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  2. Longenecker's work is OK. I just meant that when you copied from his book, you accidentally included his correct caption for Figure 6.6, but kept it attached to Figure 6.7, which has a different caption. But back to the previous post . . . I think you misunderstand. I believe that "stauros" referred initially to a simple pole, but became associated with punishments and executions, in large part because these acts were for many years associated mostly with simple poles. (whipping posts, hanging gallows, etc.) And even when the apparatus and contraptions for punishment and execution became a little more complex, a standing pole was still a prominent feature. This is actually about the same thing that the 1963 Awake! said about the development of the word "stauros." Note that Awake! says the Greek term "stauros" could mean not just a stake or a pole, but also a "cross." I perfectly accept that it initially meant an upright standing pole, stake, or could refer to palisade of stakes, etc. And I accept that it could very often have this meaning in Jesus' day, too. But "stauros" according to the Awake!, also had the meaning of "cross" and this was according to the Awake! one "modification of it [that] was introduced as the dominion and usages of Rome extended themselves through the Greek-speaking countries. So I do not think that the association of the idea of torture and execution by a stauros means that we are only talking only about a two-beamed cross, Latin cross, Tau-shaped, or Chi-shaped cross. I think that any of these shapes were possible, even a tree with random branches. And I still think there is a good possibility that Jesus was executed on a simple, upright pole. As I've said before, in any case, I think it's good that we have pointed out to people the possibility of this possible choice, because it immediately makes people think twice about the traditional cross symbol used all over Christendom. The only thing I don't accept is the claim that the evidence is so overwhelming that we must all accept that this absolutely was the shape of the execution instrument. In fact, after a lot of study, especially over the last two years, I have finally decided that the evidence leans slightly in favor of a Tau-shaped or, even more likely, the traditional crux immissa shaped cross. This is mostly based on a common practice with the stauros/patibulum, and the Gospel writers' focus on Jesus carrying his "stauros." There are about 6 other factors (bits of evidence) which add slightly to the reasons I lean this way. I have mentioned most of them already. I believe the X shape is interesting, but I am pretty sure it survived into Christian art and symbolism mostly because of the Hebrew Tau of Ezekiel 9, and it's appearance that looks like a Greek Chi ("X") that would appear to match the first initial of Christ (Xristou/Xristos). I think the symbolism of the Chi-Rho is exactly this: not Christ in an X-shaped body position, but X on the stauros. It implies an single upright pole in this case, but was also superimposed on the crux immissa to produce a "star" shape. Longenecker explains the Ezekiel 9:4 connection where the KJV says: And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. Since the word for mark is TAU, it can be read or translated as: And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a TAU upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. I haven't seen it proven yet, but I would guess that the fact that pre-Christian Jewish ossuaries sometimes have a TAU on them in the shape of either a + or x is because this was the shape of the TAU at the time: I haven't read it anywhere yet, but I assume that some scholar somewhere has already tied this letter to ossuaries in a similar way that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Where Omega is the LAST letter of the alphabet, and in Hebrew, TAU is the last letter, and a good letter to represent Death, מָוֶת which also ends in TAU in Hebrew. The association of Tau with Death is also possibly done in Hebrews 2:14 which says in the KJV: Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; But in Greek it uses "alliteration" with the letter T more than any other Bible verse. If you thought the English translation "fight the fine fight of the faith" was alliterative, check out this verse in Greek, keeping in mind that the subject is death, and also keeping in mind that an opening "Theta" as in the word thanatos (death) was often pronounced at the time more like the th in hot-head, not the th in "the." ἐπεὶ οὖν τὰ παιδία κεκοινώνηκεν σαρκός καὶ αἵματος καὶ αὐτὸς παραπλησίως μετέσχεν τῶν αὐτῶν ἵνα διὰ τοῦ θανάτου καταργήσῃ τὸν τὸ κράτος ἔχοντα τοῦ θανάτου τουτ' έστιν τὸν διάβολον The writer (Paul?) manages to keep at least one Tau in a string of 12 consecutive words, and offers a total of 19 Taus in the last 20 words. There! Figured I'd give you some "low-hanging fruit" since I'm pretty sure you already consider everything I've ever said to be fairly worthless anyway. 😉
  3. SuziQ1513


