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This group tends to be anti-religious. So be prepared.

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  2. Surely some of them should point to my books.
  3. Well that is a dumb chart. The answer to "an all powerful, all knowing, all good God could and would destroy Satan" is he WILL And the answer to "Could God have created a universe with free-will but without evil" is he DID. So those little arrows wouldn't be going anywhere.....
  4. Do they shun you if you convert to veganism or vegetarian?
  5. It was the first tablet not Made in China too.
  6. Yup and you can tell they were Apple because they shattered into a million pieces...
  7. admin


    Not to say it's any worse than feudalism, marxism etc.... it's just another way....
  8. The greatest trick that God ever pulled was convincing humans that God is Love.
  9. My favorite was always the part where after the 1,000 year reign of Christ, Jehovah God would let Satan loose ONE LAST TIME for a short while. You know, no doubt to fuck the ones over who weren't REALLY TRULY FAITHFULLY all in, as though surviving Armageddon wasn't enough.
  10. How can it be considered a fair test to human rulership when a) God gave Satan divine jurisdiction over earth and human governments, (Luke 4:6, 1John 5:19) and b) now has his demonic minions gremlining up the works? God even knocked over the monopoly board and ran away like petulant child at both the Flood and the Tower of Babel. So how is that even a condition of NON INTERFERENCE and thus a true test of the human potential?
  11. "Its like being told by the captain of a ship that only he could command it properly and that without him you would crash or sink it. And when challenged by you and your friends, he punches a hole in the ship, lets a bunch of his unruly crewmen (who don't even agree with his command of the ship) run wild and try to stop you by any means, and then gives that as proof that only he is fit to command the ship"
  12. Anyone know where this inventive church is?
  13. Jack Ryan

    Joseph and Mary

    Joseph reasoned....

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