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  2. Imagine having an average annual income of nearly half of the cost of a house. Times certainly have changed. (Of course our houses have changed quite a bit since then as well)
  3. This is a good link to see JP Morgan Chase's track record:
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  4. They would enter orders and then cancel them before they executed. A process called "spoofing"...... this would effect the pricing of the gold and silver which they would then profit on. Steal BILLIONS for decades.... get a fine in the millions...... = cost of doing business
  5. @JW Insider I like your approach. Gold we all agree seems like it can only go one way. Amazon and Alibaba are definitely eating up all commerce..... And Netflix seems unstoppable. Only major risks I see are Alibaba getting banned like WeChat etc... in the USA. Although that might not stop their meteoric worldwide growth. The other moderate growth option is just used as a "stabilizer"
  6. I figured I would be the one to start with my current pie:
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    After the next "crash" I will lower my % of gold / stocks.... so far the fed is pumping in money so it is hard to tell when this game will change. If you don't have an M1 Finance account you can use this link to get your first $10:
  7. As is discussed almost every year, September has historically been the most disappointing month for the US stock market. So far, it looks like this September could also disappoint. The previous 94 Septembers have lost 0.7% on average.
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    ? The first couple days aren't boding well for this
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    This comes a mere months after having done this for 1M Together with inflation this will create big issues and big reactions from companies. All this because the ECB wants to stimulate the economy with negative interest rates. Where there is nothing to stimulate as everybody is thightning...
  8. Fiat money is just taxation and theft as interest is taxation on the poor and inflation is theft of your hard work.
  9. The Founding of the Federal Reserve | Murray N. Rothbard A lecture presented by Murray N. Rothbard at the Ludwig von Mises Institute's 1984 "Seminar on Money and Government," held in Houston, Texas.
  10. Remember that COVID is mostly killing off people with chronic health conditions. If the average COVID patient is losing 10 years of their life, that means they left behind 10 years worth of unused medications. Big Pharma has already lost 140,000 customers forever in just a few months. It's in a pharma company's best interest to keep future patients from contracting COVID so they can spend another 10+ years buying medications to treat their cancer, diabetes, hypertension, lung/heart disease, etc., as well as pills for erectile dysfunction and other unrelated conditions. Plus, COVID wi
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    In signing a $2 billion deal to supply their experimental coronavirus vaccine to the U.S., Pfizer Inc.and BioNTech SE are setting a price ceiling of less than $20 a dose that will impact how much other companies can charge to protect people from Covid-19. Interestingly, the CEO went into this say
  11. The total of newly unemployed is now an astonishing 22M (nearly 14% of the workforce) in just a month. Despite those abysmal numbers, markets inched up Thursday.
  12. Here is a snapshot from 2020 during the pandemic: Amazing to see it go down to 21 a couple days ago. I see the phrase above "Global economic softening"..... LOL..... can you say CLIFF?!?!

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