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Tell us what you know about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies

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  2. Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange, has launched its own blockchain. Here’s what that means.
  3. If your bitcoin support group meetings are light on attendees, get yourself to the former Soviet republic. Georgia's "betting its economy on luring blockchain technology," according to the NYT, with an estimated 200,000 people having set up mining computers in basements or garages. Cryptocurrency mining likely accounts for 10-15% of Georgia's total electricity demand.
  4. Last year's epic crypto rally is a distant memory—increased regulation, an unclear path forward, and problems with exchanges have contributed to an almost $700 billion rout...and potentially a new section in the "Famous Bubbles in History" chapter of your econ textbook.
  5. Last fall—back when you were chomping on romaine lettuce without a care in the world—bitcoin was busy steamrolling any and all naysayers on its way to a peak near $20,000. But today? The biggest cryptocurrency is wallowing closer to $4,000. Prices have plummeted as even the most bullish crypto investors start to reconsider. So how'd we get here, you ask? Well...
  6. Bitcoin fell below $6,000 on its way to hit its lowest level of the year. Other cryptocurrencies (like Ether and XRP) had an even worseday.
  7. Sweden will be the first country to implement a full-fledged digital currency as an official and overt act. However, it is unlikely to be the last. For many reasons, cash and other paper instruments are on the way out. Although it remains the best way to transact peer-to-peer, the risk it entails and its methods of issuance and counterfeit are precisely the factors that created a need for cryptocurrencies in the first place.

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