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  2. With several series, dozens of seasons, and thousands of characters, the Star Trek franchise is as sprawling as the far-future worlds it explores. But few have captured the hearts and minds of Trek fans as much Jean-Luc Picard. As the Captain of the USS Enterprise-D, Picard wasn't as brash or boisterous as the franchise's forbearer, James Kirk. Instead, Picard, played by English legend Patrick Stewart, ruled his ship like a philosopher king, more comfortable debating the finer nuances of moral quandaries than socking a Gorn in the face. It's been nearly 17 years since the character last appeared on screen, in the much-maligned film Star Trek: Nemesis, so it's no wonder that fans were excited when CBS All-Access—and Patrick Stewart—announced last year that the character would be returning.
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  3. I used to think that William Shatner was the biggest jerk & I still haven’t absolved him completely. But I am fast getting there. What has turned me is noting how he delights in self-parody. He knows that he is a wooden actor. He knows that he has, for whatever reason, gone far beyond his talent. He accepts it all as a happy “one of those things” and joins his critics in ridiculing himself. My wife and I saw him in a Colombo rerun, playing a media star villain. It was impossible for someone to deliberately ham it so poorly, he was doing it on purpose, making fun of himself. The kicker was a scene when his character passes by the most prominently displayed oversized painting in his mansion—a portrait of himself!
  4. Why do I feel like I REALLY missed out on living in a WONDERFUL decade of the 1960's? I would LOVE to ask William Shatner the story about this photograph and what the hell a Jupiter 8 is.... although it looks cool.
  5. Add this one to the long list of Star Trek Prophecies come true: Wouldn't this be very similar to their "impulse drive"? Smiling.

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