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Is a loved one missing? Feel free to make a topic in this club.
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  2. The community in of itself has many, many branches depending on what you are looking for. Some who automatically assume every single one of them to be groups of conspiracy theorist, however, the other branches of the community do not dwell upon that. Essentially, they are all over the place, majority of them are on forums or other forms of social media. One of the reasons I have been away for so long because I was helping a small group with a common goal, providing a helping hand in a young girl. But again, it depends on what you dwell on, for me it is a few specific things.
  3. Passing this information along from the Truther Community and those who in the area, I myself passed this on to even family and friends who live in this area. Should you know anyone who is close to this area, pass this information over to them: Kylie Amy-Skyler The Rio Rancho Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Kylie Amy-Skyler Graffis. Graffis is a 17-year-old Hispanic female, 4’10” tall, weighing 110 pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes. Graffis was last seen on June 29, 2020, around 4:00 p.m., at 701 Soothing Meadows in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Graffis was last seen wearing a black Adidas brand jogger pants with white tennis shoes, and a gray oversize shirt with ‘Buffalo, Utah’ written on it. Graffis also wears a Banana Republic brand prescription glasses with black frames. Police say Graffis is on foot and it is believed that she might possibly be headed to Farmington or Utah. Police say Graffis is missing and believed to be in danger if not located. Police say anyone with any information regarding this New Mexico Brittany Alert is asked to call RRPD at 505-891-7226 or dial 911. This is recent as of 8-9 hours ago.

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