    Dear Mr Butler: It appears you have more than enough "suggestions" on how to handle the above problem. Normally I wouldn't respond to a "cheeky" ex-JW (your words not mine). To give you some background, I am an American but I was married to an Englishman for 15yrs so I get the culture differences. Also I don't always agree with JTR (but I do get in tongue-in-cheek delivery) BUT you would do well to take his point of view. The main problem I see is your "trusted" friend who burdened you with this information about this boy. This (in my opinion) would be gossip since you had no reason to know this information. You have no idea how the Elders handled this situation, it could have been handled based on no outside parties being aware of the problem, thus privately and that's why it wasn't announced to the congregation. The Elders could have talked to the police, the father could have talked to the police or social services and been given advice. YOU don't know and that's the point - You have only been given the " secret" by your "trustworthy" friend. This friend of yours has the burden, not you. I would tell him/her he/she needs to go to the parent, Elders, police, social services or you will using him/her as your informant and then you decide the best course of whom to contact with your 2nd or 3rd hand information (well I ended up giving advice I wasn't going to). It's an unfortunate mess when gossip, it spreads like fire, people get burned whether its true or not. We all want to protect our children, that's not the point I'm making (I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5). This boy could be a threat to the congregation or some intervention took place that will put him on the right path. Who knows, outside of the parties involved. It's regrettable that you are separated from the congregation so going to a trusted Elder is not an option, that would be the best way to just let them know you are aware of a situation via gossip ( I suppose you could write an anonymous letter). Going to the police or social services may be the way to go BUT then again, it could open a can-of-worms that would be more harmful than good in the end. Professionals are required to report these things, because they are just that, professionals. I would chastise your friend for spreading this information and forbid him/her from gossiping to you again. I'm sure you are aware of the seven things Jehovah hates, tread carefully. Sincerely, Your Ex-sister
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  5. No correction needed when the picture is out of “Bruce W Longenecker” own book of Pompeii. It is shameful to discredit someone else’s work just because you believe it’s a mistaken representation. I will agree the X to the Tau is far apart from the original meaning of a cross-hair. Therefore, in the context of the cross-hair, the symbol would be correct for the time prior to the Latin cross. The thing still missing with your own argument, the crossbeam that was rarely used would have been tied to the prisoner, regardless if it meant a Latin Cross or a Tau cross configuration. There is no need to be repetitive with the ancient writings. It could very well be the torture pillar Jesus was tied to when he was being scourged ended up being the same Torture Stake he died on. You have made no scholastic argument. I believe this person drives the sentiment home. N.T. Wright. Snippets don’t give a full account of the author’s understanding of the author's argument. It would be silly to even try. As you stated, they are out there in google books or Amazon, the archives, etc. 3 The Cross in Its First-Century Setting TO UNDERSTAND ANY event in history, you must put it firmly into that history and not rest content with what later generations have said about it. That is certainly true of the crucifixion of Jesus, and unless we allow first-century contexts and insights to surround the event, we can be sure we shall fail to grasp its original meaning. The horrible personal and physical aspects of crucifixion were matched by the social, communal, and political meaning. This is important not just as the “context” for our understanding of the Jesus’s execution (as though the barbaric practice were just a dark backdrop to a theology produced from somewhere else), but as part of the very stuff of the theology itself. We might already have figured this out from the careful placing of Philippians 2.8b, thanatou de staurou, “even the death of the cross,” at the dead center of the poem that some think antedates Paul himself So how had crucifixion come to be used in this way? The early history of the practice is lost in the mists of the pre-Roman world. The first historians, Herodotus and Thucydides, mention the execution of people on poles and trees, though it isn’t always clear whether this was simply hanging or impaling, both of which would have resulted in a much quicker death. Recent scholarly work has surveyed the evidence from the entire ancient world and has stressed that part of the point of crucifixion itself, as opposed to impaling or hanging, was that the victim was often able to see, to speak, to cry out in pain or protest for hours or even days. What are we to make of this? Are we to say, with some (like the great scholar Martin Hengel, in his book The Atonement, which lays out the evidence far more fully than we have done) that all this functioned as a kind of preparation for the gospel in the non-Jewish world? Are we to suppose that the Maccabean and other Jewish texts (see below) that do envisage people giving their lives for the nation are borrowing from pagan sources rather than relying on their own scriptures? Or what? Or is there a difference, and if so in what does it consist? Are we to suggest that the objection often raised to certain would-be Christian theories of the atonement, that they look like bloodthirsty paganism, has a certain justification? Make of it what you will. As I stated earlier, that Ottua here took offense with. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion and veneration of the cross. This means you also believe in Christmas, happy holidays. Personally, I will accept the ancient writings as a good scholastic source.
