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Everything about Jewelry. Sometimes it's just fun to look at.


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    Map of Nicaragua

    Including the 2 largest lakes and one heart inside Â
  3. Mine is 6.5 in a case someone wants to send a silver ring Just kidding...let's see what is more common Â
  4. I will finally try it too.... haha  I will inform you here !
  5. Guest

    How do you clean your silver?

    I've not experienced that use of Coca Cola but I've heard from some people that Coca Cola has proven to be very useful when cleaning toilets
  6. I like both, but little more yellow gold. It works very good with color RED -  silver, white-gold, platin, looks very good to color BLUE !  By car's I like red, silver and silver-blue....
  7. Another tip, I saw plenty of these by youtube.... so maybe you also can try it with a bit Coca Cola, when you've that little (ugly) drink still at home ! They're showing, we can perfect cleaning with this wonder-drink... Very rare I still drink a tiny glass, but I never get these cleaning pic's out of my head ! Seems, its really a very good cleaning agent....
  8. I know there are special products to clean silver but when I don't find, I use bicarbonate or toothpaste
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    This ring...

    This ring was made for me by a jeweller a long time ago with the remainings of my broken necklets not to waste them. It was  very helpful sometimes since some men looked at my hand first before flirting What do you with your broken golder or silver objects? do you repair them or melt them and make new ones?Â
  10. I prefer silver. I don't like that yellow color of gold, maybe I should prefer white gold Â
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    Men's Watches


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