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  2. Could you elucidate on these statements? and thx.
  3. I like your idea's, dear Brother @Onah uchenna Give my greetings to your Brother's, yes for a wonderful work, we all doing together for Jehovah Walk in modesty with your God.--Mic.6:8. 8 He has told you, O man, what is good. And what is Jehovah requiring of you? Only to exercise justice, to cherish loyalty, And to walk in modesty with your God ! TELL ME MORE SOON ! Thank you
  4. 2017 Regional Convention Notebook

    Thank you, this will be better then my tablet.
  5. Walk in modesty with your God.--Mic.6:8. 8 He has told you, O man, what is good. And what is Jehovah requiring of you? Only to exercise justice, to cherish loyalty, And to walk in modesty with your God ! ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤
  6. The Russia ban issue is far deeper and more complex than one realizes, I brought this up before here, especially to Robert in one of the threads. What is a key element in all this is the recent election of Vladimir Putin, which was expected by some, as well as those who didn't like how Russia was going down a Soviet Era like path. At this point for Jehovah's Witnesses, it will not end well for them there, JW opponents think of the ban as a victory, but what they didn't realize is what went down 2014 and onward regarding the Kremlin, the Duma, and the Russian Church, and how, hellish things are going to get for the Russian people - which has already spawn conspiracy. Just know that regarding the ban of JWs, other parities were also involved, an example would be France, specifically NGOs of France in combination with Alexander Dvorkin, Patriarch Cyrill, and a number of other key players among the Kremlin and the Duma, in addition to how the JWs have proven to be an inconvenience to the Kremlin weeks prior to the election. Speaking about Child Abuse, it is also ironically as to how no one speaks of the child abuse done to JW children in Russia by opponents, but apparently no one bats an eye about it. That being said, this is a reminder for me to delve back into the Russian part of media again, for now since Putin has been re-elected, there is bound to be new information. Other then that, it is unlikely you would hear anyone talking about JW children being abused by people outside of their faith or how now they'll be treated, which is being talked about by Orthodoxy and Non-Orthodoxy Christians in Russia who didn't like what was done to the JWs. In short, it will not be a good time for anyone who is not on the side of the Kremlin, the RoC and the Duma. I know JWs do not do politics, but these leaders will be somewhat of a obstacle for them in Russia - perhaps prove more of a threat to Americans also. If you can be jailed and marked as an extremist for making a joke, being a poet or playing Pokemon, it will only continue to get far worse from that, and it will get bad for the JWs. But seeing they pushed through the Soviet days, endurance is key for them, and surprisingly the hundreds of protesters who were taken down by the Kremlin notice who the JWs are and how they endured in those days.
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  8. I believed we talked on this before in one of your other posts and I understand your position after reading various comments from you, but child abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses is happening in several countries, I wouldn't say worldwide among them though, mostly in the European Countries rarely does it happen in countries and even if it did it is very very low, examples being Asian countries such as South Korea and or Japan due to the filial piety and child laws, the Congo and or parts of Africa, for it is known fact that African Christians tend not to do such stuff, especially if they are devoted to a Christian faith and profess it, Middle Eastern and or Syranic JWs, as well as those living in Tehran, Yemen, pretty much most of the Arabian Emirates of where they can be found, and they tend not to do anything regarding child abuse, however, Christians are subjected to their opponent's attacks, even in some cases children of a Christian family end up getting kidnapped and auction off as a bride and or sex slave and is subjected to vile forms of abuse known to man. Some JWs, by law can be targeted to be killed and or beheaded in some cases, therefore, not a whole lot of preaching can be done in a malevolent Islamic community. The reality is the child abuse epidemic that also affected the Jehovah's Witnesses is more centered in areas like the UK, Australia, and the US, for those, and evidently it is a problem, and child abuse when combined with all groups and institutions is a globe problem, of which some people are ironically in denial of. I do not like to use race in this, but what is said is true regarding pedophilia and child abuse. Other then that, it won't stop a person from joining them or any faith. A pastor lured a child with a bible into a classroom, violating a child, even though the abuser was dealt with, it didn't stop people from becoming Christians or did anyone went out of a church in droves when a pastor shoots a man dead, who was only speaking aloud for he had been wronged, in the chest inside a crowded church, the same can be said about Jews, Muslims, etc. Just keep in your mind that eventually when Jesus returns this will change. God by means of his chosen Christ, of whom he has given authority, will judge those who do wrong, and them alone will be punished. No man, woman or child, be it outside or in the womb, is perfect- all is imperfect. The Bible teaches this, be it in a religion or not, but profess to scripture, you have to respect what is written and adhere by it, just do not get carried away with it because a small shift can change a man even though if he thinks he is in the right and or doing good. As for Tom, it is safe to say he reacted the way he did because of the response gets, especially in regards to the discussion between the both of you. For this is a discussion of not doctrine, belief and or faith, it is about an issue in regards to a problem this world faces, for we are of God, it would be wise to dose down conflict about an issue than to entice it, I need not have to bring a bible verse or two for such things for it should be evident. In the end, both of you, all of us are against child abuse, just to make sure this is clear for everyone.