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  7. Anna


    That's a good idea @JOHN BUTLER. They will give you advice on what to do if you are worried about going straight to the police.
  8. Outta Here


    Not a joke and not the point. The options presented are simply that...options. The MAIN issue about moral responsibility, which remains, is not offset by others who perhaps fail to meet thiers. It does do and I can see you have a bit of a dilemna, but you seem to be second guessing what you think elders may or may not do. Also you seem to be doing the same regarding the competence of the authorities. You have understandable misgivings on the basis of what you say your experience has been, but in no way do they obviate moral responsibility in this case. Child safety is the issue here. Given your particular difficulties, the Childline number is available to anyone in Devon UK wanting to discuss problems of this nature: 0800 1111. Ambivalence in such matters seeems to be at the crux of your complaints against Jehovah's Witnesses way of doing things anyway, so why not bite the bullet?
  9. @JOHN BUTLER This is funny, I had completely forgotten I had started this topic way back in 2017. Br. Rando alerted me to it. It seems like we didn't get very far in my topic. We got a lot further in yours! (Wait a minute, I just noticed it's Kurt's topic. Well you resurrected it then)
  10. Just saw this, and thought I should correct a mistake you made here, even though I won't have time to respond today to any of the other statements in your last post. I looked at this picture and thought, how did anyone ever get the name Yehudah out of what is clearly the Shalamsion Ossuary, with the name Shalamsion repeated twice in the picture. Also, this is a recumbent (reclining) cross, not what's usually called a plain equilateral cross. So I looked up the original to see whether Longenecker made the error. Here's what happened. You included the caption for an image that was above this one, and you didn't include the caption for the image you presented (which was below the image, not above it). Here are both of them, with the error corrected:
  11. Exposing your demonic denial of the prophecy at (Psalm 34:20) has been a pleasure. For evil is conquered with the good. The demons love making people deaf and dumb to the truth which has been rendered onto you. I was waiting for you to blaspheme against Holy Spirit to expose and count your sin publicly. Your quote: "You may well be guided but its not by God's Holy spirit."  After saying this he blew on them and said to them: “Receive holy spirit.  If you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven; if you retain those of anyone, they are retained.” (John 20:22) Therefore, your sin has been retained and there is no escape for you. Dying the second death is an everlasting destruction and one that begins with the weeping and gnashing of teeth. "And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." (Matthew 12:32) come.come. Changing the subject because you been pummeled doesn't get you any points. Consider Yourself Disfellowshipped..... you're not coming back legion.... no matter how hard you try...
  12. They are fully content waiting to enter paradise. No, they are fully content believing the lies of the GB and Elders. It means they don't have to think for themselves.
