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  2. Revellers celebrated traditional Mashaan Holi in Varanasi, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The attendees performed the Holi by throwing ashes of cremated bodies mixed with lively colours at each other, in a ritual which pays respect to the dead.
  3. Note to self.... only buy top shelf liquor when traveling.... ;-)
  4. Yes or overthink, sometimes governments think what the other nations would do if they act batlantly This is out of this post but for example what is happening in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, why The United States has not invade if they have said that these regions, specially Nicaragua for being closer to the USA are a threat to USA security, one reason is because they think what Russia, and the rest of comunnist countries partners would do...
  5. This "Modi" President of India will not go down as a thinker when history is written. Someone needs to send him a message about how 90% of his population lives in poverty. (don't quote me on the %) But I'm sure whatever the exact number is... it's TOO HIGH.
  6. @Nicole Evidently no one told them that we now live in a world of nuclear bombs that the Chinese had long before them. OR Maybe no one thought about how one Chinese bomb could make the whole bridge or rail line unusable in the case of actual military march into India People just don't think anymore.
  7. Politics as usually... The new strategic infrastructure being built on the north bank is called the Strategic Rail-Road Link and will allow rail and road access to Upper Assam and eastern Arunachal Pradesh – the northeastern tip of India. In the event of a Chinese attack on Arunachal, troops and equipment from mainland India will travel on the existing south bank railway till Bogibeel, cross the Brahmaputra on the new bridge and then head further east on the Strategic Rail-Road Link, once it is ready. https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/bogibeel-bridge-to-link-arunachal-pradesh-via-strategic-railway-line-118122500484_1.html http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/67245374.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  8. They can spend this amount on a bridge while 1/2 their population still doesn't own a toilet? What am I missing?
  9. I am glad this is in #AJOpinion, because it is ONLY someone's over-thought opinion. Anyone that understands "arm's length" transactions knows the logic is bogus.. It is like Ray Steven's song and chart about how he is able to PROVE, through reason and logic, that he is his own Grandfather. The logic may be unassailable, but in the REAL WORLD it is a complete fantasy. Such is the power of words. It is clear that some people make a good living playing with words. I'm My Own Grandpa- Ray Stevens ( with family tree diagram).mp4
  10. As per my experience with public transport, many of these drivers are stressed by dealing with passengers all day long, everyday, for fullfilling with schedules not matter how traffic is, besides their own personal problems. They vent driving fast. I've had some arguements with some of them for driving so fast, and exposing us. In some countries public transport consist in old, fully depreciated buses, crowded by all kind of passengers including thieves, if you complain they tell you: "Buy your own Car"
  11. I can't understand the local language of this report... but there is more footage:
  12. At least 25 passengers were killed after a bus plunged into a canal in Mandya district of Karnataka on Saturday. The incident happened at VC canal of the Cauvery river in Kanaganamaradi village of the Pandavapura taluk. Most of the deceased are school students. According to the locals, the bus plunged in the canal around 12.25pm. The locals who saw the bus plunging in the canal water rushed to rescue the passengers. A boy who jumped out of the bus is the only survivor in this accident.

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    • That was the best you could think of to respond?  LOL.....   I get it.. All the major corporations have just lined up to get involved too:  
    • ... and even more interesting is the Society will hold to the 607 date in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. THAT's what makes it interesting !! The rough equivalent of saying the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1930, or Obama saying "If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan."
    • From what I have seen in movies, many black people are smarter than many white people. Back when I was about ten or eleven years old, they used to have a TV show on at Saturday midnight, called "Shock Theatre". They used to show "Frankenstein", "Bride of Frankenstein" the "Werewolf", "The Mummy", and lots of haunted house movies, and stories of Edgar Allen Poe..  I noticed that groups of white people for some reason would go to a haunted house for some reason, and it would be some seriously creepy castle surrounded by thick fog, with wolves howling in the background, with cobwebs, bats, and in the entrance foyer would be a column of ice cold air. and the furniture would skittish across the room, and fall over all by itself, and a moaning voice from somewhere around the ceiling would say " GEEEEEEET OUTTTTTTTT !. Then, blood would start pouring down the large circular staircase, and some stupid white guy would say "Hey!, lookit the blood coming down the stairs .... let's go upstairs and INVESTIGATE!!" ...turns out , this was a very bad idea for everybody involved. Meanwhile, a black person would have been three miles away, running as fast as he can!  
    • Do not put words in my mouth. You know ...... societies changes all the time and their values also. Soo wrong attitudes should be corrected so people can use their lives to worship God.  A person who is preaching and living a clean life will not try to shy away from dedicating himself to God. 
    • Probably the most superficial posting here on this forum because there is no concept of historical context.   Always placing old articles and using modern laws and attitudes to  defame Jws In South Africa the JW brothers had to constantly ask permission from the government for assemblies to allow different colours of people to mingle...... and this was in the 70s and 80s....  When a white person wanted to preach in a black suburb  he would face personal danger and visa versa -  when a black person wanted to preach in a white area he would be thrown out and the npolice called.  It was society attitudes (and in case of SA - enforced by laws) which dictated what values one could hold.   I grew up in the 50s in Africa.  From young  age I saw black women with breasts uncovered in the streets.... I saw a murder of a black man killing another before I was ten.   I knew about Muti- murders (witch-doctor medicine from body parts)  and I thought it was depraved...even as a child.  .  How depraved must voodoo, witch doctors etc not bave seemed to those people living  in 1902 when colonists went to Africa.  British soldiers who underestimated the black "  impi" were slaughtered in war.  Read up about it on Google -  isandlwana.  The movie "zulu"  was the stand of a small group of engineers against a portion of this army. In 1902 JWs definitely held the wrong view of Canaans/Ham's offspring but this was corrected afterwards.  Today,  JWs in the entire world are one United nation while many other religions remain separate.  I saw many churches in USA 5 years ago where only black people attended, and many where only whites attend.  Most  white churches still believe that these are the offspring of Ham because they have not been taught the truth about the bible.  We have matured and hold Jehovahs views on race. I joined a forum  recently as a JW.  The group wanted my views as a JW.  I was shocked to learn how racially divided USA is now and how many people hate whites just for their skin color and perceived past inustices.  Black Israelites took over the conversation and i wish to add - this is a growing trend in USA. USA has a lot of problems to deal with because they have not corrected the historical problems.  JWs have corrected historical errors. If you want to know more about the superstitions in Africa- even amongst the educated..... I can inform you.  Latin America also have many superstitions which Catholicism has not removed.   These practices are not tolerated by JWs when members revert back to old spiritistic practices.   These JWs are corrected and unrepentent ones removed.  There was  a special booklet,  against all forms of spiritism, written which I used extensively in Africa...... and it is also used in the Caribean and south America.   The muslims are also very superstitious about the evil eye etc.  This is realities....in the world .... not fallacies.  JWs now preach to anyone who has an ear to listen in over 1000 printed languages.  The bible is not bias but in 1902 ..... the JWs were..........which proves this point: if one allows jehovah to correct you and you follow the bible's guidance - you will get it right in the end .......and after all.... it is not the beginning that counts but the end of the race.
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