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  3. While climate change is undeniable - it has also become a tool for manipulating ground, water and food resources, minerals, population numbers, as well as transport and much more. . We are ruining the earth - as the bible predicted in Rev 11:18. However, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 of the UN is a way to gain power over the people and control all their activities. NGOs are working in most countries under the name of "sustainable development" to get this done. Read up about this agenda 21 for the 21st century and you will see the parts of your country which in future will be inaccessable to humans. NGOs will be working to get people off some land too! I believe when UN has gained control by coming in through the back door , we will see the worst tribulation ever! Just making friends aware that all the agreements already signed by countries and the UN has put them under UN control and soon the UN will dictate its terms. Another fulfillment of bible prophecy......
  4. I just read the following on another forum talking about the long term prospects for Earth: "...And we’re cooling off down below at a far faster rate (about 5x) than the sun is warming up. The point is… in about a billion years… maybe 1.5 (we’re still measuring and guessing to be honest)… the Earth will be very cold, with most of our remaining water trapped permanently below the surface as part of the lithosphere. We won’t be much better off than mars is now. And as the dynamo at the center of the earth wanes (and it is), the magnetic field that keeps the sun from punishing our atmosphere worse than it already does will no longer be up to the job… so not only will the crust beneath our feet by cold, but the air will be a looooot thinner (and thus also cold.) Radiation will get through much more easily and you’ll be lucky to see an equatorial summer’s afternoon reach 10C. Of course, dry as as a bone as it would be, you probably wouldn’t see any liquid water anyways… not even at high noon." ---------------------------------------------------- So ... Could Global Warming end up being a good thing for planet Earth long term?
  5. Yes - the new Buzz words of the UN is "sustainable living" It is all wrapped up in their UN Agenda 21 plans for the 21st century and to get all people living on only half the planet..... this is why they have the migration policies.
  6. The UN sounds a little scary when they word it like this... "Resistance is Futile!"
  7. Friday afternoon, the Trump administration (aka 13 federal agencies) released a 1,656-page report describing the potentially disastrous effects of climate change on the U.S. economy. And while this report wasn't the first edition of the U.S. National Climate Assessment (the government is required to publish one every four years), it sounds the loudest alarm. The main takeaway? "With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century." In fact, the losses are already piling up. Here's a quick look at three different sectors profiled in the National Climate Assessment. Supply chains Big picture: "Current and projected climate-related impacts on our economy include increased risks to overseas operations of U.S. businesses, disruption of international supply chains, and shifts in the availability and prices of commodities." Real-world example: Flooding in Thailand in 2011 cost U.S.-based Western Digital $199 million (it makes hard drives in Thailand). Ford was also forced to pause production there. Ocean ecosystems Big picture: "The Nation's valuable ocean ecosystems are being disrupted by increasing global temperatures through the loss of iconic and highly valued habitats and changes in species composition and food web structure." Real-world example: Sea surface temperatures on the Northeast Continental Shelf experienced a dramatic increase in 2012. That extended the lobster fishing season, leading to oversupply and a "severe price collapse." Vulnerable infrastructure Big picture: "Sea level rise (SLR) is progressively making coastal roads and bridges more vulnerable and less reliable." Real-world example: U.S. Route 17 in Charleston, SC currently floods more than 10x a year. By 2045? It could experience up to 180 floods annually (and each flood costs the city $13.75 million in 2015 dollars). Zoom out: The administration's report is also noteworthy because it contradicts the administration's own climate-related economic policies (like rolling back environmental regulations). Just last week, the president mocked the threat of climate change in a pre-Thanksgiving tweet. But there was so much we didn't get to, such as climate change's effects on agriculture, transportation, and tourism. Check out the full report while you pass the time in a car, train, plane, or buried in a sofa today.
  8. This year’s Arctic winter is the warmest on record as levels of sea ice hit record lows for the time of year, new US weather data has revealed. “It’s just crazy, crazy stuff,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, who has been studying the Arctic since 1982. “These heat waves – I’ve never seen anything like this.” The land weather station closest to the North Pole, at the tip of Greenland, spent more than 60 hours above freezing in February. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/arctic-winter-warmest-record-temperature-global-warming-climate-change-north-pole-melting-ice-caps-a8243631.html
  9. “California Burning” ~ ???????? One of the largest wildfires in California’s history is still raging through the rugged coastal mountains near Santa Barbara. A few nights ago the hills looked like a scene from the apocalypse as the flames were encroaching upon homes on the outskirts of town. More than eight thousand firefighters from all over the American West are combating the blaze in an operation that is as massive as the fire itself. California is used to wildfires, but the ferocity and the magnitude of recent outbreaks is rattling people. Governor Jerry Brown calls these megafires part of the “New Normal,” as the state is adapting to the consequences of climate change. Our local firefighters are heroes when it comes to battling the flames, but they can only address the symptoms of a planet under pressure. We need a different and much bigger global force to address the root causes of the inferno that will impact all of us unless we act. (Hint: Pray for God’s Kingdom, Matthew 6:9,10). Is Picture from @FransLanting
  10. 'We aren't ready' for a second vote in Kenya and flip-flopping on climate change https://www.youtube.com
  11. 'We aren't ready' for a second vote in Kenya and flip-flopping on climate change
  12. The cost of climate change: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma highlight risks
  13. Hurricanes and climate change go hand in hand
  14. 'Trump has not faced a single climate change question since hurricanes hit' https://www.youtube.com


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