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  2. Wow; apparently I must have struck a nerve. Lecture you? Ok, TRAVELLER; listen up and listen good. First of all, before I even responded to you I did read those links you shared on this forum and, what is more, I already knew about these cases long before you made it an issue here, as well as the ones that YOU don't even know about. So, what makes YOU think I'm not aware of this happening in the organization? No one said Jehovah's organization is squeaky clean and ever so righteous as you so eloquently put it. Don't even go there suggesting I'm naive. Let me tell you buddy; I've seen and know just about everything the Apostle Paul mentioned in 2 Corinthians 6:9, 10; from Circuit Overseers, to Elders, to Missionaries, Special and Regular Pioneers, to publishers. EVERYTHING! Those who suppose to shepherd the flock were disfellowshiped for fornication, adultery AND homosexuality! Missionaries kicked out of their assignments for immorality. Pioneers swapping their spouses, Publishers raping other publishers, etc. I even know of about a brother who killed his wife so he could continue his affair with a porn star! So don't even ASSume I'm looking at the Spiritual Paradise with rosy-colored glasses on! I've seen it all! But just because I have 37 years in the Truth does not give me license to use this forum to broadcast every deplorable thing that goes on inside Jehovah's organization! That I refused to do! This is a forum to encourage one another. What's so encouraging about what you posted? Sadly, you must think the majority of us here, like Tom, are downplaying the serious nature of these events and we're not. It's just that we choose to find strength in knowing that sexual predators and those who use religion as a cover to abuse children will get what's coming to them by means of Christ Jesus' sword. And that right soon! Second: What is your motive? When you posted these links, the first thing I asked myself was why? Why did you take the merriment out of a photo meant to project humor only to harp on this disgusting tragedy when it is up to the ultimate Judge of us all - Not the Governing Body, not the Elders - JEHOVAH GOD who sees and knows everything?! Judge you? Who, me? I don't have to Judge you; you judged yourself. Posting these depressing news articles is suppose to do what? Make the majority of us question the Governing Body's motives? Yeah, you talk about your advocacy but even that is questionable. Advocate the real solution - what Jehovah is going to DO about those who prey on children and who violate His righteous laws, whether it's the Governing Body or Elders. No one is exempt from the day of His wrath. And about this forum. I thought it is for encouragement and sharing theocratic news; what's going on around the world in harmony with scriptural prophecies. That's what this forum is for. You are obviously not using it for that purpose. My point is that you used this opportunity to negate the photo with child sex abuse within Jehovah's org. rather than find the humor in it as it was suggested, and as many here have humorously contributed to. You took it to another level and it reeks of criticism! It's as if you pacified the Pope to unleash on your brothers! Now, here's something for you to wag your finger at since you defensively done so with me - Q: What do you have to say about those who were sexually abused as children by worldly people? That is also NOT A FUN TOPIC! So many of Jehovah's people were - and some still are - victimized by Shechemites in this world. Are you exempting them just because they are worldly? What encouragement would you offer a sister or brother who were subjected to or are being subjected to such abuse by worldly sexual predators? Would you plaster links all over this forum about it? Just wondering if you would have the same passionate advocacy for these victims as you do for Ann and the others. Third: As far as your personal relationship with Jehovah; you're right. I don't know how close you are to our precious Father. But I do know, as your spiritual sibling, you took the fun out of things and I'm telling you about it whether you like it or not. Get mad all you want to. Go and tell our Heavenly Father on me. Go ahead! Perhaps he'll lovingly chastise us both for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Or you'll get over it and move on. Now get all this through your thick skull.
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  4. Programa do Congresso Regional de 2017 Já está disponível o programa para o congresso regional desse ano. Acessem o link para baixar o programa e vê-lo!!! Download:
  5. Children that praise God Jehovah Little Katie excited to help others about Jehovah God.
  6. Doesn't seem to match anything I can find published. But sometimes these points go back to Watchtowers prior to the Watchtower Library (pre-1950). The notes are also loaded with type-antitype teachings, some of which I had never heard of, but might go back prior to 1950.
  7. ? Doesn't seem to be the spirit of how we understand this currently?
  8. Yes. It's from a set of "Gilead Notes" - Ulysses V. Glass, May 1978. Nothing ever published. I was thinking Sermon Outlines or Make Sure of All Things so I looked in one and couldn't find it, but remembered that Glass's Gilead Notes are typed up about the same way, in kind of an outline form. "Stephen not praying to Christ, addressing Christ in vision like John, Christ standing indicates vision is future" Thanks for going to the trouble of looking it up.