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  10. In field service I found myself working directly across the road from the Assembly Hall during an assembly. What are the chances? Now, I am always on the lookout for something quirky to say so as the break the ice. An idea occurred to me as I approached a man in his garage. I thumbed behind me and said: “Man, the talks are so boring in there I just had to take a break and come talk to you - you know how religion is!” Of course, I didn’t leave it there. I registered the impression made and soon added that I just threw that in for his sake – I didn’t really believe it. Though in SOME cases…. Well, no – not usually in the Assembly Hall. It can be the case in a Kingdom Hall, but not usually at the larger gatherings and practically never at the Regionals. There is a chance – one must always consider – that a householder will quickly close the door and thereafter repeat to others your final and only words – “he said his meetings are dull.” No matter. This fellow will say bad things about us, anyway. Might as well give him an accurate statement to relate. It is the season of the Memorial invitations, which are very brief. Big event – we’re inviting people – Memorial of Christ’s death – we do it every year. In closing I mention I have a cool video that explains everything in just over a minute, or I can explain it myself and that will take 45 minutes and which works best for him? But I don’t twist arms and it is always clear there is a third option, to pass on both, which most people take. Our Assembly Hall is unusual in that it is on a residential road, which has only become more so since we built it. Moreover, though it is a network of roads, it is essentially a cul-de-sac. So there has long been a certain tension simply because of the traffic generated. To several I explained before I left: “Actually, just so you know – I really do go there, and – it is a standard announcement at every meeting that “we have neighbors and they have kids, so make sure to observe the 30MPH speed limit” so whatever speeders there are are the neighbors and not us. One woman was very gracious and said ‘I’m sure that’s true.’ They are only going to get more neighbors. At the end of their cul-de-sac network is a new tract of over 100 homes being built. That is in addition to the Ryan homes on the right before one reaches the Assembly Hall. That was cornfield when we moved in, and later we found out that Kodak bought it as a buffer to their property so we thought we would never see anything but corn or landscaping. We turned out to be false prophets on that one, didn’t we?
  11. Yes, for this is already known, but what I have mentioned other then ARC has to also be taken with high consideration also, for all children are at risk, not just child confined within a single group, and no one is immune to child abuse. Canada has a set of laws and regulations regarding Child Abuse within the very foundation of the Family Violence Laws, which derives from the Constitution Act, 1867, and to them, Child Abuse is considered as an epidemic, as some writers have stated and even within religion, the very place people assumes such does not happen, it is not safe there either at times should an abuser finds his or her way in said religion to reach children, or any institution that houses and or cares for children - all in all, child grooming and abuse can only be prevented by means of internal and outside investigation and the victim's family operation along with those who offered to help said victim. As for the United Kingdom, Child Abuse runs rampant there also, especially from those who join any group of their choice to kidnap, rape and even kill children, just like one of the UK facilities that use to house children to where the abuse took place. The situation with the Charity Commission and JW charity only sparked investigation, which I believe went on for 2 and a half years, was due to claims and or allegations such as: "The charity commission is investigating claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses abuse survivors were forced to face their attackers." "The Charity Commission launched an inquiry into safeguarding at the religion’s main UK charity in May 2014 after receiving allegations that survivors of rape and sexual abuse, including people abused as children, were forced to face their attackers in “judicial committees”." The JW church in question, as some of the articles have brought up was the one located in Manchester New Moston, the press release on the investigation can be found, but I will link an example of said press release info: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/investigation-leads-to-improvements-in-safeguarding-at-jehovahs-witnesses-charity That being said, the Charity Commission focus was the JW church and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain by a senior member. The JWs have also acknowledged that they “abhor child abuse, and view it as a heinous crime and sin. The safety of our children is of the utmost importance.” They added: “Whether the victim or parents decide to report the matter is not contingent on the number of witnesses to the offence or whether a confession has been made. Congregation elders do not shield abusers from the authorities or from the consequences of their actions.