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  2. I don't know about brave, but I can say I did more on my knees praying than I've ever done. Coming here are reading what others have thought about and in many cases struggled (and still are struggling with in some cases - me too) w/their faith has likewise been grounding. Made me think of this clip, just now....
  3. Huge respect to you….!!!!! What you did was very brave…..I agree with all that you said…thank goodness your wife has you …
  4. I do not trust any earthly organization any longer. Propaganda is now running the earth and leading to armageddon as Revelation 16:14-16 says. I realized this when they removed all articles from internet which suggested in came from a lab more than 14 months ago. I also realized something was amiss when certain medicines which are safe (which I use for my RA and have been safe for 70 years! ) saved my own life .... that something is seriously amiss with science and that science (fauci kind) is rogue science. I will not go into detail because these things are still banned. All I know is the rulers who are now ruling - they made an agreement with the UN two years ago. They are the most powerful pharmaceutical, energy, food etc companies in the world. WEF. When the dr who developed the MRNA tech was silenced and other virus researchers and bat researchers were silenced by big pharma and tech and their material removed by internet - I knew something serious was amiss. People do not really believe that the world is now run by psychopaths who have a transgender and trans-humanist agenda. Read up about the WEF and the 4th industrial revolution..... that is all I will say. Most cannot believe that humans can be so evil - but jehovah warned us that the world is run by Satan. When the world is now mostly atheist etc we are seeing that science is not used for the benefit of mankind but for more sinister agendas. The world does has had many conspiracies! Since ancient times there have been conspiracies. Banks conspire behind the scenes about rates - some have been caught! Caesar was killed by a conspiracy etc etc. We have conspiracies! This is a clever ploy to get people to accept what they are told and not think for themselves or to be branded different! There was a conspiracy to silence those who said that Corona came from a lab! Who was responsible for that conspiracy ..... some nutcases.... or the stable part of society we always trusted! I remember a time when most Germans were afraid to be different and went along with the narrative ... and we all know what that led to! The time of testing is here!
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    in June%2C the agreement,the UN and the WEF.&text=“This agreement between the UN,corporate capture of the UN.
  5. This is certainly true. One thing I use as a metric for competency in other fields is this musing: X- "Hey xero, are you smart or stupid?" X-reply "It depends. I have taken IQ tests and they suggest I'm @150, but when I factor in my ADD it could simply mean I can get stupid faster than 99.9% of the idiots" X-"Sure, but don't you also quickly figure out how stupid you've been?" X-"I suppose that's true. What are you getting at?" X-"So, X, you've been working in IT since 1978, in many, many different capacities, mostly all highly technical. Would you call yourself an expert?" X-"I suppose some people would think that, but I know that what I know is way less than what someone else imagines I know. What I "know" is how to approach solving a technical problem. The rest are details and trial and error." X-"So that's the case w/you in your own field. What would cause you to imagine it wasn't the case w/every other expert?" X-"Good point!" So when I see an "expert" not display humility and act as if they've got it all figured out "the science is settled!" I know I'm seeing either an incredibly incompetent individual who has either shielded himself or been shielded from the consequences of his own incompetence so as to not have acquired the self-knowledge required to change his attitude, or a politician who's pushing an agenda (follow the money). Also, people following their own interests w/o collusion CAN look like a conspiracy, when it's simply group-think. (see all the hipsters who look alike - did they all get memos, or did they catch some social semiotics and change in behavior/looks because of these subliminal messages they've become attuned to?)