  9. Good Day Twyla A day early !! Thank You.
  10. Here is the weekly material for March 6-12, 2017. Hope you all are having a great day... TB Additional Highlights- March 6-12, 2017.pdf CBS MARCH 6 - 1 2.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of MARCH 6 - 1 2.pdf Watchtower March 6-12, 2017.doc Watchtower March 6-12, 2017.pdf
  11. @Eoin Joyce Wow! I was just thinking about this same point last night for the current thread on Christ's power and authority. In order for us to get a sense of Jehovah's majesty, there must be some extent to which we need certain images in our head, like a crown, a throne, royal garb, a scepter, etc. Jehovah must know that these images are helpful to understand his Sovereignty. The images of a kingdom --with all the glorious splendor of a central palace, a sizable realm, along with an innumerable entourage of soldiers, servants, slaves, messengers at the king's command-- probably carries about the same meaning from the time of the earliest empires until now. Clearly there is an element of anthropomorphism in the imagery, because a perfect spirit being needs nothing physical. But the fact that Jehovah is a Sovereign or King is important to the concept of his Sovereignty and Kingdom. That Jehovah is at the top of a heavenly hierarchy and is all-powerful is conveyed immediately with these images. As Jesus is also a heavenly spirit creature, the same would be true of his Kingdom, too. Obviously, many of the disciples had trouble "spiritualizing" some of the concepts about God's Kingdom through Christ. They considered the physical seat of the Kingdom to be earthly Jerusalem, rather than the Jerusalem above. He spoke of his Father's house as having many mansions, but he also had to remind them that hierarchical positions in that kingdom were not given the same meaning that they might have on earth. Heaven is a place "not made with hands." Clearly, the same goes for the term "Bride of Christ" too. In heaven, where "in the resurrection there is neither male or female," Jesus marries a good number of "male virgins." Marriage carries with it the idea of union, love, closeness, loyalty, and an unbreakable bond. The physical concepts of marriage do not apply. Therefore, even terms like "Father" and "Son" carry an element of anthropomorphism.
  12. Jehovah's Witnesses from East Texas will attend their semiannual circuit assembly at the Carthage Civic Center Saturday and Sunday, March 4 and 5. The theme of the circuit assembly is "Maintain Love for Jehovah!” from Matt. 22:37. Jehovah's Witnesses from Kilgore, Carthage, Whitehouse, Nacogdoches, Bullard, Lufkin and other communities will attend Saturday's session, while Jehovah's Witnesses from Longview, Marshall, Lindale, Mineola and Tyler areas will be attending Sunday's session. The public talk, Do Not Lose “the Love You Had at First,” will highlight the program each afternoon at 2:55 p.m. The event, which will start at 9:40 each morning, is free to the public.,108710
  13. Harry W. Wyatt, 74, of Brookings, passed away Feb. 27, 2017, surrounded by family and friends at his home. Harry was born Dec. 3, 1942, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to Harry and Madeline (Thomas) Wyatt. He lived in Worcester, Massachusetts, El Cajon, California, La Mesa, California, and Grand Junction, Colorado, before moving to Brookings one year ago. Harry married Sheryl “Sherri” Smith April 14, 1984, in Idyllwild, California. He worked at various occupations throughout his life, mostly as a machinist. Harry was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. His greatest joy came from serving God in the congregation and in the community. All who knew him will remember his good sense of humor. He enjoyed beachcombing and garage-saling. Survivors include his wife Sherri of Brookings; son and daughter-in-law Sim and Kere Wyatt of El Cajon; brother and sister-in-law Milton and Terry Wyatt of Carlsbad, California; sister and brother-in-law Heather and Bret Roberts of San Marcos, California; sister-in-law and her husband; Cindy and Jerry Marrington of Brookings. Also surviving are five grandchildren. Harry was preceded in death by a son Michael Wyatt; a sister Sandra Wyatt; and his mother Madeline. A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 4, at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses,1208 Ransom Ave. in Brookings. Redwood Memorial Chapel is assisting the family. Condolences may be expressed online at Submitted by Redwood Memorial Chapel.