“ But yeah, I know how you feel about Child Abuse, just know that regardless of the person, there will be those who will do what is necessary to protect a child, and help a child should they become victim and do so to the best of their ability, but as we speak, there is and will be probe investigations on everyone, every faith to root out Child Abuse, it cannot be stopped entirely, but saving and or helping at least a child or two is progress, what will prove far difficult for UK is the Underground and more dark and far more violent forms of Child Abuse, which involves authorities and government, excluding religion, educational institutions, etc. Oh and yes, I am familiar with Reclaimed Voices and admire their work, but more can be done for all children, which most child neglect and safety groups tend to ignore at times, for some it is understandable to avoid threats, injury and or death. Other then that, Netherlands is not really a fan of religion anyways. Not all JW churches are the same, just like not every Mosque and or Cathedral is the same. In the end, it usually depends on the people of the church, the leaders of that specific church and how much of chemistry the church leaders and the people have with each other, I do not want to bring up the race card and culture card, but it seems this is the case with who is doing the abuse. But yes, usually depends though, for one church can show support to victims while others, not so much. All in all, how things are handled, perhaps far better than how it was done in the past whereas we didn't have twice as many of support from people and a network to spread information faster and more fluently. But in the end, educating someone and or a group is key to combating child abuse the best way possible. True, but then you have religious laws. What can be done is working with what is already present if scripture prevents one from changing whatever rules they have. No one is going to break scripture sadly, so the best course of action, which was said time and time again by a lot of people, is work with what is already there and do something to make things better - the only issue is JWs will have to be educated and better clarify what some rules and scriptures they are under to those taking the lead of a church. For if God said not to add, change or remove from his word and Jesus said Scripture cannot be broken you have to take that into consideration - for it is said anyone who holds the bible and what it says to a very high regard basically accepted a Nazareth Vow right then and there, and such can't really be broken by any man unless it comes to a conclusion - that is, when Jesus returns. The goal would be is taking the rules itself and working with it to lessen child abuse situations as well as identifying abusers. No, I do not have a different point of view, the people care for both, and it is evident through anything regarding Child Safety and Neglect Prevention by those who adhere to it and what is talked about to young ones in youth clubs that are affiliated with various networks that dealing with child abuse, in my case, as a religious person and a close friend to the community of mind, who has spoken to children who deal with different issues, as well as child abuse whereas the category is violence. Yes, God wants his people to be clean for the one True God we worship, is clean, pure, and holy, Leviticus 11:44, 45. At the same time, he is aware of human imperfection from Adam and Eve's disobedience and onward, even among his own people, present day his people are still imperfect and it is not easy for them to be clean because converts and newcomers, some with ill intent cannot be detected so easily, but God already knows the intentions and the heart of said person, for the bible says so of God need not care about the individual, he cares for what he sees in the person's heart. We know this because God is the one who granted us the gift of free will, the freedom and ability to make choice (Joshua 24:15), and he knows our hearts, regarding to what I had said previously, we see this example in the Old Testament, 1 Samuel 16:7 which reads: But the Lord [YHWH] said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord [YHWH] sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord [YHWH] looks on the heart.” - ESV That verse is easily connected and compared to 1 Kings 8:39, 1 Chronicles 28:9, Psalms 7:9, Proverbs 24:12, Jeremiah 17:10 and Acts 1:24. The Jehovah's Witnesses and other organizations, including the non-religious ones are not clean, and it is impossible for any of them to be clean because of imperfections and abuse of free will by some, to which it ends up affecting others, however, it does not stop those who at least try to do something to minimize and prevent a situation from happening and or attempting to deal with the aftermath of whatever it is they are focused on and it is not an easy task for them, you, me or everyone here. Another issue is not trying to break scripture which is technically a Nazareth/Nazarite Vow (something that can't be broken if set in motion) based on Numbers 6:1–21 and several parts of the Old Testament into the Greek New Testament, for they, as others will not subject themselves to compared to the mainstream Christians who drop scripture and what is written in order