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  2. It's 1986. The band isn't getting along very well and Steve Perry has just fired Bassist Ross Valory & Drummer Steve Smith two intrical pieces to the band. I have always said that I believed Steve Smith's drumming was just as important as Steve Perry's voice to Journeys sound.
  3. His face at the cover photo of the youtube video says the same 😂
  4. One of the stories that my mind just made up is that they are evaluating from where they can get fame and $$$. I've heard that the more people watch a video at Youtube the most chances are to get some $$$ cents. And they found that here there is no pisto 😂😂😂
  5. I then I see someone stating they are Andrew his brother on YouTube thanking others for sharing the same story? Confusing to say the least:
  6. Here is another place on the Internet they will need to take down including the old newspapers from the Libraries in California:
  7. I got a message from his older brother to remove the photos we had of Journey with Kenny and I complied. The family made a statement at some point:
  8. The new Steve Perry album “Traces” is available everywhere now.
  9. I am glad he dated again.. Steve Perry revealed that his late girlfriend, Kellie Nash, made him promise not to return to “isolation” if anything happened and they weren’t together anymore. The former Journey singer had spent nearly two decades out of the spotlight by the time he met psychologist Nash, but she died of cancer 18 months after their relationship commenced. “She was fighting breast cancer when I met her for three years, and going through chemo, which was the only thing you could do back then,” Perry told Q104.3 in a recent interview. “I couldn’t separate myself from her – i wanted to be wherever she was. I lost her. We were together for a year and a half, and that year and a half felt like five, because it was so intense together.” “One night we were talking and she said, ‘Honey, I need to ask you a question. … If something was to ever happen to me, make me a promise that you won’t go into isolation again. … I think it would make this all for naught.’ And I thought, ‘All for naught? That is such a huge statement,’" he recalled. "I mean, she’s looking at the arc of her life, and then meeting together, and then maybe us not being together, and her going. This like a huge, huge moment, and I just said, ‘I promise.’” Since announcing his comeback album Traces, Perry has explained that he had lost his love for music while at the top of his game with Journey, and had considered the possibility that it would never return. In the new interview, he recalled how, after Nash died in 2012, he spent three years in “serious grieving” along with “psychological assistance from some professionals,” but noted that he had gotten "through that process and I started writing music. I think it opened my heart up again.” Perry added that he hadn’t been able to force himself to speak at the funerals of his mother or grandmother, but found his voice for Nash’s memorial. “I got up there and I just said, ‘When I met Kelly I felt like I was the luckiest guy in the world,’" he said. "I had done some cool things in my life … but I gotta tell you, it dwarfed in comparison to meeting this girl.”
      Hello guest!
  10. "I'll Be Alright Without You" is a song by the American rock band Journey on their 9th studio album, Raised on Radio. It peaked at #7 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #26 on the Mainstream Rock chart, and it reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written and composed by Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, and Neal Schon. Released as the fourth US single from Raised on Radio Journey keyboard player Jonathan Cain admitted the song was born out of his and lead singer Steve Perry's ongoing personal traumas. Perry had split up with his longtime girlfriend and Cain was going through a divorce.
  11. Back when this was written, the young were free. Nowadays things are different. The young really aren't free to do anything because they "aren't old enough" and everything is "too dangerous". It's a shame. It really really is.
  12. Wow, sad story, but happy at the same time since the boy could have a dream came true
  13. The first person to hear this song before its release was a small boy (Kenny Sykaluk) with cancer on his deathbed. He absolutely loved Journey and his mom wrote a letter to the band. They came to the hospital and played the first recording for him and it made his day. He died the next day. The members of Journey were deeply affected by the experience and still refer to this song as "his" They brought him a walkman and tapes and other stuff. when they left Steve fell apart seeing the boys pain and condition. sadly the kid died the next day of cystic fibrosis. he had the walkman on, earphones on and this song was playing. he died listening to this song............................................... :'(
  14. From The Original Motion Picture Soundtarck - " Vision Quest "
  15. This is a song that always gets me rockin' ..... Great to start a Saturday morning with blasting the stereo.
  16. Well that can be a trip for near future
  17. When I finally understand the meaning of the designs I like them 😀

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