  13. Oh so you do think you have the right to judge me. Maybe you think you are anointed too... Dream on. Any one of the anointed would never support the JW Org. The Child Abuse, the misuse of scriptures. The false prophecies. The GB falsely claiming to be the Faithful and Discreet slave. the GB telling others of the anointed not to make contact with each other. The GB telling Elders that they can tell deliberate lies and claiming it is spiritual warfare. The GB / Elders threatening the congregants with disfellowshipping if the congregants dare question the GB's rules or decisions. What you have in reality is a dictatorship by the GB. Only now they are being shown up for who they really are. God, who's name may be Yahweh or Jehovah, has given Jesus Christ the authority to judge. And it looks like the judgement has started within the 'household'. I don't know if God will use the JW Org after cleansing it, or if He will wipe it out and use a different Org. But God demands that His anointed servants be perfect. As for us earthly class, I don't think we were supposed to fully understand the scriptures. A scripture that says about' ten men clinging to the skirt of a Jew' and saying 'we will go with you people as we know God is with you people' (not exactly quoted but near enough to get the meaning). I know that the 'Jew' means spiritual Jew, but it would refer to the whole anointed not just your 8 men in America. You may well be guided but its not by God's Holy spirit.
  14. The good thing, however, Christ was actually killed, ancient historians and scholars, don’t support your theory regardless of however it’s applied by rejecting all ancient writings. Therefore, the only thing that is demolished is in the personal views and heads of those that refuse to accept the ancient writings that confirm the Stauros as a simple pole before non-Christian writers decided to join it to the original tau which was the X, not the T that you forcefully attempt to defend. I wouldn’t have it any other way from someone playing for the other team. This is not in search of the truth but to prove something wrong, as in the watchtower, not in search of the truth that Anna claims. This is why Proving Hangel becomes an obstacle for Longenecker that also authored the Cross before Constantine that Space Merchant has already pointed out. I recommend purchasing the book to fully understand the crosses (plural) of Pompeii As for John. Perhaps a visual aid will help you to understand the context in which it was intended. Have someone pick you up from behind or by the arms with the aid of two people to find yourself in a cross configuration. Perhaps this is the reason to defend Tertullian and Justin views. Tertullian a person in favor of the Trinity, while everything else presented is dismissed.
  15. The same ones who deny the prophecy at (Psalm 34:20) have no understanding because they have already been Judged. "Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. And the wicked ones will act wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand; but those having insight will understand." (Daniel 12:10) After saying this he blew on them and said to them: “Receive holy spirit.  If you forgive the sins of anyone, they are forgiven; if you retain those of anyone, they are retained.” (John 20:22) Prophecy fulfilled.... "Hear this, you foolish and senseless people: They have eyes but cannot see; They have ears but cannot hear." (Jeremiah 5:21) Hand Cuffs or Wrist Cuffs? Aren't the Hand Cuffs placed on the wrists to bind the (hands) in plural??? You stumbled yourself into Gehenna, but I won't allow you to stumble others... go on your way.
  16. Witness, I don't think those scriptures should be applied in that way. It is true that Abrahams offspring would be great in number. But that does not contradict that there will be a special kingly/priestly group composed of 144000. This number is repeated 3 times in Revelation to underscore that it is a literal number. And the fact is that it has not been easy to fill that number. Jesus spoke an illustration of that. There he told that many refused to come, despite how hard his messengers tried to invite. Jesus also spoke of a smal flock and Paul spoke of a full number of people coming in in Romans 11. So the number is predetermined. And you can not force someone to become anointed how much you wish. Most JW don't have that kind of spiritual drive. They are fully content waiting to enter paradise.


    I've just re-read that 'ask the police' link, and yes i agree to a point. However the rest of your comment i take as a joke. You pretend that the Org is run properly, justly, honestly fairly, etc.... Firstly, you seem to put the blame on me, Quote : "If you feel unable to talk to an elder directly,"... Exactly what are you implying here ? Secondly, "you could write to the body asking them to contact you.. " You are so funny. The last time i wrote to the body of elders I actually thought that 'The Body of Elders' got to see the letter. How wrong I was. Maybe two or three Elders got to see that letter. One of which contacted me to meet the 'Elders' at the KH for discussion. When i went to the hall there were two elders there. The one Elder sat in front of me, the other sat behind me. The one in front did all the talking, and told me directly that if I didn't retract all of my accusations, then I would be disfellowshipped. So much for me trying to help keep the congregation clean. I never trusted an Elder since then. And having questioned other Elders after that 'meeting', they said they had no idea what letter I was referring to. I know that is all totally off the topic but it gives you insight to my reasoning. There is the other point as well. I've said i don't trust the Elders and I will be blunt and say I think they would destroy evidence that they already have. If I thought the police could go into the KH and get the written 'notes' that would have / should have been made at the time, then it would be a lot easier to report it to the police. But as it seems Elders refuse to hand over documents / notes, even if a Police officer has a warrant, then it might appear that I'm just causing trouble with no basis for doing so.
