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    The transfat one is cute - sent it to my friends!
  3. "In a Different Light" (sometimes shortened to "Different Light") is a song written by Bob McDill, Dickey Lee and Bucky Jones, and recorded by American country music artist Doug Stone. It was released in February 1991 as the fourth and final single from his self-titled debut album. It peaked at number 1 in both the United States and Canada, thus becoming his first number one hit. The song is about a male office worker who has a fantasy-come-true about one of his female co-workers, who -- despite her apparent youthful appearance -- is always bespectacled, her hair in a bun and conservatively dressed in business attire. The protagonist takes note of his male co-workers' lack of interest in the woman, while not letting on (to them) about his social encounters with the woman. It is during these encounters that the protagonist reveals that "I see you (the co-worker) in a different light," remarking that he had seen the woman with her hair worn long and with "love in [her] eyes," revealing her physical beauty to him.
  4. Every morning I watch you walk into the office, you're business suit and matching shoes With your hair put up neatly, you tug at your glasses and you sit down, just three desks down. I watch you in the flourescent glare, and my mind drifts away somewhere And I see you in a different light, your hair falling down with love in your eyes In my mind, you're a beautiful sight, I see you in a different light, Just the way I saw you last night. There's girls at the office, the guys always notice when they walk by, but you're not the type. They don't know what I know, while some things just don't show in tailored tweeds, that's fine with me. Let them all think what they want to, as for me when I look at you I see you in a different light, your hair falling down with love in your eyes. In my mind, you're a beautiful sight, I see you in a different light Just the way I saw you last night. Baby it's you in a different light, your hair falling down with love in your eyes. In my mind, you're a beautiful sight, I see you in a different light. Just the way I saw you last night.
  5. Nicole SG

    Rubén Darío

    NICARAGUAN WRITER Rubén Darío, pseudonym of Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, (born January 18, 1867, Metapa, Nicaragua—died February 6, 1916, León), influential Nicaraguan poet, journalist, and diplomat. As a leader of the Spanish American literary movement known as Modernismo, which flourished at the end of the 19th century, he revivified and modernized poetry in Spanish on both sides of the Atlantic through his experiments with rhythm, metre, and imagery. Darío developed a highly original poetic style that founded a tradition. Legacy In addition to the three major collections on which his greatest fame rests, Darío wrote approximately 100 short stories and tales, several volumes of poetry and penetrating literary criticism, and the journalistic articles that appeared in La Nación and elsewhere. From the standpoint of artistic resourcefulness and technical perfection, Darío is considered by many to be one of the greatest poets who ever wrote in Spanish. Throughout his career he boldly experimented with many forms of verse, and he probably introduced more metrical innovations than any other Spanish-language poet. Darío’s poetry is notable for its remarkable musicality, grace, and sonority, and he had a masterly command of rhyme and metrical structure. His earlier anecdotal and descriptive poems treat faraway places, mythology, and other exotic subjects with a rich lyricism, while the later poems in Cantos de vida contain a pronounced philosophical note and exhibit a poignant and powerful sense of the tragic side of life. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Ruben-Dario
  6. Yes... it is hard to believe they are in their 40's now.... Time flies
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    Make you feel my love <3 <3 ?

    Truly a beautiful song..
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    The Greatest Man I Never Knew

    Time is so precious.... If I had it to do over I would cherish the minutes with my loved ones many times more than I ever did.... Foolish youth..... Nobody could sing this better than Reba I think.. Her voice is perfect for these emotions.
  9. The music video was directed by Joe Hahn.[3] It takes place during a large scale civil unrest in what appears to be the United States.[4] The video was shot in Los Angelesat 20th Century Fox. The action was set up by stunt coordinator Steven Ho. The music video was released to the internet on October 15, 2007. The video shows Chester Bennington waking up. His alarm clock reads 11:55, the then Doomsday Clock time, referencing the album title Minutes to Midnight and the song which is the 5th song on the album. The video is over four minutes long, meaning that the time at the end would be 11:59 PM, or one minute to midnight. Chester then watches the news, washes up, gets dressed, and goes outside. The video takes place in a war-torn world, where mass chaos is ensuing on the streets of the city. There is a lot of violence going on with many police and gunshots. Plumes of smoke can be seen in the sky. Soldiers and riot police can be seen forcefully detaining civilians. Near the end of the video, a car is set on fire and bursts into flames as several people taking place in the riot throw molotov cocktails at police resulting in the Police Riot Control and SWAT teams opening fire and advancing while the mob of people retreat. A man suddenly throws a bottle of alcohol on a car and the car takes fire. Chester then stands in front of the burning car, while looking at the carnage that surrounds him. He then turns towards the flames, and the video fades to black. The electronic/synth outro of the song is excluded on the video to make it a more appropriate finish. If listened to carefully towards the middle of the video, the mob is shouting 'we want freedom'. This is the only video so far with only Chester appearing, as Brad, Rob, Mike, Joe and Phoenix are absent in it. Because of this the video features no performance footage other than Chester's singing, the video isn't completely dubbed by the song, meaning sound effects taking place in the video can be heard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_of_the_Day
  10. The first time I read these lyrics (10 years after song was released) the first thing that came to my mind was a reference to suicide. But I have heard about other people relating it to ending a relationship in the part of "goodbye is the only way"
  11. The song has a very melancholy tone. Chester Bennington has the only vocal part on this, and he sings about how "the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grey and the sun will set for you." This is where he is talking about how eventually, everything ends. To dust you shall return (that's where the world is embraced in grey; death is here and you're going back to being the dust of the earth). The sun sets, the day is over - your life is done. The shadow of the day refers to what happens when a person dies - only their memory is left. Their memory is the shadow of their life. Shadow of the day. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/linkin-park/shadow-of-the-day
  12. If you have a fetish for Hippopotami, Hippos are the prettiest animal. .... even the UGLY ones!
  13. Because for them the prettiest woman in Nicaragua is the mother of Golum and vice president and first lady of the country


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