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  2. Celestial Doughnut In this composite image released on May 23, visible-light observations by the Hubble Space Telescope are combined with infrared data from the ground-based Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona to assemble a dramatic view of the well-known Ring Nebula. The combined imagery gave astronomers a deeper understanding of the nebula's structure. "The nebula is not like a bagel, but rather, it's like a jelly doughnut, because it's filled with material in the middle," says C. Robert O'Dell of Vanderbilt University. Thank you Jehovah God, your works are amazing! ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ† Glory to your Name forever and ever.
  3. https://www.arkive.org/atlantic-royal-flycatcher/onychorhynchus-swainsoni/image-G20699.html
  4. Jehovahโ€™s Creation. Beautiful Bird! ๐Ÿฆ… ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿฆ… Atlantic royal flycatcher fact file Atlantic royal flycatcher description Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Passeriformes Family Tyrannidae Genus Onychorhynchus (1) This large-billed flycatcher is known for its spectacular crest, which is vivid scarlet in males, yellow in females, and ornately decorated with splashes of black and steel-blue tips (2) (3). Although the crest usually lies flat, protruding from the rear of the head, when fully extended it forms a large and impressive, forward-facing fan (3). The vivid colour of the crest stands out against the uniformly brown plumage of the upperparts and dull-yellow underparts. By contrast, the rump and tail are a bright cinnamon colour, and a small, whitish patch marks the throat (2). SynonymsOnychorhynchus coronatus swainsoni. SizeLength: 16 - 16.5 cm (2) A4D5A8AF-7E5B-4225-B5FE-422AB4E860A9.MP4
  5. 9 Blue Footed Booby Facts: Unofficial Mascot of the Galapagos... About half of the world's blue footed boobies live in the Galapagos Islands. ... Their name comes from the Spanish word โ€œboboโ€ ... Males with the bluest feet have the greatest chances of mating. ... They're related to pelicans. ... They make their nests out of dirt and poo. ... Blue footed boobies are excellent divers. http://latinrootstravel.com/latinrootstravel.com โ€บ blue-footed-booby... 9 Blue Footed Booby Facts: Unofficial Mascot of the ... Five Facts About Blue-Footed Boobies They love showing off their blue feet. They nest on the ground using self-produced materials. They are collaborative parents. Their name comes from their awkward movement on land, as well as their azure feet. Males and females look a lot alike. Wonderful Creatures Created by Jehovah God. Amazing! ๐Ÿ’™
  6. Panjin Red Beach, China - Neat! The Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River Delta, about 30 kilometer southwest of Panjin City in China. The beach gets its name from its appearance, which is caused by a type of sea weed that flourishes in the saline-alkali soil. The weed that start growing during April or May remains green during the summer. In autumn, this weed turns flaming red, and the beach looks as if it was covered by an infinite red carpet that creates a rare red sea landscape. Most of the Red Beach is a nature reserve and closed to the public. Only a small, remote, section is open for tourists.. Beautiful creation! โ€ผ๏ธ
  7. Jellyfish puzzle for marine experts - Barrel jellyfish are harmless to humans Scientists are baffled by the increase of jellyfish around the coasts of Wales. Thousands of barrel jellyfish have been found stranded in Carmarthen Bay, and a large number of moon jellyfish have been startling tourists off Anglesey. Although experts stress that these two species are harmless they are keen to know the reasons for their apparent increase. The fish are not the only recent arrivals - giant rare leatherback turtles, which feed on the jellyfish, have also been spotted. Dr John Houghton, a researcher at the University of Wales in Swansea, said it was important to study the creatures. "What we are trying to do at the moment is work out why these animals - which we really associate with the tropics and much warmer places - are appearing in the Irish Sea in such large numbers," he said. Moon jellyfish are often seen floating in "rafts" "It is apparent they have been turning up for quite a long time, although we used to think of them as occasional visitors to these kinds of waters. "But the numbers we are talking about suggest they have a much closer association." Dr