  18. Raquel Segovia

    Oro de Ley- VIVO

  19. Outta Here


    @JOHN BUTLERThe police have highlighted your moral obligation in this matter. You might feel like letting the ones divulging the information know what you are doing. If you feel unable to talk to an elder directly, you could write to the body asking them to contact you by a certain date to discuss the matter before you let the authorities know. Actually it is a bit ludicrous because if you saw a brother's car on fire outside his house, surely you would call the fire brigade and give him a knock to let him know regardless of your spiritual status? You'd hardly write him a letter...would you? Or if it really is an issue for you, then try something from here: https://tacklechildabuse.campaign.gov.uk/?gclid=CIDj_-vF494CFR62GwodVhMGYQ
  20. Wow, now you think you have been given authority to judge me. However you do not answer my question The GB either translated as such, or allowed to be translated as such, Nails plural and Hands plural. If they had thought it was one nail through the wrists I'm sure they would have said so in the NWT.. It's not terribly important but just shows another instance of Luke 16 v 10 The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much, and the person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much. It shows that the GB are unfaithful and therefore unrighteous.
  21. William Malenfant jwb_S_201811_02_r240P.mp4
  22. If you were polite you would have been given understanding and would have received forgiveness. But your sin stands and will be counted. Look at the picture above again. Can one nail make two prints? Look again at the placement so that no bone would be broken. Do I have to show you an x-ray so you can decieve you own eyes?
  23. Muchas de las personas que se hacen estas preguntas sufrieron una terrible pérdida, y no solo buscan respuestas, buscan consuelo. Otras consideran que el Holocausto es el colmo de la crueldad y que no puede haber un Dios que permita cosas como esas. Conceptos erróneos sobre Dios y el Holocausto Falso: Preguntar por qué Dios permitió el Holocausto es pecado. Verdadero: Hombres y mujeres de fe se han preguntado por qué Dios permite la maldad. Por ejemplo, el profeta Habacuc le preguntó a Dios: “¿Por qué me haces ver tantas injusticias y tú aceptas el espectáculo de la opresión?” (Habacuc 1:3, Martín Nieto, 1992). En vez de reprender al profeta por esta pregunta, Dios la incluyó en las Escrituras para beneficio de todos. Falso: A Dios no le importa vernos sufrir. Verdadero: Dios detesta tanto la maldad como el sufrimiento que esta provoca (Proverbios 6:16-19). La Biblia dice que en los días de Noé, Dios “se sintió herido en el corazón” al ver que la Tierra se había llenado de violencia (Génesis 6:5, 6). Así pues, no cabe duda de que las atrocidades del Holocausto también le causaron un profundo dolor (Malaquías 3:6). Falso: El Holocausto fue un castigo divino contra los judíos. Verdadero: En el primer siglo, los romanos arrasaron Jerusalén, y Dios lo permitió (Mateo 23:37–24:2). Pero después de eso, no ha favorecido ni castigado a ningún grupo étnico. A su vista “no hay diferencia entre los judíos y los no judíos” (Romanos 10:12, Dios habla hoy [Versión Popular]). Falso: Si realmente hubiera un Dios todopoderoso que nos amara, habría impedido el Holocausto. Verdadero: Aunque Dios jamás ocasiona el sufrimiento, a veces lo permite durante algún tiempo (Santiago 1:13; 5:11). ¿Por qué permitió Dios el Holocausto? Por la misma razón por la que ha permitido el sufrimiento a lo largo de la historia: aclarar ciertas cuestiones morales que surgieron en el pasado. La Biblia indica sin rodeos que es el Diablo —y no Dios— quien está gobernando el mundo (Lucas 4:1, 2, 6; Juan 12:31). Aunque en la información vinculada a este artículo se explica con más detalle por qué Dios ha permitido el sufrimiento, a continuación se presentan dos observaciones basadas en la Biblia que nos ayudan a entender por qué Dios no impidió