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  2. So today I decided to hike this beautiful trail in Oregon. I hope you all get to experience it one day. IMG_1206.MOV IMG_1204.MOV
  3. Best chili cheese dog I’ve ever had. Hands down.
  4. It wasn't "dead" like some malls out there.... I went in for Visionworks..... but I did notice the food court and theatre's appeared dead compared to previous decades. Seeing the demise of malls in general causes a certain sadness considering how important a part of everyday life it was back in the 80's and 90's
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    Phases are out, levels of danger are in! Keep up citizens! oh and it is 43 degrees outside right now. Restaurants are just opening tents outside of the actual restaurants which probably have worse ventilation.
  5. From article: An apparent drug sale of 50 Xanax pills between Kevin E. Peterson Jr. and a confidential informant outside the Quality Inn in Hazel Dell ended with Clark County sheriff’s deputies fatally shooting the young Black man, according to court records filed Friday. The records cite evidence that suggests Peterson not only had a firearm but that he fired two rounds at deputies. Still investigators have not outright said if Peterson fired the weapon, despite Sheriff Chuck Atkins saying last week there was an exchange of gunfire. Clark County affidavit sheds light on events leading to Kevin Peterson Jr. shooting
  6. This is the 205 bridge, Hwy 14 and 164th in Vancouver in 1982. Notice there were no houses, restaurants or anything out here. The 205 bridge was brand new and not even open yet for traffic.
  7. Washington State has a tax problem. Underfunding of critical public services gets in the way of our ability to do our jobs safely and effectively. Our upside-down tax code also means low income taxpayers pay six times as much of their income as do the wealthiest. Write your legislators today and tell them to vote for the capital gains tax. A loophole in our tax code allows the wealthy to avoid paying taxes on capital gains, the profit received from the sale of a financial asset. Closing this loophole could yield as much as $1 billion to help fund vital public services like the ones you provide. The resulting new revenue could generate funding for: Education Health care State services

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