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Appian, the leading provider of modern low-code and BPM software solutions, has helped transform the businesses of over 3.5 million users worldwide


Reston, Virginia

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  2. Appian, which starts at $75 per user per month, is a veteran in the low-code development landscape. Founded in 1999, the company has been helping enterprises build business process management (BPM) applications without traditional coding for longer than most, and that expertise is reflected in the Appian platform. Low-code development tools can sometimes mix too much heavy database work and object mapping with form-based and drag-and-drop design, but Appian separates it out to give both regular business users and more savvy IT folks distinct processes that integrate together into a single collaborative application for business teams building and sharing low-code apps with one another. Within the low-code development tool, Appian breaks down its app creation, user interface (UI) customization, and process modeling into an integrated set of simply designed experiences for teams or departments within a business to create apps and collaborate on both desktop and mobile. Appian is one of the most mature and capable low-code platforms on the market for enterprise organizations that want average users and programmers alike to build business apps quickly and start using them right away. For businesses that can afford it, the dead-simple app creation process and unique social collaboration component make Appian an Editors' Choice for everyday enterprise users that want to build and share apps with coworkers.

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