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  2. Add this one to the long list of Star Trek Prophecies come true: Wouldn't this be very similar to their "impulse drive"? Smiling.
  3. The reveal of the USS Enterprise as led by Captain Pike was a big twist in the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. The inclusion of the ship has led to a lot of fan debate. While we can’t settle any of those debates today, certainly not before we see what they’re planing to do with the Enterprise in season two, we can do what Trekkies do best, which is to analyze the new “Disco” design of the most famous ship in the Star Trek franchise. The new tweaks to the classic design are certainly interesting, and contain a variety of influences, primarily of course the final version of the classic Enterprise model that was used for The Original Series. There are also details from the pilot version as seen in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and the later refit version first seen in The Motion Picture. Also in the mix of influences are the NX-class from Star Trek: Enterprise, and yes, a dash of the Kelvin-universe USS Enterprise as well. The classic series version of the Enterprise The second pilot version of the Enterprise Read more:
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  4. I'm posting this because this is a question I have often wondered for many decades now..... ----------------------------- Firstly the Klingons are not technologically inferior to the Federation. They have a stellar empire almost as large as the Federation. Moreover their starships are a match for Federation vessels. In the future we know that if it weren't for the incident with Enterprise C the Federation would have lost the war according to Picard. However cloaking technology is not really the Klingons balliwick that is a Romulan advance. So the real question is why the Federation doesn't create cloaking technology. The answer lies in the Treaty of Algeron. Where the Federation agreed in 2311, 160 years after the Earth/Romulan war (and after TOS), not to engage in creating cloaking technology and only make detection devices. We also know that Sector 31 did engage in developing cloaking technology, as shown in the episode The Pegasus. And the Federation wasn't opposed to stealing the cloaking devices either, as it gave Kirk and Spock orders to do so in the episode The Enterprise Incident. Mark you, the Romulans weren't opposed to loaning the Federation said tech. Consider the history of the USS Defiant for example. I hope this answers the question. Colin Johnson, studies at Ryerson University (2019) Source

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