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  2. COVID is killing 120 people an hour in India, and it could stay "really grim" for months
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    Are they throwing curry into the air?
  4. COVID-19 India Updates: As many as 78,761 new cases were added Sunday, the most any country has ever reported in one day, while 971 deaths were reported on Monday, pushing the Asian country past Mexico for the third-highest number of deaths worldwide.
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  5. Well it is a good thing a friend of mine got her husband out of India weeks in advance. That being said, people think that the season would do away with this virus, but they are very wrong. The longer this goes on, the more power is to be expressed.
  6. So sad that man took his own life, just so his family could survive for a little longer. What a terrible decision to have to take. #narendramodi
  7. Revellers celebrated traditional Mashaan Holi in Varanasi, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The attendees performed the Holi by throwing ashes of cremated bodies mixed with lively colours at each other, in a ritual which pays respect to the dead.
  8. Note to self.... only buy top shelf liquor when traveling.... ;-)

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