el Holocausto. El hombre ha abusado del libre albedrío. Dios les expuso a los primeros seres humanos, Adán y Eva, lo que él esperaba de ellos; pero no los obligó a obedecerlo. Ellos optaron por determinar personalmente lo que estaba bien y lo que estaba mal. Y su mala decisión tuvo terribles consecuencias (Génesis 2:17; 3:6; Romanos 5:12). Desde entonces, la humanidad ha sufrido por muchas otras malas decisiones. De hecho, la publicación Statement of Principles of Conservative Judaism (Declaración de principios del judaísmo conservador) señala: “Gran parte del sufrimiento mundial es consecuencia directa de haber abusado del libre albedrío que se nos ha concedido”. Sin embargo, lejos de privar a la humanidad de su libre albedrío, Dios le ha dado tiempo para que trate de dirigir los asuntos a su manera. Dios puede y quiere reparar los daños que ocasionó el Holocausto. Él promete resucitar a los millones de personas que han muerto, incluidas las víctimas del Holocausto. También borrará los terribles recuerdos que atormentan a los supervivientes (Isaías 65:17; Hechos 24:15). El amor que Dios siente por la humanidad es una garantía de que cumplirá sus promesas (Juan 3:16). Muchas personas que sufrieron los horrores del Holocausto lograron hallarle sentido a su vida y conservar la fe. ¿Qué les ayudó? Comprender la razón por la que Dios permite la maldad y saber qué hará para eliminar sus consecuencias.


    You are exactly right on both.
  25. Anna


    @JOHN BUTLERAnd a second thing I forgot to add: because you are worried the perpetrator might do this to other children
  26. A partir del 2021, la capital del gigante asiático comenzará a registrar las faltas y comportamientos de sus ciudadanos para elaborar un "puntaje de confianza personal", a través del cual se generarán premios y castigos. Temor por el enorme poder de control del Partido Comunista Jóvenes chino salen de una exhibición sobre el estado chino. Pronto serán valorados digitalmente por el nuevo sistema de puntuación personal El gobierno municipal de Beijing comenzará a asignar a sus ciudadanos los "puntos de confianza personal" a partir del año 2021, reportó este martes la prensa china, en lo que se convertirá en el primero de una serie de proyectos controversiales orientados a montar en el país un sistema de premios y castigos basado en el "crédito social" y con el objetivo de monitorear personas y empresas. Anunciado por primera vez en 2014, el plan de puntuación personal ha captado la atención de todo el mundo y generado comparaciones con el universo distópico de la novela 1984, del escritor británico George Orwell. Los críticos del sistema sostienen además que permitirá al Partido Comunisa de China (PCCh) aumentar considerablemente su ya extenso control de la sociedad. En concreto el sistema que comenzará a funcionar en 2021 en Beijing establece un "crédito social" para premiar o castigar a individuos y empresas, usando diferentes tecnologías para registrar el crédito financiero disponible, el comportamiento personal y las faltas, entre otras variables. El puntaje de “crédito social” obtenido será esencial para conseguir empleo o obtener permisos para montar un negocio De esta manera se asignarán "puntos", de acuerdo a una variación propuesta por el gobierno en Beijing, para establecer la "confianza personal" o "integridad" de los residentes en la capital y también de las empresas. Al momento no se conocen las escalas de puntos que serán utilizadas ni tampoco los efectos precisos de los diferentes puntajes. Pero de acuerdo al plan presentado este martes, la información obtenida por las autoridades podrá afectar la capacidad de ingresar a ciertos mercados, acceder a servicios públicos, viajar libremente, conseguir empleo o incluso obtener lo permisos para formar una empresa. Quienes tengan un alto puntaje de "confianza personal" tendrán vía libre, mientras que los de peor desempeño serán bloqueados. "Este es un enfoque novedoso de Beijing para valorar el crédito individual