  14. Is Jehovah's refence to Himself as a King anthropomorphic? "Because we cannot see God with physical eyes, he uses certain anthropomorphic expressions to help us to understand and appreciate things about himself." Insight 1 p349 "anthropomorphic usage, that is, the attributing of physical and human characteristics to God to facilitate understanding" Insight 2 p1007
  15. Did you get time to do this? As far as I can see, with reference to Stephen's vision at Acts 7:54-56, we do not appear to have attached significance to his sight of Jesus "standing" other than as confirmation of Jesus heavenly resurrection and an encouragement to him. This was a significant occasion in that Stephen was the first to testify based on vision that Jesus had indeed returned to the right hand of Jehovah in the heavens as promised in Ps.110. He was also the first Christian martyr. His entrusting of his spirit to Jesus indicated the intensity of the vision, and his appreciation for Jesus' heavenly posiition and active role in the provision of the resurrection. The experience greatly fortified him at that critical moment, and contributed to maintaining his demeanour before his persecutors as it was reported earlier that "they saw that his face was like an angel’s face" Acts 6:15. *** w04 8/1 p. 8 par. 3 Jehovah Reveals His Glory to Humble Ones *** For Stephen, this spectacular vision reaffirmed Jesus’ position as God’s Son and the Messiah. It fortified humble Stephen and served to assure him that he had Jehovah’s favor.
  16. Beware everyone. Especially those with young children. These are in public toilets everywhere at the moment but not many people realise the menace they represent. They appear to be safe enough but it's only when you start to use them the danger is apparent. I fell victim to one today and felt I should let people know. The problem is when you start urinating into it a fan starts and blows the wee everywhere. I got it on my shoes and trousers and in my face. The fans are really powerful.!!Completely unfit for purpose. Don't be caught out.!!
  17. Queen Esther: I have always loved science and the wonders of wonder! I'd like one day to know more of Jehovah's wisdom and power. I'll be patient and wait! The Master Mathematician! Agape, Bible Speaks 🌟☄️🌌🎇☄️🌟
  18. Washington State Preparing To Fight The Department Of Justice Over Recreational Marijuana! World News
  19. EU lawmakers vote to strip Le Pen of immunity for tweeting pictures of ISIS violence World News
  20. 2017 Αρ.2—Ενδεικτική Παρουσίαση της Σκοπιάς—Βίντεο 1 Ενδεικτική Παρουσίαση της Πρόσκλησης για την Ανάμνηση Ενδεικτική Γραφική Μελέτη από το Ειδικό Βιβλιάριο Να Ακούτε τον Θεό—Σελίδες 8, 9 Ενδεικτική Παρουσίαση του Φυλλαδίου Βασιλεία—Δα 2:44· Ησ 9:6, υποσ. ΜΝΚ, στην αγγλική Οργανωτικά Επιτεύγματα— Μάρτιος: Οργανωτικά Επιτεύγματα—Αγγίζουμε Καρδιές στην Ψηφιακή Εποχή
  21. ‘She was demonized’: Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into fire in exorcism ritual Outside a church in a remote part of Nicaragua last week, a pastor and a group from his congregation stood around a bonfire for a prayer, their eyes closed and hands raised. A 25-year-old woman needed healing, and through a divine revelation, a church leader claimed to have instructions to build the fire to cure her. They stripped the woman naked, tied up her hands and feet and hurled her into the flames, Nicaraguan police said. She was consumed by the fire and suffered first and second degree burns over 80 percent of her body. The woman, Vilma Trujillo Garcia, was then left in a ravine near the banks of a river, where her 15-year-old sister found her nearly nine hours later, according to local media. She was transported to a hospital in the Managua, the nation’s capital, and remained in critical condition for several days before dying early Tuesday morning, Vilma González, a spokeswoman for Nicaraguan national police, said in a news conference. Police arrested Juan Gregorio Rocha Romero, the church’s evangelical pastor; Esneyda del Socorro Orozco, the church leader; and three other people in connection with the Feb. 21 attack. Speaking to local press, the pastor denied that he had burned the woman, saying that she decided to burn herself because “she was demonized,” he said, adding that she had fallen into the fire after a demon had been expelled from her body. There were a variety of theories on why she was singled out, none of them substantiated by authorities: That she was mentally ill, that she had committed adultery and that she had attacked people with a machete. The death of the Trujillo Garcia, a mother of two children, ages 2 and 5, shook the Central American, predominately Catholic country and prompted outrage from human rights activists, who called for tighter control over religious sects in the country. Vice President Rosario Murillo called the death “truly regrettable,” adding that it reflected “a backward situation.” “A sister who was martyred by members of her community, something that cannot, should not be repeated!” she said. Pablo Cuevas, a spokesman for Nicaragua’s Human Rights Commission, told the local newspaper