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  2. Born the son of a single teen mom who was so strapped she couldn’t afford a phone. In 1995, Jackie and Mike Bezos plowed $245,573 into their son’s fledgling e-commerce website, according to a prospectus two years later. It was a big gamble, Mike Bezos, the stepfather of Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos, recalled onstage during a 2015 event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
  3. And that’s without the chart even mentioning Amazon Web Services, which is arguably the most valuable part of the Amazon brand ($35 billion in revenue in 2019)
  4. I think he has hit 170B now.....in such a short time btw.... The Jeff Bezos Empire in One Giant Chart
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    Is Amazon soon to become a regulated entity within the US as a shopping platform due to misuse? malfeasance?
  5. The responsibility of a traffic accident lies with the PEOPLE involved, usually the vehicle driver. FINANCIAL responsibility, however is often a matter of contract law, and Public Law. Vehicles don't kill and hurt people ... People DRIVING vehicles kill and hurt people. .... just as spoons do not make people fat.
  6. Several big tech companies recently announced a new joint effort to promote better data security. Confidential Computing Consortium will be an open-source community that includes Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft, among others. Current protection strategies address data at rest and in transit. However, a fully encrypted lifecycle for sensitive data remains a work in progress, and perhaps the most challenging step to take in data security.9 Computing has moved from on-premise to public domains to edge, but the cloud is a nascent industry with reams of data still to transitio
  7. Guys will wear the same boxer style underwear until it is just a ragged piece of elastic connected to assorted scraps of cloth ... but for their wives will max out a credit card at Victoria's Secret.
  8. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has taken a stake in Amazon (+3.24%), the investing demigod told CNBC. Important programming note: Buffett made it clear it wasn’t he who bought Amazon stock, but rather “one of the fellows in the office that manage money.” He has a name, Warren. And that name is likely Todd Combs or Ted Weschler, Buffett’s protégés at Berkshire. That Berkshire (or Todd or Ted) is investing in Amazon is significant. Buffett’s held a special place in his Coke-filled heart for Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos, but he never bought shares... "I’ve been an idiot for not
  9. Amazon announced a free, ad-supported music streaming service to win more customers for its speakers and Alexa-enabled devices.

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