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  2. @Arauna Well one thing for certain some of this stuff has already caused a form of segregation among the people. This goes for covid-19, censorship, institutional indoctrination to groom division among children and climate change to some degree. Essentially, today's society just hit a Bizarro World type scenario.
  3. He hedged his own call by saying if they are not called to account in this life, they will be in the afterlife.
  4. I doubt it. Human Rights are gone forever until Jehovah restores it. The great reset is what is good for the collective and individual rights no longer count. That is why babies aborted at 9 months are left to die (without pain relief) and their body parts sold to the government for experiments. Chimera experiments are ongoing for body parts. Science has gone rogue and without logic. Life is cheap and we are heading for a similar path that Germany saw during WW2 with Dr mengele. I read an article this week about what is going on in China - mixed human/animals experiments - shocking stuff! what is legally happening to people all over the world is shocking. The rulers are now just ignoring laws that were put in place to protect the lives of people. Soon they will approve the vaccine (without proper science data to prove it efficacy and its safety). It will be given to children and everyone. There are no decent records kept on this vaccine and I have a nasty suspicion it is deliberate. Fauci did not only pay a few million dollars to China for gain-of-function work (against the moratorium imposed by Obama) - the amount is closer to 1 billion over the years. Sars1 as well as Sars 2 Cov-19 are both bioweapons created in labs. (This is no longer "conspiracy" theory but a 90% probability as there is a synthetic code insert in the virus. Sars one was developed because they wanted an easy vector to carry the AIDs vaccine. Corona viruses are more easily modified. The history of Sars 1 (Corona) goes back more than 20 years. When they withhold information about the injuries and medical doctors and virologists cannot even get accurate numbers and they are not allowed to see the sequences - there is a snake in the grass. No transparency leads to suspicion - especially amongst the true scientists and virologist - especially when they are de-platformed and the opinion of the corporations are touted as the real science when they are clearly financially compromised. They are making out that being a careful individual who is a skeptic makes one an anti-roll-up- your- arm-sleever. I believe it is good to be skeptical until one sees the science data. But either way..... whether you took the vaccine or not - the world is heading for disaster. The vaccine produces blood clots, nerve injuries, and accumulates in the ovaries and the spinal cord which over time leads to retro-viruses attacking the body, blood disorders, thrombocytopenia, and a slew of other problems which eventually causes death. Those with the disease of Covid get the same symptoms. A family member took the roll-up-your-sleever and soon after developed shingles, I have had the virus at least 2 times and have just recovered from a long bout of shingles. A bible study of mine was healthy and took the roll-up your sleever and she regrets it. She feels sick all the time whereas she was robustly healthy before. Either way - the world is heading for trouble. As Ezekiel said - a third died of pestilence and hunger.
  5. Several years ago we visited San Diego for a few days. It was atypically cold and the locals were all apologizing for it. I did learn something about % chances of rain there. If the weather forecaster said 80% chance of rain, and thereby you thought the day would be rained out, what it meant was that the day would be pure sun expect for about 15 minutes when it would rain like a monsoon, after which it would be pure sun. Where I come from if they say 80% chance of rain, that means it will rain all day today plus all day tomorrow plus all day yesterday. When the sun at last appears, those who are superstitious will be terrified at the ball of fire from the sky. The doctor who wrote the White House with the medical regimen that quickly cured Trump when the latter came down with kiss-of-death Covid thinks there will some day be the equivalent of Nuremberg trials for those who let hundreds of thousands of people die by discrediting and even withholding treatment of an eminently treatable disease.