  6. In the US, Covid 19 deaths have topped 600K. I’ve come to believe that the majority were preventable but for the prevailing meme that it was untreatable, that one with a positive case should sit at home, take fluids and bed rest, and only if it got really bad, go to the hospital—by which time is was often too late. The last physical I had I asked my doctor if were to come down with Covid, would he be able to treat it? Of course i can, he said, almost surprised at the question. He went on to relate a few drugs he has used to treat patients—he has done many—and they are some of the same drugs condemned in ‘high places’ as ineffective or even dangerous. You have mentioned some of them. We use them all the time, he says. They work fine in combination. He’s an older man and thus not so likely to be intimidated as is a younger doctor just starting out, beholden to many and intent upon paying off medical school debts. There was a time I used to dismiss all talk of ‘conspiracy theories’—not on the grounds that people were not evil enough—they can easily be that—but on the basis that they were not smart enough, that there were too many stories that must be corroborated for a theory to hold up and it would be too easy for others to punch holes in it. It’s a bit like how Abraham Lincoln once said that he was not smart enough to lie, meaning that once he did, he would have to adjust every subsequent statement to harmonize with that first lie, and he would surely trip himself up in the intent. But now I see that concern is not the operative one. You simply can repeat anything loudly and repeatedly, drown out the competition, or even pull the plug on them, and eventually people believe whatever they’re told. It doesn’t matter if people punch holes in it. You simply shout them down and call them quacks.
  7. While I'm at it. You might want to back up on munching down those cbd gummies. They can jack w/your liver enzymes if you overdo - something I found out. Doctor - "Do you drink much?" Me - "Barely. Haven't had anything since covid since we didn't go out." Doctor - "Well your enzymes are a bit elevated." Me - "Could eating a bag of cbd gummies a week do it?" Doctor - "Ya think?" Not exactly the exchange, but a google search will warn you. I hadn't even thought it a possibility. No more cbd gummies for me.
  8. What a caring husband you are! Thanks for the information. Yes, I also believe in empowering myself with knowledge of natural medicine because most doctors were raised on the mothers milk of big pharma. Doctors who believe in natural supplementation etc are now called quacks..... and the situation in the world is such that they are openly making war on natural health products and doctors who speak truth - with the help of big tech. Cancelling articles and even books which can save lives... The world is in Satan's control more than ever before!
  9. FYI - If you ever have a loved one get hospitalized for some cardiac situation and the cardiologist prescribes colchicine to reduce fluid buildup around the pericardium, be aware of side effects the doctor's themselves may not be aware of. Colchicine has been used for hundreds of years for gout and recently has been used to reduce cardiac inflammation. It may also do other things if the patient stays on it too long. In my case my wife was on it for a few months, but in that time and unbeknownst to me because of her polymyalgia rheumatica situation I didn't realize it was damaging her nerves, her muscles and her brain. She lost thirty pounds in this time, couldn't eat, would vomit, became weak and incontinent, was in deep muscle pain and neither the rheumatologist nor the primary care physician made the connection. In fact it was ignored when I mentioned it to her primary care physician. So rather than watch my wife die, I took her off the colchicine and to deal with the pain I gave her 500 mg of acetominophen w/600 mg of N-Acetyl-Cysteine (3 x a Day) (an amino acid given to counter the potential liver damage from the acetominophen). I suspected the colchicine was the culprit. True the symptoms didn't come on quickly, but colchicine can build up in a person's system. She couldn't sit up in bed, I had to help her get on and off the commode and wipe her. I had to shower her. She didn't know at times what day of the week it was. After a week and a half off the colchicine, the muscle pain went away, but the extreme weakness and all the other things associated w/colchicine poisoning existed. I googled and tried to pack in every possible supplement associated w/assisting people w/alzheimers or traumatic brain injury or nerve damage. Alpha-GPC, CDP-choline, Co-Q10, NAD+, Vinpocetine, Phenylpiracetam, Noopept, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Carnosine, Fish Oil, Sulbuitamine (just to list a few). I shelled all these and packed them into a protein shake (w/creatine, and hmb) and argued w/her to drink at least this once a day. I used red light therapy on her head as well. It's three months now and she's back to better than normal. (Although as soon as she really started to improve dramatically, her hair started to fall out - apparently hair will go dormant under stress and when the stress is gone, it sheds....right now she has "zombie-hair" but we can see it's growing back in. She's not taking everything that I packed into her shake every day now, but now I can actually leave the house w/o worry. Before this I couldn't leave 20 minutes w/o worrying that I'd find her on the bathroom floor. Anyway, just know that no one is as interested in your health or the health of your loved ones as you are. You're ultimately responsible. Doctors aren't necessarily geniuses.
