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  2. At least in Berlin they have indoor toilets .... and except when they are being bombed, don't have bodies floating down the river they wash and drink from.
  3. Jack Ryan

    Radha Krishna

    Radha Krishna Indian devotional vintage print at least 30 years old. Published by S.S.Brijbasi & Sons, Delhi & Bombay.
  4. The name Ayyappan (sometimes spelled as Ayyappa or Aiyappan) may be related to the similar sounding ancient term Arya. The Sanskrit term Arya (Pali: Ariya) is found in ancient texts of Hinduism and Buddhism, where it means the "spiritually noble, extraordinary, precious ones
  5. Ayyappan is the Hindu god of growth, particularly popular in Kerala. He is a syncretic deity, the son of Shiva and Mohini – the female avatar of Vishnu. Ayyappan is also referred to as Ayyappa, Sastavu, Hariharaputra, Manikanta, Shasta or Dharma Shasta. The iconography of Ayyappan depicts him as a handsome celibate god doing yoga and as an epitome of Dharma, who wears a bell around his neck. In the Hindu pantheon, his legends are relatively recent but diverse. For some, he is also an incarnation of the Buddha. He is honored by some Muslims in Kerala, with legends wherein Ayyappan defeats and gains worship of the Muslim brigand Vavar. In the Hindu tradition popular in the Western Ghats of India, he was born with the powers of Shiva and Vishnu to confront and defeat the shape shifting evil Buffalo demoness Mahishasuri. He was raised by a childless royal couple, and grows up as a warrior yogi champion of ethical and dharmic living. In the South Indian version, Ayyappan images show him as riding a tiger, but in some places such as Sri Lanka he is shown as riding a white elephant. Ayyappan popularity has grown in many parts of India, and the most prominent Ayyappan shrine is at Sabarimala, nestled in the hills of Pathanamthitta of Kerala. The shrine receives millions of pilgrims every year in late December and early January, many of whom prepare for weeks before and then climb the hill barefoot, making it one of the largest active pilgrimage sites in the world. The pilgrimage attracts a wide range of devotees, from diverse social or economic backgrounds, except women in their fertile age given Ayyappan is believed to be the celibate deity. Ayyappan may share a historical relationship with the Tamil deity Aiyanar. The most significant festival linked to him is the Makaravilakku (Makara Sankranti), observed around the winter solstice.
  6. A case registered by police in October claimed the photograph was “sexually explicit” and “wounded the religious feelings of Lord Ayyappa’s devotees”. Her attempts to prevent her arrest failed this week and she was remanded in custody on Tuesday.The controversy over the temple has tested the limits of the power of the judiciary to intervene in religious affairs, as well as its ability to enforce the decision: both the BJP and Congress party in Kerala have declined to support the state’s Communist government in enforcing the law.Those who want to ban women from the temple say Ayyappa was known for his celibacy, and that the presence of menstruating women is a profane incursion on a holy site. Fathima’s husband told the Times of India: “We don’t understand how a woman’s photo showing her knee would be anti-religious in a country where naked saints are worshipped.” They are applying for bail.
  7. Another racist religion. The whiter you are the higher cast you are. The lower casts were killed if they looked at higher cast and could not improve themselves because it was believed that they were wicked in a previous life and for this reason they were born into a lower cast. They had to live out their punishment without improvement. Read up about the untouchables....... Women too were viewed as lower. In many families the holy animals received food before the women did.... women were fed last and were often starving.... so I would say it is not a weird religion but downright without justice.... A religion made by humans under direction of satan. Oppressive and hence we see the tremendous suffering and honor killings which is still part of the culture.
  8. This is why we have an education program because people are so ignorant and superstitious. Thank you Jehovah for looking after our needs as your people and appointing a slave to give us food at the proper time - not only us but to those in the entire world who have a hearing ear..
  9. hinducosmos: Forms of Lord Shiva Watch this video to know different forms of Lord Shiva who is regarded as formless, limitless, transcendent and unchanging absolute Brahman and the primal Atman of the universe. — Forms Of Lord Shiva | Avatars Of Shiva | Lord Shiva: Unknown Facts | All About Shiva (via Rajshri Soul) World News
  10. hinducosmos: Interior of rear gopura, Ramasvami Temple 1895 Tadpatri, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India Photograph of the portion of the unfinished gopura or gateway of the Ramalingeshvara Temple at Tadpatri, Andhra Pradesh, taken by an unknown photographer for the Archaeological Survey of India in c. 1894-95. (via The British Library) World News
  11. A Hindu priest prepares the Goddess Kali for a prayer ceremony at the Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore. World News
  12. via TheWorldNewsOrgvia journal.theworldnewsmedia.org
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