to gain new converts. Child Abuse in this case can only be minimized and or prevented by them, and they will their best to try and resolve it, like I said, at least saving a child or two from an abuser is a good thing, for the unfortunate sad reality is no matter where it takes place, you can't save all children, the very reason why Child Abuse is consider a global epidemic to begin with, in some cases, people tend to be subtle when trying to find evidence and or key information regarding child abuse because it can lead to many problems where someone's blood will literal be paid, and for pacifist, Christian ones, wouldn't want to go down the route. No organization is clean, just so we are clear and the JWs, just like everyone else is subjected to the impurities that imperfect ones bring into the group. What can be said however, they are somewhat inexperienced in dealing with abusers among them, but clearly not among the worse that are not really talked about in the media, nor talked about by any Child Abuse Prevention groups. As with everyone else, it is just time and patience of improvement that is needed, as well as better training and educating church leaders on the issue. I said this before, education on the issue is key, if others can educate people about child abuse and working with them on their turf to try and increase prevention, you can do this too. I speak to children within my family and friends inner circle for a reason, as do those within the community of those who share the same belief, culture and or background as me, in addition, you have to take into account how such person(s) are, for people tend to help out without fully getting involved, something I have said time and time again, and this was heavily mention for decades by Child Abuse articles, information and PSAs. It is not a different angle, this is indeed 100% true, which should be evident to you and if need be I know a dozen of articles and news information, in addition to personal experience of mine and others. I have been around and know from experience of such things, as do other Christians who are vigilant and serious. I had seen the JWs and other groups being targeted solely on the same subject (like here), which will result in others chiming in and will attack the whole faith itself, for instance, the Charity Commission regarding Jehovah's Witnesses, the response from some was not to criticize the Jehovah's Witnesses on child abuse, it was comments targeting and insulting God the Father (the things they say of his name deemed too explicit), the Bible, and Christians as a whole, both mainstream and minorities, regardless of doctrine and theology. Some go as far as to make articles for people to read online that insult God the Father and his Son, others have said that the Father had failed and his Son had failed due to the Child Abuse epidemic among religion and to this day, they continue to mock religion, more specifically, Christianity. Eventually it will come to a point, regardless of your faith, the Bible will be attacked, especially regarding of what took place in the Hebrew Old Testament involving Moses and the like, the list goes on, one of the more recent ones today being that the teaching of God should be considered a form of Child Abuse and will reference the whole Jesus camp situation regarding the children. If I am not mistaken, there was videos of JW publications and a large number of Bibles burned purposely by opponents. But there are people (religious and non religious) who are not like this and are dong things the smart way, on both sides of the spectrum they're aware of Child Abuse in religion, including the Jehovah's Witnesses, they know of statistics and prevention rates, such persons will focus on the problem at hand instead of targeting and or condemning a faith because they were caught off guard by the abuse, they know that some denominations will not just sit back and do literally nothing, in this case, some claim that JWs do not do nothing, which is false, for they make an attempt and do so while trying to not break scripture. As for JW opponents, not once have they brought up anything regarding Child Abuse outside of Jehovah's Witnesses, which is evident, but ironically, it had to take an Ex-Bible Student, a Graphic Designer, and believe it or not, a Homosexual, to correct JW opponents, who attacked these persons, one of the attackers being the very man you linked here before via gofundme. But what you can do, and everyone else here is just educate the people to see the signs of child abuse, I said something about that before,a s well as identifying a child who has been abuse, their body language and or if they are keeping what happen a secret, for most of the time they do not reveal such information to even their parents but to someone they trust - and the key role in Child Abuse Prevention taught to a child if they tell an adult and not much is done, tell another, and another, that is what the PSAs teach, and that is what people who know these things teach the children, so even a child can be able to identify anyone their age who has been abused and or recognize the actions of an abuser, in some cases the far more difficult ones to deal with which can be a near miss at times is child on child abuse, which is very rare in a religious space, majority of the time