Houghton revealed it was hard to say whether the increase in jellyfish was caused by global warming. "There hasn't really been an awful lot of research done on them because they are very hard to study in the water - you catch them in a net and they just turn into nothing. "What we are trying to do is have a little look at them washing up on the beaches." Dr Houghton added that leatherback turtles had a history of visiting the area. "The leatherbacks are fantastic animals - Wales has got quite a close association with them. "In 1998-9, the largest one ever in the world washed up in Harlech - it was just under 10ft long and about 916 kilos." Dr Houghton is asking anyone interested in helping the research to contact him at the university, where he is compiling a local survey on ecology of the Welsh and Irish coasts. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/3096663.stm
  8. How amazing this jellyfish has a passenger on board! Funny or what?!? Thank you Jehovah God for all creatures great and small, they are the work of your hands! Photo by Dimitar Stoyanov
  9. This Freaky Spinning Ice Circle in Maine Looks Like a Giant Alien Landmark It's been compared to crop circles, or the strange handiwork of aliens. Others say it looks like the Moon, if it somehow materialised in the chilly waters of the Presumpscot River. But this massive churning formation in the city of Westbrook, Maine isn't evidence of something from outer space, but rather a bizarre and brilliant example of a natural terrestrial phenomenon called an ice disc. These strange, spinning spectacles are incredibly rare sightings, but even so, this one โ€“ estimated to measure about 90 metres (300 ft) across โ€“ is a giant amongst its little-seen kind. (City of Westbrook/Facebook) "It might be a world-record size, if anybody were keeping track," Caltech physicist Kenneth G. Libbrecht told The New York Times . The eerie, icy formation, which steadily rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, was first noticed by Westbrook citizens on Monday. In fairness, though, by that point, a number of the city's animal residents had already flocked to the unlikely new attraction. "There were ducks sitting on it," local man Rob Mitchell, who alerted city authorities to the strange spinning disc, told the Portland Press Herald . "The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan. It was a big duck-go-round." (City of Westbrook/Facebook) Ice discs have intrigued scientists since at least the late 19th century, when a reader of Scientific American described "a revolving ice cake" spotted on the Mianus River near Bedford, New York. "I inclose a rough drawing, which will give an idea of this curious formation," J.M. Bates wrote to the publication in 1895. Since then, the conventional explanation for the unusual rotation is the swirling motion of river eddies, which keep ice formations on frigid rivers in a state of perpetual spinning. "Since the water in the eddy is flowing more slowly than the main current, it's more likely to freeze, creating the icy disc," experimental physicist John Huth from Harvard University explained to The Boston Globe . "The icy disc retains the rotation of the eddy, as it's caught in it." Meanwhile, a combination of melting and shearing effects (impacts against the rocky shoreline or other ice, for instance) continually shape the edges of the disc, keeping it circular. But that's not all that's going on with ice discs. A 2016 experiment recreated the natural phenomenon in the lab โ€“ where no eddies happened to be swirling โ€“ and concluded that something else had to be contributing to the spin. In that study, researchers discovered, as water melts off the ice disc and sinks below it, it generates a "vertical vortex" under the disc that induces the ice block above to rotate. In the case of the Westbrook phenomenon, it all adds up to an amazing demonstration of physics in the natural environment. Or, in other words, "big disk energy", as one wit on Twitter put it. And it makes for some very happy ducks. Those birds aren't the only winners. The city of Westbrook is busily exploiting tourism opportunities afforded by interest in the massive churning spectacle, at least while it lasts. "The mysterious Ice Disk is still spinning today in Westbrook," local authorities wrote in a Facebook post. "Come down to the River Walk, take a selfie, and grab some lunch at one of our awesome nearby restaurants!" Amazingly Our Creator has many Miracles! โ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ›„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธโ„๏ธ
