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  2. That is how my natural hair is, but when I let it grow and don't straighten it I feel my head heavy, feels better with hair less long and streigthened, maybe this boy is already used to it :) Or would it be different without the help from his mother? 🤔
  3. Sorry... wasn't sure if this club was meant for women only... so I figured I would share this here.... You won't see me trying e-mancipate men's nylons anytime soon. LOL
  4. Cosmetics companies mount huge marketing campaigns to sell overpriced cosmetics to women. The man driving a ridiculous $75,000 money-pit of a pickup truck is a considered to be a regular old consumer. But a woman spending $50 on a bottle of shampoo is considered a victim of the white patriarchy. How about if we ALL sober up a little and stop laying the blame for all of our own human pride and weakness and folly on other people? Maybe we would all get along that way?

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