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  2. I've seen multiple comments online that this will become a suicide Mecca "platform"...... I personally think it looks interesting... but not attractive. Not on the level of an Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House. I wonder if this will become a ghost town within a decade? Malls are dying... except the A malls.... some will call this an A mall.
  3. Office tenants include BlackRock, WarnerMedia, and L’Oreal USA. In total, Hudson Yards is expected to welcome more than 55,000 workers. Retailers including Neiman Marcus (NYC’s first location), Dior, and Gucci are holding court in a 720,000-square-foot luxury mall. Entertainment options range from celebrity chef restaurants to an arts center to a $200 million art installation. New apartments (many of the ultra-luxurious, 2,500-bottle wine cellarvariety) are filling up, while a smaller chunk (slightly more than 10%) will be subsidized. Meet the “smart city” Hudson Yards offers us a glimpse of the metropolis of the future, a concept dubbed the “smart city.” These metros hope to leverage data to create efficiencies and enhance the quality of life in urban areas. Who needs garbage trucks when, in a few years, you'll be able to pipe out trash from Hudson Yards apartments at 45 mph? Looking ahead...it’s hard to imagine, but there’s a second phase of the project (called the Western Yard) slated to open in 2025.
  4. Some have characterized the gleaming development as a “gated community” that caters to the top 0.1%. “Hudson Yards glorifies a kind of surface spectacle—as if the peak ambitions of city life were consuming luxury goods,” writes the NYT’s Michael Kimmelman.
  5. Related Companies CEO Jeff Blau talks about the Hudson Yards project which is about to open on the West side of Manhattan.
  6. Hudson Yards, the $25 billion development from Related Companies and Oxford Properties, is officially opening just to the east of that rail yard. It’s the biggest private real estate project in U.S. history, a culmination of plans for the area that have been in the works for decades.
  7. Thats a big risk, yes. Maybe only for adult persons? I like the idea, when its not too expensive. A big house is nicer, but in a big town? The rooms maybe pretty dark, or not? It needs to balance... not so easy. - The price is making the solution.
  8. What happens when a branch from the 40th floor hits someone walking on the ground below? Oops. Or what if a little kids decides to climb a tree and falls out? From the 38th floor?
  9. Stop by min. 4:20, so you see, the right-side Building is real, in Asia, "Agora Tower" Taipeh/Taiwan with 23,000 trees, and more.... Source : Vincent Callebaut Architectures
      Hello guest!
  10. What do you think of these extreme modern, green, ARCHITECTURE ?? Not bad, but of sure very expensive.... Would you like to live in one of these apartements ? Never seen such of ingenious, stunning, gorgeous designs - By so many rich people, maybe a very good solution, or not ? Tell me please YOUR meaning, THANKS ✅ 😀
  11. When the 3,280-feet-tall (1,000-meter-tall) Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia, opens in 2020, it will knock Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa off its throne as the tallest skyscraper in the world by 236 feet (72 meters). The most viable reasons for his detention are due to political and or economic problems. However, there is no clear answer to why? When will it resume? When will it end? To be continued?
  12. At one point, it was the world's tallest structure. The current owners: An Abu Dhabi wealth fund and Tishman Speyer, a New York developer. The price: It's really hard to estimate, the WSJ reported, but there's no guarantee the sale will fetch $800 million, which the Abu Dhabi fund paid for 90% of the property just over a decade ago. Selling points: The Chrysler's Building ripe old age is both a blessing and a curse. It's got that "vintage" appeal some companies look for in an office space...but pre-war buildings are a headache to maintain. It won't be the first Manhattan treasure to change hands in the last few years, though.

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