  10. Know What a Buff - Tip Moth is? - Maybe Heโ€™s Hiding From You? ~ ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‚ This is pretty much the perfect camouflage. The Buff-tip moth (Phalera bucephala) avoids predators by disguising itself as a broken stick when at rest. Incredible! isn't it?? - ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‚ Amazing God Our Creator Jehovah is! ๐Ÿฟ
  11. Jellyfish or Moon Jellies Do you like my color? Oh how wonderful Jehovah God are your creations big and small. Thank you for them! Photo by Radu Zaciu
  12. Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi, or Spiny Flower Mantis, is a small Flower Mantis (1.5 inches or 38 millimetres) native to southern and eastern Africa. ๐ŸฆŽ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸฆŽ Thank you Jehovah God wonders of creation! - ๐ŸฆŽ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿœ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸฆŽ
  13. Imagine This? ~ The Devil's Flower Mantis or Giant Devil's Flower Mantis? ~ Amazing Creatures Jehovah Created! ~ ๐ŸฆŽ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿฆ—๐ŸŒ๐Ÿž giant devil flower mantids (idolomantis diabolica The Devil's Flower Mantis or Giant Devil's Flower Mantis, also known by the scientific name Idolomantis diabolica is a native of Tanzania and considered to be one of the largest praying mantis species that resemble a flower. It is often confused with the small devil's flower mantis (Blepharopsis mendica) which is also called as Devil's flower mantis by many people. The gorgeous looks of the Devil's flower mantis, its size and its rarity has also earned it the name of "King of all mantids". These features have made this creature one of the most sought after species of mantids to be kept as pets. - See more at: http://www.pet-mantis.com/flower-mantis-for-sale.html#sthash.gVenFex7.dpuf Thank you Jehovah God for your creation of creatures great and small. ๐ŸฆŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ›
  14. Don't you just love his smile? Made me smile! Thank you Jehovah you have made these in wisdom and you have humor in your creations! Spondylus varius โ€ฆa large species saltwater thorny oyster (Spondylidae) that is known to occur in the Indo-Pacific Ocean and off Australia, China, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan. Spondylus varius are often found at depths of around 30 m, and like most bivalves is a filter-feeder, feeding on a range of zooplankton. S. varius is sizable, with individuals growing up to 15-20 cm in lenght. Classification Animalia-Mollusca-Bivalvia-Pectinoida-Spondylidae-Spondylus-S. varius Image: Nick Hobgood
  15. The Only Way Any Battles Spiritual or Physical should be fought, through *Jehovah God Word * ~ ๐Ÿฆ… ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿฆ… The Eagle does not fight the snake ๐Ÿ on the ground. It picks it up into the sky and changes the battle ground, and then it releases the snake into the sky. The snake has no stamina, no power and no balance in the air. It is useless, weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is powerful wise and deadly. Take your fight into the spiritual realm by praying and when you are in the spiritual realm God takes over your battles. Don't fight the enemy in his comfort zone, change the battle grounds like the Eagle and let God take charge through your earnest prayer. You'll be assured of clean victory. Amazing Creatures of Jehovah God! Pray without ceasing. ๐Ÿฆ… ๐Ÿ“– ๐Ÿฆ…
  16. You Cold? - What Do These Penguins ๐Ÿง Do In -30 Below and more? - When it gets very cold, emperor penguins huddle together in large groups to keep each other warm. Itโ€™s the only way they can survive the brutal conditions they face in the course of their incredible reproduction cycle on the sea ice off Antarctica. During mid-winter blizzards, when males are incubating eggs on their feet with only their brood flaps to cover the future chicks, temperatures can drop to -70 degrees. When I made this image it was not quite that bad, only -30 degrees, but I was standing on top of a platform perched at the edge of a colony and I had to stay still to avoid spooking the birds. It was an ordeal, and it took a while to get warm again, but the images were worth it. At @FransLanting for more stories from the amazing world of emperor penguins. Our Creator Jehovah God Gets the Real Credit.ยฉ๏ธ