takes place in schools and the very household the victim is in be it a family member and or friend around the same age. In the end, Jehovah's Witnesses, will be subjected to allegations, investigations and the like, spiritually the organization is indeed clean, hence why people are still converting to it, but the people are still imperfect, God knows that as well as the Free Will granted to all of mankind, and he knows people who at least try. Another thing to add is you also have to remember Child Abuse is not always something people want to talk about, mainly if you run up to them and immediately speak on this matter - the best course of action is to just get on their level, know the individual even then talk about the issue when it is comfortable to speak on such. As the 3 individuals have stated prior JW opponents manage to get their videos removed, there are better ways of fighting the problem, better ways of fighting Child Abuse. Lastly, just pay attention to some claims people make, for last I check Jehovah's Witnesses do not have firearms and guns under every one of their churches nor do they own preschools and private schools, a debate I had with 2 women, one who spoke on guns the other on preschool child abuse by JWs, when the reality is, they do not own or contribute to any of such things for JWs sole purpose, the purpose of an organized religion is adhering to the Great Commission. Know that I respect your resolve, but it is necessary to be aware of everything and dealing with the problem itself, and not the group as a whole, for we are to condemn, we may as well condemn, everything else around us. When the end times and tribulations conclude, peace will be among all people even among the JWs and we will not have to worry about Child Abuse, nor the life that we had when we were imperfect. Just endure, and should you educate someone, a JW even, on child abuse and or the signs, be on their level and be mild with them in doing so for attacking one's faith an or its leaders will not help anyone for it is better to speak with someone when teaching vital information to them, for I can already see the issue of child abuse is what angers you, it angers me too, but I know from my battle scars and of the scars of others on how to deal with such issue and waking up to the reality of it in today's day and age. If we can teach a child about puberty, about stranger danger and the like, we can teach them about child abuse. If we can teach an adult to be a good employee, a good family man and or woman, we can teach them on child abuse also.
  12. Summary Between January 1971 and January 1985, 31 Jehovah's witnesses underwent 24 bypass and 12 non‐bypass cardiothoracic operations at the National Heart Hospital. Fifty‐eight% of the group were under 16 years of age. There was one death in the non‐bypass group unrelated to blood loss. Six deaths occurred in the bypass group. In one of these, blood loss contributed to the cause of death and in two patients. blood loss was directly related to the cause of death. The anaesthetic management of Jehovah's witnesses undergoing cardiac surgery is discussed. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1365-2044.1986.tb12846.x
  13. A court in Kazakhstan has acquitted a woman charged with illegal missionary activity after she showed another person how to download the Bible on a smartphone, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty reported. Dilobarkhon Sultanova was found not guilty by the South Kazakhstan Regional Court, in the city of Shymkent on March 13. Sultanova had been charged in January after she demonstrated to a woman she had met at the New Life Protestant church in December how to download the Bible on her smartphone. The woman later filed a complaint to the local police against Sultanova, accusing her of propagating Christianity illegally. Kazakhstan has a multi-ethnic population of almost 18 million, with a Muslim majority and a large Russian Orthodox minority. Despite the fact that freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution, there have been several cases where followers of religions that are considered 'nontraditional' have been given prison sentences after being charged with inciting discord or conducting illegal missionary activities. In January this year, Christian Today reported on how Christians, Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses have been subject to increasingly punitive restrictions on religious freedom in Kazakhstan, with the European Evangelical Alliance warning that the state is redoubling its crackdown on 'unauthorised' faith, prompting 'extreme concern' among religious locals. In 2017, the Kazakh state reportedly made 279 prosecutions targeting religious groups for crimes such as meeting for worship, sharing or importing religious literature in person or online, and praying in private settings. New amendments to Kazakh law are expected only to expand current restrictions, effectively barring any expression of religion not aligned with officially state-approved religious guidelines, according to Forum 18. This includes, for example, a ban on meeting for religious assembly in private such as for Bible study groups. https://www.christiantoday.com/article/kazakh-woman-found-not-guilty-after-being-charged-over-downloading-bible-on-her-phone/127603.htm
