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  2. Some vendors in China have told me that WhatsApp is banned there, therefore they use that Wechat app, thanks God I was not able to use that Wechat app, it did not recognize my phone number
  3. Facial recognition is ubiquitous in China. Carriers use it to register new smartphone users. Authorities use it to surveil crowds. Schools use it to monitor students. And everyday people use it to unlock phones, make payments, and enter their apartment complexes. The coronavirus outbreak is foiling all that, Abacus reported last week. Some Chinese provinces have mandated that citizens wear face masks when they leave home. And many others are covering their faces out of an abundance of caution. This is a bug in a system increasingly reliant on facial recognition. People have to decide between the protection provided by the face mask and the convenience provided by facial recognition tech. For example, some Chinese people complained on social media that they couldn't easily access WeChat Pay like they're used to, according to Abacus. Zoom out: While the coronavirus has put a dent in facial recognition's effectiveness, it could hasten rollouts of other emerging technologies like drone delivery, self-driving vehicles, telemedicine… ...and surveillance. One Chinese company has developed a gait recognition system to track suspected coronavirus patients, per the state-run Global Times.
  4. City officials in Suzhou, China, tried using facial recognition to shame people who wore PJs in public.
  5. Jehovah's Witnesses have this already in place. Their "social credit score" can go down just by being seen talking with or having dinner with certain dissidents of their group. They would love this idea to add to the JW Library app ... thank you China. It would automate what the surveillance elder state does already with thier 'elderettes". Even one of their own Governing Body members (Ray Franze) years ago was disfellowshipped (thought shamed) because he went to dinner at a dissidents home.
  6. As a person in China... your social credit "score" will go down if you interact with too many others who are in debt. This is a radar device for every citizen to avoid being around others or interacting with other citizens who are in debt. Scary Big Brother stuff going on in china
  7. Here we have our opening for WW III Donald Trump won't be able to resist this.....
  8. Dictators must really be loving these technological advances in recent decades

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