidence that we could show others about Jehovah's guidance. No matter what evidence he finds, Pekka Mansikka's new proposals must always promote the same 20-year discrepancy found in the WTS publications. Where do you think he got the idea from? Did you really think that some random researcher just happened to reach a conclu
  21. That's the [point of revision under a different title. It's called "comparison" with what the revision Intel. Only because you are comparing his work with what modern chronology depicts. This modern chronology cannot be absolute, if it cannot be synced to the Bible. Insider, AlanF, O'Maly can't give an absolute on how King Jehoiakim Reign, fit in that secular evidence. Ancients, historical chroniclers made every attempt to sync their history with the Kings List. That 20 year gap is NOT a gap, but a simple interpretation of secular evidence. I will agree with this assessm
  22. The overall article concerns general evolution in the Galapagos, not just what happened in the 1970s-1980s situation, where a drought resulted in finches with larger beak sizes, which later reverted to the normal average size when the drought ended. Evolution has gone on for some 6 million years, so of course mutation and the other effects listed in Table 2 apply. But mutation cannot have been a factor in the drought situation, because it happened way too fast, and then reversed. Mutations do not generally reverse.

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