  10. The superbug is a yeast that can infect the ears and open wounds, and it can also enter the bloodstream to trigger severe infection throughout the body, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The yeast clings to surfaces and spreads easily in health care settings, especially among patients with catheters or other tubes that enter their bodies. Hospitals were keeping quiet about it as to not scare away patients for elective procedures
  11. Superbug may be spreading in hospitals overrun with COVID-19
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    “The doctor asked me to take a look … I thought, how bad can it be?” recalls Rhodes, an infectious disease expert at Imperial College London who studies antifungal resistance. Rhodes stepped in to help one of the world’s top cardiology hospitals identify the pathogen and clear it from the premises. The germ was Candida auris, little known at the time. What she saw stunned her: “You think COVID-19 is bad until you see Candida auris***.”*** Moreover patients who have tubes that go into their body, such as catheters or ones for breathing or feeding, are at the highest risk for C. auris infections, and these invasive procedures have become more common because of the respiratory failure associated with COVID-19.
  12. El Paso, Texas, issues stay-at-home order due to surge in COVID cases, says "all area hospitals have reached capacity" Also saw a story yesterday about how El Paso is airlifting some patients to other hospitals in Texas Hospitalizations in El Paso are up 300% in the past month hospitalizations in El Paso have increased 3x in the past two weeks alone. The latest official update from the Texas Department of State Health Services said the entire El Paso region had only 13 ICU beds remaining. For the 22nd largest city in the United States. So while there might be discrepancies/uncertainties in the exact number of beds remaining, the fact remains that COVID-19 inpatients are rapidly consuming an increasing amount of limited hospital resources. The public health intervention should have begun weeks ago once it was abundantly clear there was another outbreak occurring.
  13. Interesting to me is that the Pitta mask above is at least 50% of what I see in the Pacific NW when venturing out to the grocery stores etc...
  14. They used the world's first randomized blind testing. TB is extremely good at developing a resistance to antibiotics. Now we have a combination therapy. And once again we see why you shouldn't ignore scientific/medical advice.
  15. Koch got his wish.... his own infectious disease institute. I guess we should encourage this type of behavior. Sigh.
  16. Part 2: "Barrel covers" is a God-tier euphemism. 😀 Unit commander: "NO CONDOMS that's inmoral" Soldiers: "No, you see, this is a protection for OUR RIFLES" commander:"oh ok, then you should practice with them" Soldiers: "Oh we will...practice"
  17. But was it started deliberately and is it being used to lower population levels earthwide ? It is 'cleaner' than a war. Are the protests earthwide being started by the rich and powerful deliberately to spread the virus amongst the 'lower classes' and reduce the population ? Is it man's inhumanity to man, or is it pure accident ?
  18. And the more times this virus is transmitted, the more opportunities it has to mutate into virus that is deadlier for young people. Like the 1918/1919 flu. It’s gonna be an even deadlier 2021.
  19. "We expect the daily death rate in the United States, because of seasonality and declining vigilance of the public, to reach nearly 3000 a day in December," the institute, which bills itself as an independent research centre, said in an update of its periodic forecasts.
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    The maximum number of new cases recorded in one day in the US was 78k. Yesterday we had 52k new cases. That's 2/3 of the record!
  20. Here is an article that warns that the mainstream media better be frank as to the side effects of any vaccine produced by a crash program, because they are significant, as the article below states. The resulting vaccine will still be worth taking, the writer states, but if media doesn’t quit their unabashed cheerleading for it, they provide huge opportunity for ‘anti-vaxxers’ to later say, “Look at what they didn’t tell you.”
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  21. The linked article includes this: “I think with a combination of good public health measures, a degree of global herd immunity and a good vaccine, which I do hope and feel cautiously optimistic that we will get, I think when we put all three of those together, we will get control of this, whether it’s this year or next year. I’m not certain,” he said. I heard that evidence from some countries is showing that the levels of antibodies in any population, even the hardest hit cities, so far have never been enough to produce herd immunity, and the probability that the antibodies don't last will also make herd immunity impossible anyway. And recombinations and evolution of the virus might mean that vaccines will only be of temporary help.
  22. "Our hospitals look like war zones": Texas battling influx of COVID-19 cases
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