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  2. The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. People usually enjoy the full, bright moon on that day, express their thoughts and feelings to their beloved friends, lovers and families if they can not get together. There is a legend goes like this: In ancient China, there were ten suns rising in the sky, which scorched all crops and drove people into dire poverty. A hero named Hou Yi shot down the nine superfluous suns and ordered the last sun to rise and set according to time. For this reason, he was respected and loved by the people and lots of people of ideals and integrity came to him to learn martial arts from him. A person named Peng Meng lurked in them. Hou Yi had a beautiful and kindhearted wife named Chang E. One day Empress of Heaven Wangmu presented to him a parcel of elixir, by taking which, it was said, one would ascend immediately to heaven and become a celestial being. Hou Yi, however, hated to part with his wife. So he gave the elixir to Chang E to treasure for the time being. Chang E hid the parcel in a treasure box at her dressing table when, unexpectedly, it was seen by Peng Meng. One day when Hou Yi is out, Peng Meng forced Chang E to hand over the elixir. Aware that she was unable to defeat Peng Meng, Chang E made a prompt decision at that critical moment. She swallowed the elixir, and her body floated off the ground, dashed out of the window and flew towards heaven. When Hou Yi returned home at dark, he knew from the maidservants what had happened. Overcome with grief, Hou Yi looked up into the night sky and called out the name of his beloved wife when, to his surprise, he found that the moon was especially clear and bight and on it there was a swaying shadow that was exactly like his wife. He tried his best to chase after the moon. But as he ran, the moon retreated; as he withdrew, the moon came back. He could not get to the moon at all. Thinking of his wife day and night, Hou Yi then had an incense table arranged in the back garden that Chang E loved. Putting on the table sweetmeats and fresh fruits Chang E enjoyed most, Hou Yi held at a distance a memorial ceremony for Chang E who was sentimentally attached to him in the palace of the moon. When people heard of the story that Chang E had turned into a celestial being, they arranged the incense table in the moonlight one after another and prayed kindhearted Chang E for good fortune and peace. From then on the custom of worshiping the moon spread among the people.
  3. We call it “Qi Xi” (Double Seventh Day) in China, which is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. In ancient China, there was an honest and kind-hearted fellow named Niu Lang (Cowhand). His parents died when he was a child. Later he was driven out of his home by his sister-in-law. So he lived by himself herding cattle and farming. One day, a fairy from heaven Zhi Nu (Weaver Maid) fell in love with him and came down secretly to earth and married him. The cowhand farmed in the field and the Weaver Maid wove at home. They lived a happy life and gave a birth to a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, the God of Heaven soon found out the fact and ordered the Queen Mother of the Heaven to bring the Weaver Maid back. With the help of celestial cattle, the Cowhand flew to heaven with his son and daughter. At the time when he was about to catch up with his wife, the Queen Mother took off one of her gold hairpins and made a stroke. One billowy river appeared in front of the Cowhand. The Cowhand and Weaver Maid were separated on the two banks forever and could only feel their tears. Their loyalty to love touched magpies, so tens of thousands of magpies came to build a bridge for the Cowhand and Weaver Maid to meet each other. The Queen Mother was eventually moved and allowed them to meet each year on the 7th of the 7th lunar month. Hence their meeting date has been called "Qi Xi" (Double Seventh).
  4. I saw the movie with my wife, and I could have done without those scenes ... but it helped to show what a scumbag pervert Freddie Mercury had become, even with, and in spite of his INCREDIBLE musical talent when combined with the OTHER musical talents of the rest of the Band. His perversions and excesses destroyed him and this incredible music, his Band, and eventually killed him, from AIDS. There were certain things about that movie I found repulsive, but I think to tell the story of the rise and fall of the band "Queen" it was important, and the truth enhanced the intellectual integrity of the movie. I personally would have NOT edited out those truly awful scenes. One thing I did learn from the movie was that each of the four Band members CONSTANTLY disagreed with each other about EVERYTHING, and that synergy is what made their music so profoundly GREAT! When Freddie Mercury went solo, and had people that agreed with everything he told them to do, and they did it ... his talent died as if snuffed out with a rag. It confirmed what I already knew .... that when everyone is speaking in agreement, it is clear evidence that NO ONE is thinking. In this case ... the Chinese censors.
  5. Trump outlined a very high-tech ambition: challenging U.S. companies to go beyond 5G network technology to...6G tech. FYI, wireless carriers around the world are gunning to get 5G to market first. AT&T launched 5G in 12 cities last year. And Verizon announced plans to launch in 30 cities by year-end. But the real challenge to U.S. carriers isn’t each other. Major Chinese telecom Huawei is leading the pack in 5G (and looks poised to start on its own 6G soon). Remember, the Trump administration has urged U.S. firms and allies to avoid Huawei tech in their 5G rollouts, alleging it could be spying for the Chinese government. The U.S. is having trouble convincing those allies. But Trump could be adopting a new tone. He made no mention of Huawei on Twitter yesterday, opting for a competitive spirit over “blocking out” rivals (as was the M.O. before). Bottom line: Some have taken Trump’s Huawei omission as an olive branch. And with trade talks dragging on, the president could be looking to soften up Beijing.
  6. Meanwhile in the USA.... RIP Opportunity. NASA’s Mars rover hasn’t returned any calls, and now its mission has been declared over after 15 years.
  7. I didn't even think of that @James Thomas Rook Jr. Thanks for keeping these stories real.....
  8. What part of the sun? The coronal mass ejections (CME's) are several million degrees hot, as they are heated, not by fusion but by electricity, to where there is no upper limit.

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