de una persona y vincularlo a su vida completa", dijo un funcionario municipal citado por la agencia estatal Xinhua. "El plan debería servir como ejemplo para el resto de la nación como una forma de mejorar el comportamiento de individuos y empresas", agregó. XVIII Congreso del Partido Comunista de China, que aumentará su ya extenso control sobre la población (Reuters/archivo) Habrá un segundo sistema para valorar la confianza de los funcionarios de gobierno y de las diferentes instituciones estatales, en base a su capacidad de cumplir promesas y contratos contraídos. Se cree que el sistema de "crédito social", desarrollado bajo el principio de "una vez indigno de confianza, para siempre restringido", promoverá el intercambio de información sobre faltas y comportamientos de ciudadanos y empresas entre diferentes áreas de gobierno, para coordinar mejor los premios y castigos. Para algunos expertos el sistema ayudará a combatir el fraude y la escasez, entre otros problemas sociales, y se espera que los castigos estén dirigidos mayormente al sector corporativo. Al momento ya existe un sistema de castigo a individuos por diferentes faltas,como por ejemplo incumplir el pago de una multa. Bajo este modelo, que el gobierno chino extendió en el tiempo en marzo, los transgresores sufren la prohibición para comprar de bienes de lujo, como pasajes de avión, por hasta un año. Con información de Reuters
  27. Ante la decisión del régimen cubano de abandonar el programa sanitario, el presidente electo de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, dijo que los especialistas podrían solicitar y recibir asilo político Galenos cubanos del programa Más Médicos en Brasil (AFP) El Consejo Directivo Nacional de la Asociación Nacional de Juristas Evangélicos(ANAJURE) ofreció este lunes un servicio gratuito de asesoría legal a los galenos cubanos que desean permanecer en Brasil. "Todos los cubanos integrantes del programa Más Médicos que se sienten amenazados al regresar a su país de origen en virtud de su opinión política tienen el derecho de solicitar asilo en Brasil, cabiendo al gobierno brasileño juzgar individualmente cada caso", dijo la organización en un comunicado. ANAJURE explicó que se reconocerá como refugiado a todo individuo que: I – debido a fundados temores de persecución por motivos de raza, religión, nacionalidad, grupo social u opiniones políticas se encuentre fuera de su país de nacionalidad, y no pueda o no quiera acogerse a la protección de dicho país; II – no teniendo nacionalidad y estando fuera del país donde antes tuvo su residencia habitual, no pueda o no quiera regresar a él, en función de las circunstancias descritas en el inciso anterior; III – debido a la grave y generalizada violación de derechos humanos, esté obligado a dejar su país de nacionalidad para buscar refugio en otro país". Los médicos cubanos víctimas de persecución política, además de pedir asilo político, también pueden pedir refugio, señala el comunicado de ANAJURE. "Las dos categorías jurídicas son amparadas por la nueva ley de migración (Ley n° 13.445, de 24 de mayo de 2017), cuyo objetivo principal es asegurar los derechos humanos de los migrantes, sobre todo los desplazados forzados, como puede percibirse en la institución de la visa humanitaria en su artículo 14", precisó la organización de juristas. El pasado miércoles, el gobierno cubano anunció la salida de sus galenos del programa Más Médicos, porque no aceptaba las exigencias hechas por el presidente electo Jair Bolsonaro, quien pidió el pago directo a los doctores y que tuvieran el derecho de recibir a sus familias en Brasil. También pidió que tomaran exámenes de capacidad, como se hace con los demás médicos extranjeros en el país. Los médicos cubanos interesados en recibir la asesoría jurídica deben comunicarse con ANAJURE por e-mail secretaria.refugees@anajure.org.br o por WhatsApp: +55 79 9 9929 7869. Publicado originalmente por Martí Noticias
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