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    We know avocados aren’t typically considered a “dangerous” fruit (like peaches). But we’ve got some news... Avocado crime is on the rise. Mexican criminal gangs facing a lull in the drug business have turned to avocado theft, the FT reports. Their main target: the dozen trucks an hour leaving Mexico’s avocado belt for the U.S. Zoom out: The Mexican avocado industry is growing at a healthy clip. Sales to the U.S., the largest importer of Mexican avocados, bring in almost $2 billion annually. Avo demand spikes right before the Super Bowl. The Hass Avocado Board said we’ll consume 153 million pounds of the good fat during tomorrow’s game. Two weeks ago, Mexican avocado exports to the U.S. had their best week ever. + Bonus avocado content: The WSJ explores the rise of “avocado-hand,” the act of stabbing or slicing yourself while de-pitting an avocado. More than half of the 50,413 reported avocado-related injuries from 1998–2017 have happened since 2013.
  3. Wow... that might be the world's biggest cheeseburger ever!
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    The most expensive coffee

    I don't feel the desire to try that
  5. I'll add this cake as dessert 😁
  6. They were good.... I also like al pastor and carnitas....

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