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  2. Meanwhile a disgruntled mechanic of theirs is sabotaging their flights to get more overtime..... and fight back against low pay.... Nope.... I don't think American Airlines will ever lose money again.... LOL Famous last words are always so grandiose aren't they?
  3. mechanic appeared in court on charges of sabotaging a flight because he was frustrated with contract negotiations and wanted some overtime hours.
  4. I went to the web site you posted, but apparently missed something. The only thing I could find was a button where you could donate money. Do you have a link to a SPECIFIC set of videos where I can see a REAL plane taking off and landing? I used to build model airplanes that could fly, but if you took every part and scaled it up to a real-life airplane, it would NOT fly. It seems to me that ground resistance and wind shear would make such an under powered real life aircraft no more airworthy than a cast iron boat anchor. I can patent an aircraft that is powered by the fires of hell (if there were any, and there are not ...). Can you post some real life videos of a ion powered aircraft taking off and landing?
  5. The "Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft" covered under US Patent N0. 10,119,527. Is the only heavier than air ion propelled aircraft that carries its power supply onboard without external assistance. A large number of working models have been made of it since 2006, with the power supply onboard the craft. There are also lots of official eye witnesses named online. You can see 5 different models of the invention in flight lifting their own power supplies before the MIT device, as well as the website. The evidence presented that it predates the MIT device with onboard power, is more than adequate.
  6. The Jetsons has officially arrived. My commute to work in the city will be much quicker now. Even helicopters are slow compared to this.

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