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    Dear NY and DC

  3. I heard on the radio that AWS will no longer be using Intel chips exclusively for its cloud services. This could end up being a BIG deal down the road.
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    After charming the crowd at its annual conference for cloud-lovers (any nephologists in the house?), Amazon (+6.09%) got some bullish reviews. One Jefferies analyst said its Amazon Web Services cloud business could be worth $350 billion by 2022.
  5. Amazon (+0.01%) said Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day ever in terms of the number of products sold globally.
  6. Jeff Bezos first named the company as Cadabra, after the magic slogan “Abra-Cadabra”. When he first mentioned this to his lawyer over the phone, his lawyer misheard it as “Cadaver ???” . Bezos knew right then, that the name would not stick. Bezos had the customer-centric approach to the business, right from the start. So, he had proposed to change the name to “Relentless Inc”, a way of saying that the company would be relentless in its approach to customer satisfaction. In 1994, the company’s then de-facto CTO was Shel Kaphan. He was not very amused by the proposal. So, Bezos continued to look for options for the company name. In the 1990s, the number of websites were finite, and countable by humans. The websites were sorted alphabetically on the “internet directory” of those days. After a bunch of research, Bezos settled on Amazon Inc for two reasons - Amazon river has the largest collection of flora and fauna in the world. Amazon Inc will represent the largest collection of retail items on the internet Amazon-dot-com will appear in the first pages of the internet directory, making it easier to attract users and customers. Source
  7. Some Amazon customers received an email from the company telling them their names and emails had been exposed due to a "technical error." Several customers shared the emails on social media Wednesday. Amazon said the problem was resolved, but did not provide clarity on how many users were affected nor for how long. In the email to affected customers, Amazon said it was unnecessary to reset passwords since it was "not a result of anything you have done."
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    Amazon Pay

    It's reportedly lobbying brick-and-mortar retailers to start accepting its Amazon Pay digital wallet, per the WSJ. The move would expand a service that has primarily lived online into physical retail. Digital wallet, (n.)—An electronic account to which consumers upload credit/debit card information. Can be used for online payments and in brick-and-mortar retail using a phone's wireless connection at a tap-and-go terminal. Do a couple tap-and-go test runs at your local CVS before taking your talents to Target on Black Friday. We don't want any Brew readers getting verbally abused for holding up the line. Why get into digital wallets? After all, fewer than 1% of all U.S. card transactions last year used them. Well, Amazon's thinking the best time to get some skin in the game is when the competition is slim. And who's the competition? Mostly PayPal, Visa Checkout, and Apple Pay (which was accepted in-store at more than 5 million U.S. locations as of May), but the field's growing.
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    Government handouts to Amazon over $4.6 Billion

    So many local and international requirements to start an SB. It is known is some countries that private sector makes agreements with government to get both benefits. In some countries companies pay government to keep the monopoly...where the only one affected is the consumer who has not more options.
  10. admin

    Government handouts to Amazon over $4.6 Billion

    This angers me. Small businesses are impeded at every turn while these huge businesses get grease FROM the government. Amazon would not even exist if it hadn't cheated the government out of sales taxes for decades... rrrrrrrrrr
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    Here's Why Your Local Grocery Store May Be in Danger

    I wonder how Amazon Fresh works with Whole Foods now? Anyone know?
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    Amazon and Pandora set to launch new music streaming services

    Well... this never happened.....
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    Amazon Logo

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  15. Here’s an interesting chart for you. Hmmm… how does this Credit Suisse report from 2017 related to Bezos’ comments? Let’s start with what he said and to whom. So to start with, he’s actually saying that his 24 year old company is late middle-aged by large company standards, and the Credit Suisse data shows that it’s actually geriatric compared to the average. Secondarily, context is key. He wasn’t talking to investors but likely senior staff, people who make a difference to Amazon’s ongoing ability to innovate and grow. And what is he telling them? This is fairly standard motivational stuff for corporate talks. The only reason it’s interesting is that Amazon is a trillion-dollar company and Bezos is the richest man in the world. Otherwise, it’s generic CEO pablum that the people listening were probably playing internal games of buzzword bingo to. There aren’t that many really old companies running around any more. And many of them sell legacy products, as Jim Beam does. The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and corporations are struggling to keep up in the face of disruption. Bezos is right, but he’s also somewhat banal. Jeff Bezos said Amazon will go bankrupt, is this true or just a publicity stunt?
  16. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (-0.87%) added more than 35 million shares of JPMorgan (+1.56% after hours) to its portfolio last quarter.
  17. Money & Finance

    Amazon Headquarters

    Amazon (-0.35%) announced it'll be opening new "headquarters" in both Crystal City, Virginia and Long Island City, New York...with Nashville getting a smaller logistics center as a consolation prize. It was the most high-profile quest for commercial real estate since the Brew decided we needed a Warehouse 2 for sticker storage. This story has many angles You could... Applaud Amazon for investing billions of dollars and creating tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. Wonder how those jobs might have changed the fortunes of smaller cities (any Detroiters in the house?) rather than the wealthy Northeast. Use Amazon's HQ2 search as a case study of all that's harmful about tax incentives (Amazon's receiving more than $2 billion in incentives across locations). But let's focus on how Amazon's arrival is affecting the local real estate markets in its chosen locations. Long Island City Per the WSJ, Amazon's interest in the Queens neighborhood has "unleashed a condo gold rush." In the six days following initial reports LIC was a strong contender, searches for residential property in the neighborhood on StreetEasy.com increased 295% from a week earlier. "Clients I hadn't spoken to in seven or eight years started texting me...I sold 20 apartments via text," a real estate exec told the Journal. Not all are happy about the inevitable housing crunch, according to Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Crystal City, VA It's more of the same, writes the WaPo: "A two-bedroom condo on Crystal Drive, listed more than a month ago at $559,900, generated little interest" until Amazon's intent was known. Then, "The seller, without waiting for the official announcement, raised the price by $20,000." "Realtors have compared the anticipation of an Amazon arrival to the Super Bowl, with amateur investors caught in the excitement gambling on home prices rising." Bottom line: Amazon's HQ2 search went from a fun guessing game...to a PR liability...to what some consider a farce. Other companies will think twice about copying Bezos's playbook.
  18. Money & Finance

    Amazon Headquarters

    How many HQ's have to exist before there is no actual Headquarters? Just curious. Is HQ2 or HQ3 actually an oxymoron? or is Amazon being "decentralized" so as to avoid government anti-monopoly legislation? oooh.... what a thought.
  19. Money & Finance

    Amazon Headquarters

    Amazon's HQ2 plans came into focus (aka there will be two HQ2s). Per a NYT report, which two cities are the leading contenders? Must be specific for full credit.
  20. This is by far the BIGGEST story of the month... maybe year. The WAR and breakdown between China and USA has now begun officially. This is going to get bad. And to think these are embedded in electronic devices we have been buying for how long? Will our Nuclear Power Plants start to fail? Will the electrical grid begin to falter? Will the root servers of the Internet be taken down? How long would that take to recover?


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