  17. Funny of the day! Catching many fish A fisherman returned to shore with a giant marlin that was bigger and heavier than he. On the way to the cleaning shed, he ran into a second fisherman who had a stringer with a dozen baby minnows. The second fisherman looked at the marlin, turned to the first fisherman and said, "Only caught one, eh?" Submitted by: Laugh Now America
  18. ARE YOU A ROSE ๐ŸŒน OR A THORN ๐Ÿฅ€ โ“ ๐ŸŒนโ€I have brought you the rose of love, and you have crowned me, in these dark hours, with their thorns.โ€ Kristian Goldmund Aumann, The Seven Deadly Sins ๐ŸŒนโ€But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose. Anne Brontรซ ๐ŸŒนโ€Some people are like thorns. But you have to let them be thorns, because thorns can't turn into petals. The trick is not letting them prick you; never let a thorn prick you! C. JoyBell C. ๐ŸŒนโ€If you don't feel the pointed things in life, you'll soon take the soft ones for granted. John Everson, Cage of Bones ๐ŸŒนโ€I'd rather let you cover all my roads with thorns than with dead roses. Nema Al-Araby The Romantic Rose Around the world, the rose (genus Rosa) is probably the best-known and the most appreciated flower. Besides the primary species, there are thousands of man-made hybrids. Since flavor is affected by such factors as soil and temperature, it is advisable to taste a petal of the rose or any other flower before you decide to use the flower as food. You will probably notice that the base of the petal is somewhat bitter. If it is, cut out that part, or if you are serving the complete flower, eat only the outer part. The list of dishes that can be enriched by roses is practically endless. Try them in salads, maybe with some mild cheese and chopped nuts. Use smashed petals of red roses as an extra ingredient in your favorite sauce to add flavor and color. And what about giving your spaghetti the final touch of rose petals cut into strips? Roses will also enhance the flavor of ice cream and your favorite beverage. BE A ROSE ๐ŸŒน NOT A THORN ๐Ÿฅ€
  19. The Rainbow Tree As the outer layer of the rainbow eucalyptus treeโ€™s bark peels away, the bright green layer underneath begins to show. Over time, it fades to a darker green, and then to blue, purple, pink, orange, red, maroon, and back to brown. When it reaches that point, it will peel again and start the process anew. Since different layers peel at different times on different parts of the tree, the result is a tree trunk and branches that look like theyโ€™ve been painted with hundreds of brushstrokes. The rainbow eucalyptus is native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, and is grown in other tropical environments that are similarly mild and humid. Unfortunately, it cannot survive hot and dry weather or frosty conditions, and can only be grown in specific regions near the equator that will sustain this type of tree. It is commonly planted in parks and gardens in countries that can grow it. This natural beauty can also be found lining the Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii, and in swampy areas of Africa, Thank you Jehovah God for your creation and the beauty we can behold!
  20. I Love THE BENGAL TIGERS. Flavia Nefer my photo From Argentina Love รgape Why Are They Endangered? https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102004768?q=bengal+tigers&p=par
  21. Can You Change Color? - Maybe a Bright Red when upset? - These Octopuses ? Have Been Created for Their Protection in the Oceans ? By Our Creator Jehovah God! - We Will Never Be Able To Train this Octopus ? to do that! - Marvels Of Creation! Octopus color change ? ~ Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. Video by @rubergnick #nature A1171E59-77FB-4D10-B677-A86C4BBF07C9.MP4
  22. Who taught this Jack Fish ๐ŸŸ how to protect itself? - A Master Creator Jehovah! - Amazing Photo! ~ ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ™ Photo by @daviddoubilet A small jack rides on a jellyfish seeking protection from predators in a night sea in the Verde Island Passage, Philippines. Eventually the juvenile fish will grow large enough to become predator instead of prey. We lower lights into the sea over very deep areas attracting creatures that come to feed on the plankton drawn to the lights. The sea is an alien world at night where we meet hunters and the hunted and some unusual larval creatures appearing from the depths below us.


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