  14. Oh wow! I've always suspected these little guys are much smarter than we give them credit for.
  15. THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. - Two worship centers operated by the Jehovah's Witnesses were damaged by fire Monday morning, and arson is suspected in both blazes, fire officials said. Olympia firefighters responded to the first blaze, a Kingdom Hall in the 225 Cain Road Southeast about 8:20 a.m. A fire was breaching an interior wall in the building, which was unoccupied. Firefighters quickly put out the blaze and determined that it started outside the building. There was a strong smell of petroleum similar to gasoline and other items that suggested arson, the Olympia Fire Department said. About a half-hour later, another fire was then reported at a second Kingdom Hall in Tumwater. Crews from the Tumwater Fire Department responded to that scene and found smoke and fire inside and outside the building. They were able to extinguish the flames. The Tumwater fire is likely related to the Olympia fire, officials said. Officials from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded to both fires In the Olympia fire, video surveillance footage shows a person pouring a liquid on the exterior of the worship hall and lighting it on fire early in the morning before dawn, said Assistant Chief Rob Bradley of the Olympia Fire Department. He said it appears the fire smoldered some time before it began spreading through the walls and was noticed. In the Tumwater fire, evidence indicates two possible ignition points on the north side of the building, said Tumwater Fire Chief Scott LaVielle. It appears that an accelerant was used, he said. ATF officials are now checking on similarities between the two fires. http://komonews.com/news/local/arson-suspected-as-2-jehovahs-witnesses-worship-centers-burn
  17. That's what friends are for Stray dog kicked by driver for being in his parking bay returns with a pack of friends… and trashes his car http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2989583/That-s-barking-space-Stray-dog-kicked-driver-parking-bay-returns-pack-friends-trashes-car.html
  18. Eventually it happens to everyone. As we age, even if we're healthy, the heart becomes less flexible, more stiff and just isn't as efficient in processing oxygen as it used to be. In most people the first signs show up in the 50s or early 60s. And among people who don't exercise, the underlying changes can start even sooner. "The heart gets smaller — stiffer," says Dr. Ben Levine, a sports cardiologist at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, in Dallas. Think of the heart muscle as a rubber band, Levine says. In the beginning, the rubber band is flexible and pliable. But put it in a drawer for 20 years and it will emerge dry and brittle. "That's what happens to the heart and blood vessels," he says. And down the road, that sort of stiffness can get worse, he notes, leading to the breathlessness and other symptoms of heart failure, an inability of the heart to effectively pump blood to the lungs or throughout the body. Fortunately for those in midlife, Levine is finding that even if you haven't been an avid exerciser, getting in shape now may head off that decline and help restore your aging heart. He and his colleagues published their recent findings in the American Heart Association's journal, Circulation. The research team recruited individuals between the ages of 45 and 64 who were mostly sedentary but otherwise healthy. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/03/12/591513777/hearts-get-younger-even-at-middle-age-with-exercise
  19. Who else is watching this serie? I do since it is based on history. I like Darren Criss performance here. I think that if the series would have been named "Andrew Cunanan" wouldn't be so attractive as it is when mentioning Gianni Versace. I'm amazed how serial killers lie a lot, disguise and end up killing sometimes their loved ones.