La Prensa that in some isolated parts of the country lacking government leadership, “people take justice into their own hands.” “It is incredible that these things can happen today, there has to be a review by the authorities into all the different denominations and religions,” he said. “We can’t have things like this happening.” Juanita Jimenez of the Autonomous Women’s Movement (MAM) told local media that the “act of barbarity” was an example of fanaticism and misogyny. “Apart from the religious aspect, nothing justifies an act that is as cruel as burning a woman, putting her on a fire with the help of other people who you have used religion to manipulate,” Jimenez said. Some activists also called the death a severe case of “femicide,” or the killing of a woman by a man because of her gender. Latin America overall has the highest femicide rates in the world, Reuters reported last year. An organization called “Voces contra la Violencia,” or “Voices against Violence,” counted 345 deaths of women between 2012 and 2017, in a country of just over six million inhabitants. According to a police investigation, the pastor arrived at the house of Trujillo Garcia on Feb. 15 and took her to his church in order to give her a “prayer of healing.” She remained in the church through Feb. 21, the day that she was allegedly thrown into a bonfire. In a statement to police, church leader Orozco, said: “God has made me a revelation, that they should make a campfire in the courtyard of the church and that a group of brothers should take the sick woman and tie her up near the fire and perform a prayer so that the demon will leave the body of the sick and go into the fire.” When Rocha Romero, the pastor, spoke to reporters, he said, “it’s not that we were going to burn her,” according to local newspaper La Prensa. “She suspended herself and fell into the fire,” he claimed. “And when we were praying we saw that she was on fire.” The Assemblies of God, the church body to which Rocha reportedly belonged, issued a statement denying that Rocha Romero was one of its leaders, the Associated Press reported. Herenia Amaya, a women’s rights advocate who has been advising the woman’s family, told Univisión that Trujillo Garcia presented “mental health problems,” prompting the pastor and congregation to take her to the church. Particularly in remote areas of the country lacking in government leadership, Amaya said, “pastors and religious leaders dominate the community with apocalyptic ideologies that the devil will come.” She added that the woman’s family now feels unsafe, fearing that the pastor’s community will retaliate against his detention. The woman’s family lived in the impoverished mining township of Rosita, about 300 miles northeast of Managua, the capital. Her husband, Reynaldo Peralta Rodríguez, said his wife was taken to the church last week when members thought she was possessed after she allegedly tried to attack people with a machete. The husband called the group’s actions unforgivable and painful. “My wife was not demonized,” Peralta Rodríguez told local reporters. “What they did to her was witchcraft.” “They killed my wife, the mother of my two little ones,” he added. “Now what am I going to tell them?”
  22. Vilma Trujillo's husband collected her coffin from the local morgue. A young woman in an isolated part of Nicaragua has died a week after being tied up and allegedly thrown on a fire in an exorcism ritual. Family members told local media that Vilma Trujillo had been attacked by four people led by a man who said he was an evangelical pastor. Juan Rocha denied burning Mrs Trujillo, saying evil spirits had suspended her above the fire and then dropped her. Relatives found Mrs Trujillo, 25, hours later with severe burns. The police have arrested Mr Rocha and a number of other people allegedly involved in the attack. The victim's husband, Reynaldo Peralta Rodriguez, said the mother-of-two was taken inside a church last week when members thought she was possessed after allegedly trying to attack people with a machete, the Associated Press reports. "It's unforgiveable what they did to us," he was quoted as saying. "They killed my wife, the mother of my two little ones. Now what am I going to tell them?" Pablo Cuevas, a spokesman for Nicaragua's Human Rights Commission, called on the government for firmer control over religious sects in the country. "It is incredible that these things can happen today, there has to be a review by the authorities into all the different denominations and religions," he said. "We can't have things like this happening." Women's rights groups said the case was an example of fanaticism and misogyny. Juanita Jimenez of the Autonomous Women's Movement (MAM) told local media that it was also the product of a lack of state presence in isolated parts of the country and an act of barbarity. "Apart from the religious aspect, nothing justifies an act that is as cruel as burning a woman, putting her on a fire with the help of other people who you have used religion to manipulate," the activist said.
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