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A club for people who experienced the 1970's and 80's


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  2. It really is amazing we all survived 😉 I remember doing these stunts like it was 2 weeks ago.
  3. There was a time in 1982 when there were only three ".com" addresses. (symbolics.com, bbn.com, and think.com) The full article from which that picture above is taken does a much better job overall: But the NSF actually made predictions in 1982 that came a lot closer to reality for the year 2000, not so much about gaming, but the effects of the Internet in general:
  4. That is one of those car seats that fold up. Today they have warning stickers on them "DANGER! - Do Not Fold Up Car Seat With Baby Inside!". Oh wait ... I already told that joke! ....nevermind.
  5. At least in the 1970's they moved the car seat to the back seat... 😉
  6. That was my life back in 1977... and there was a back facing gas fume inhaling noxious back seat for us kids. And then they would laugh at us when we puked ....
  7. Before they stopped making those car seats, they started coming out with a warning sticker "Do not fold up car seat, with baby inside."
  8. Oh geez... I remember these....and notice no seat belts? Safety first! Your child will be safely seated while he and the seat fly through the windshield. How did we ever survive those decades? LOL
  9. The Blizzard of 1978 in New England. Wow.

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