  20. From our dear sister Olgica, very interesting details....

  21. Despite warnings from experts, older people are using more anti-anxiety and sleep medications, putting them at risk of serious side effects and even overdoses. At first, the pills helped her feel so much better. Jessica Falstein, an artist living in the East Village in Manhattan, learned she had an anxiety disorder in 1992. It led to panic attacks, a racing pulse, sleeplessness. “Whenever there was too much stress, the anxiety would become almost intolerable, like acid in the veins,” she recalled. When a psychopharmacologist prescribed the drug Klonopin, everything brightened. “It just leveled me out,” Ms. Falstein said. “I had more energy. And it helped me sleep, which I was desperate for.” After several months, however, the horrible symptoms returned. “My body became accustomed to half a milligram, and the drug stopped working,” she said. “So then I was up to one milligram. And then two.” Her doctor kept increasing the dosage and added Ativan to the mix. Now 67, with her health and stamina in decline, Ms. Falstein has been diligently working to wean herself from both medications, part of the class called benzodiazepines that is widely prescribed for insomnia and anxiety. “They turn on you,” she said. For years, geriatricians and researchers have sounded the alarm about the use of benzodiazepines among older adults. Often called “benzos,” the problem drugs include Valium (diazepam), Klonopin (clonazepam), Xanax (alprazolam) and Ativan (lorazepam). The cautions have had scant effect: Use of the drugs has risen among older people, even though they are particularly vulnerable to the drugs’ ill effects. Like Ms. Falstein, many patients take them for years, though they’re recommended only for short periods. The chemically related “z-drugs” — Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta — present similar risks. Now the opioid epidemic has generated fresh warnings, because pain relievers like Vicodin (hydrocodone with Tylenol) and OxyContin (oxycodone) are also frequently prescribed for older people. When patients take both, they’re at risk for overdosing. Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/health/elderly-drugs-addiction.html
  22. NUEVA YORK (EFE) - Facebook anunció este lunes que contrató una firma externa para que audite a la consultora que manipuló con fines políticos la información de más de 50 millones de usuarios en la red social en EU, así como a uno de sus fundadores y al creador de la aplicación que recabó todos esos datos. "Hemos contratado a una firma de análisis forense digital, Stroz Friedberg, para que haga una amplia auditoría de Cambridge Analytica", la consultora británica, que ha acordado darle "un acceso completo a sus servidores y sistemas", escribió Facebook en su blog corporativo. La red social también pidió a las otras partes implicadas en la polémica que se sometan a una auditoría como parte de su investigación para determinar si es cierto que los datos filtrados sobre sus usuarios aún existen, de acuerdo con un informe que recibió hace varios. Se trata de Christopher Wylie, uno de los fundadores de Cambridge Analytica, y del profesor universitario Aleksandr Kogan, que accedió a la información de millones de usuarios a través de su aplicación para Facebook, llamada thisisyourdigitallife y que ofrecía un servicio de predicción de la personalidad, y la compartió con él. https://expansion.mx/tecnologia/2018/03/19/facebook-contrata-a-firma-que-audite-a-consultora-e-implicados-en-robo-de-datos
  23. De por sí ya me desagradaba por su cacería a los inmigrantes, irónico el descendiente de judíos rusos, irlandeses persiguiendo a otros que llegan a hacer lo mismo que sus padres a este país y ahora esto.
  24. Regina Simons y Faviola Dadis relatan los supuestos incidentes durante una conferencia de prensa junto a su abogada, Lisa Bloom, con el actor y artemarcialista durante una audición en 1992 Steven Seagal es acusado por dos mujeres de presunta violación Regina Simons y Faviola Dadis relatan los supuestos incidentes durante una conferencia de prensa junto a su abogada, Lisa Bloom, con el actor y artemarcialista durante una audición en 1992 LOS ÁNGELES. El actor Steven Seagal fue acusado hoy por dos mujeres de presunta agresion sexual cuando eran adolescentes y fueron engañadas de que harían supuestas audiciones con el afamado histrión, experto en artes marciales. Las dos mujeres, Regina Simons y Faviola Dadis, dieron cuenta este día de los supuestos incidentes durante una conferencia de prensa junto a su abogada, Lisa Bloom. Simons dijo que fue elegida como extra en el thriller On Deadly Ground. Cuando la película se completó en 1992, dijo que el actor la invitó a una fiesta de despedida en su casa. Pronto se dio cuenta de que ella era la única allí. Cuando preguntó dónde estaban todos, Seagal le dijo que todos se habían ido de la fiesta. Fue entonces cuando la tomó de la mano y la condujo a una habitación, denunció. http://www.excelsior.com.mx/funcion/2018/03/19/1227296
  25. Raindrops are falling on my head And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed Nothing seems to fit Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling So I just did me some talking to the sun And I said I didn't like the way he got things done He's sleeping on the job Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep fallin' But there's one thing I know The blues they send to meet me Won't defeat me It won't be long 'till happiness steps up to greet me Raindrops keep falling on my head But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red Crying's not for me 'Cause, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining Because I'm free Nothing's worrying me It won't be long 'till happiness steps up to greet me Raindrops keep falling on my head But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red Crying's not for me, 'cause, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining Because I'm free Nothing's worrying me
  26. Me gustó mucho este discurso, no pude asistir a la reunión y leer las críticas de aquellos que odian a la organización y si pudieron ir a esta reunión para estar criticando avivó más mis ganas de querer escucharlo
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