  6. Whether one believes in climate change or not. The UN Agenda 2030 will be using this a its basis to control all inventory on earth and measure its carbon output. Everything will go forward under the label of "sustainable development". This is their goal.... to control all food production, water, land use, etc and WEF is in agreement with them. "You will own nothing and be happy" is the WEF motto. The WMO with the IPCC will be selling "carbon credits" by 2030. This is like our fiat currency - just another way to make money for the rich 1% .....because it will not be ploughed back into fixing the environment. You are already paying your taxes to the FED, which is a private banking cartel since 1913, and they do not put any funds back into the infrastructure of the country. They just print more and more fiat money and our government pays the interest on the money they are lending off the printer of the currency. It is fiat - not based on silver or gold and comes from thin air. The world system is fake/fiat and all about making money for the richest of the rich. Do I believe "climate change" is real - yes. Do I believe it is man-made - yes...... The global mega companies which have been making money by ruining the earth and are the richest companies in the world have been the biggest contributors to pollution. Large gas companies such as BP, Monsanto which produced genetic crops and spread their poison over the earth (killing the natural micro-organisms in the ground necessary for healthy crops), the list goes on and on. At present they are busy destroying the meat farming industry in USA because it emits "methane"............ The truth is that "mega farms" where cows eat corn (not grass), and use antibiotics and growth hormone - these farms produce methane..... not the small organic farms with seed and animal diversity. These "global corporations" will now be in charge and will make our fake / frankenstein meat, imitation baby milk etc. Now their public spin/ propaganda is: they are all on the bandwagon to be climate (carbon and CO2) - friendly. Do I think the measures they are bringing will fix the problem - NO... it is to make them more money while the poor will have nothing and will not be able to get nutritious food and clean water (only purified urine water). The great reset will definitely benefit the rich...... but when they turn against religions (Babylon the great) in their typical totalitarian way - they will cry over their lost riches as Revelation 17 and 18 indicates. Their money and position will not save them. Jehovah will have to fix the climate and ruined earth together with those who survive the system. I guess you gather that I no longer trust any human organization or government. The foul smell of the corruption is worse than a dead corpse.
  7. Can only agree with that part. John Coleman died in 2018 after having moved to San Diego literally known for the most stable climate in the 48 contiguous United States. But he has every right to trounce CNN for being stupidly one-sided and only pretending to give the other side an airing. And this was one of CNN's worst "journalists" at that. On another note, anyone with the Weather App on their iPhone or Android Phone should type "North Pole" into the app. It's currently hotter in the North Pole than where I am in NY. On Monday and Tuesday the North Pole will be 79 or 80 degrees, while San Diego will be 73 and 73 (exactly the same for the entire week). I saw it was 82 degrees there at the North Pole last week. Also, at 3am this morning I decided not to go to bed but to watch "The Tomorrow War" (Amazon) which is on-screen proof of just how scary climate change really is. 😎
  8. Hilarious. As far as I am concerned, you have earned your ownership stripes for another 5 years. Without regard for whether climate change is real, or manmade, or not, (What—you think I want to take on JWI who will drown me in verbiage so thick that I won’t come up for air for many years?) what is remarkable is what donkeys these ‘journalists’ are.
  9. He is the co-founder of the Weather Channel.... interesting take.
  10. I haven’t been able to ever since I heard him adopting the manner of a southern black preacher (and doing it pretty convincingly, too) when addressing a delegation of black voters.
  11. It is my understanding that Microsoft was going to get into the environmentally friendly automobile business with a car powered by a small plutonium based nuclear reactor, which would heat water to make steam, which would power the car. Similar to how nuclear submarines are powered .... by steam. You would "fill up the tank", from your garden hose. I just upgraded my Windows 7 laptop with a 2TB hard drive, it works perfectly after 11 years ... but I digress. However, they scrapped that idea, because Microsoft's history, with the advent of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, and 10, it became clear that every other production turned out to be a bomb.
  12. “Shouldn’t you be out chasing TSLA now?” I tweeted to the local stockbroker at a time where it was heading to the moon and I was searching for a playful put down of him for something he had said. But he IS the local stockbroker, and he cannot appear to be flippant with other people’s money. He replied that chasing stocks is not his style.
  13. He probably got that from me 😎 since I often point that out each time someone makes too much of electric cars. I'm starting to come around, however, since my oldest son drives a hybrid electric/gas and it gets better than twice the gas mileage of my Honda CR-V. Also, there are now several countries where most of their electricity is now made available from various combinations of hydro, thermal, wind and/or solar -- not oil and gas.
  14. I haven’t seen this and probably won’t at 1:40, but even as I write this I think that maybe I will I did hear Rush on the car radio yesterday carrying on about this movie, though, making much of his observation that Moore hadn’t seemed to have recognized that his electric car was ultimately powered by fossil fuels, since that’s how electricity is generated.
  15. It is amazing to me how the words of a programmed and rehearsed 16 year old child, filled with ignorance and hate, understanding nothing, can give a speech at the U.N. and captivate the world. The only thing that could make it worse is if her name was Sophia.

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