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This group tends to be anti-religious. So be prepared.

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  2. Just the kind of guy you want to live with forever, right?
  3. God, "Do things that make me happy or I'll kill you!"
  4. Jack Ryan

    Who is Thanos?

    The title says; Who is Thanos? and why did he sacrifice his daughter for us? Below it says: Is the snap of the gauntlet the rapture (?) we have been waiting? "Arrebatamiento" could mean "snatch" or "rapture", can't remember what terminology JWs use.
  5. I’m really struggling to see how they can call an entire convention programme ‘love never fails’ - when you actively encourage parents to shun their children you don’t get to lecture the world about how loving you are
  6. Actually Cain, Adam's son married his sister after he murdered Able. False information in this meme. Also Genesis 5:4 says Adam had other sons and daughters. Lots of incest with the first family.
  7. I should view it. I know I should, since it is sent specifically my way. But it is that same smug and self-pleased woman that I already told you I choked on. Maybe I can work up the gumption later. Not now. The trouble is, you ought to show a modicum of decorum in whatever you do. That way, in the event that you do succeed in making a valid point or two, you find it is not summarily rejected by people who simply resent how obnoxious you are. It is the very first law of human nature. It is amazing how many are oblivious to it.
  8. Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, turns the tables on Atheists by doing what conservative theists do best: Speaking for God.
  9. "The Universe's most powerful placebo"... LOL "Don't ask how... just ask often." "it only works if your parents already have the $" .... HAHA "You'd all be in my prayers if I only had that kind of time!" - Classic
  10. I can’t do it, Jack. I just can’t. That last video of hers about abortion was just too smug, she was just too pleased with herself, that I just can’t start on another one. This being the atheist club, presumably others can. Even that last video I only got halfway through.

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