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  2. The TRUTH about CHRISTMAS......

    THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS...... The year was 1928, when Jehovah's people came to understand the God-dishonoring roots of Christmas. Since then, the pagan roots of Christmas customs have become general public knowledge..... but few people have made changes in their way of life as a result. But, Jehovah's Witnesses are always willing to make the needed changes in order to become more acceptable as servants of Jehovah God. When shown that celebrating the birth of Jesus had actually become of greater interest to people than the ransom provided by his death; that the revelry of the holiday and the spirit in which many gifts were given did not honor God; that the magi whose gift-giving was being imitated were actually demon-inspired astrologers; that parents set an example for their children in lying by what they told them about Santa Claus; that "St. Nicholas" (Santa Claus) was admittedly another name for Satan the Devil himself; and that such festivals were, as acknowledged by Cardinal Newman in his "Essay on the development of Christian Doctrine" were "the very instruments and appendages of demon-worship" the church had adopted.... When made aware of these things, Jehovah's Witnesses promptly and permanently ceased having any part in Christmas celebrations. Jehovah's Witnesses do have good times with their family and friends. But, they do not participate in holidays and celebrations that are linked with pagan gods (as is true of such holidays as Easter, New Year's Day, May Day and Mother's day). Read, 2.Cor. 6:14-17. Like the early Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses do not even celebrate birthdays. They also respectfully refrain from sharing in national holidays, that memorialize political or military events and also refrain from giving worshipful honor to national heroes. WHY ? BECAUSE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE NO PART OF THE WORLD ! Reference, Proclaims Book, pages 198-200.... ( by Brother Roger B. Elder ) Thank you Brother Elder !
  3. Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring waterfalls on our planet. It is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, on Zambezi River. Also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya - The Smoke That Thunders. The mist from the waterfall can be seen from far away and sustains nearby rainforest. Victoria Falls is considered the largest waterfall, based on its combined width (1,708 m/5,604 ft) and height (108 m/354 ft), even though it is not the highest or the widest. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. WHAT A VERY BIG POWER - COMING FROM JEHOVAH
  4. Today
  5. When Mount Etna erupted on April 11. 2013, it created amazing smoke rings !! Toroidal Vortices or Volcanic smoke rings are rare, but well-documented. Spectacular, incredible, amazing.... rarely seen smoke rings at Mt. Etna ! ( Rarely seen smoke rings at Mt. Etna filmed by Geoff Mackley on 8th June 2000 )
  6. Side Effects of Soda

    Enjoy your glass of fine Whisky, @James Thomas Rook Jr. .... better than Coca -Cola, YES !
  7. TEXTO DIARIO ANIMADO 17 de diciembre de 2017
  9. ❤ ❤ ❤ .•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•. ❤ ❤ ❤
  10. What a BIG power - Jehovah's creation Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe... Victoria Falls.... One of the greatest attractions in Africa and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa, which is also defining the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters. It is also considered to be the largest fall in the world. The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 40 kilometers, while the spray and mist from the falling water is rising to a height of over 400 meters and can be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers. No wonder that the local tribes used to call the waterfall Mosi-o-Tunya “The smoke that thunders”. Scottish missionary and famous explorer of Africa David Livingstone (1813-1873) named it after Queen Victoria. Livingstone who was the first European to cross Africa from south to north discovered this awe-inspiring waterfall in 1855, while preaching Christianity in Africa. That is why Livingstone wasn’t very pleased with his discovery: it was just an obstacle on his way. Despite the inconveniences, he was fascinated by the beauty of the falls. In 1857 Livingstone wrote that no one in England can even imagine the beauty of this scene. Religious Livingstone also wrote that most probably angels are admiring the scenery while flying nearby. He was accompanied by soldiers but only two of them took the risk of approaching the waterfalls with Livingstone. For centuries local African tribes had a sacral fear from the waterfall. The waterfall was hardly visited by people up until 1905, when a railway to Bulawayo was constructed. Since then Victoria Falls quickly gained popularity until the end of the British colonial rule. At the end of the 1960s the number of tourists started to decrease due to the guerrilla struggle in Zimbabwe. After Zimbabwe gained independence the region has been in relative peace and Victoria Falls started to attract a new wave of tourism. By the end of 1990 nearly 300,000 people were visiting the falls each year. Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the citizens of both Zambia and Zimbabwe no longer have fear of the “the smoke that thunders”, and are successfully developing the tourism on both sides of the river. The falls were formed in a zone of crustal faults. On the crest of the fall numerous islands divide the main flow into several branches. During floods, the water flow capacity reaches half a million liters of water per minute. The water level varies throughout the year; it is at its peak in April, at the end of the rainy season when on average 500,000,000 liters of water flow and it is at its lowest level in October and early November. Interestingly, during the dry season the water level in the Zambezi River drops sharply, and it becomes possible to walk through some parts of the waterfall. However, during the rest of the year Victoria Falls is a roaring machine that strikes anyone with its power.
  11. Is "New Coke" Back Again?

    Since the original Coca Cola had cocaine in it ... and it being touted as "Original Taste", perhaps we could get some cocaine addicts to determine if it tastes like cocaine ... again.
  12. Side Effects of Soda

    That is why I drink Scotch Whisky without colas.
  13. How long should a couple date before marriage?

    My recommendation, based on experience, is at least 56 years.
  14. Can I give my girlfriend a back rub if we're dating as Jehovah Witnesses?

    I have mentioned the basic rule for such things before, here on the Archive ... which applies to not only this specific instance ... but to EVERYTHING you could possibly think or do, per the various publications such as the Elders Handbook, and the Branch Office guidelines, and the "unwritten rules" which apply ..... and it is this. EVERYTHING NOT SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED IS FORBIDDEN The phrase, "It is up to your individual conscience" is bandied about .... because nobody wants to get sued. On a side note.... anybody know WHY Greece is selling off the Branch Office?
  15. Is It Time to Break Up Google?

  16. Is It Time to Break Up Google?

  17. YouTuber cements head inside microwave oven

    A YouTube stunt imbecile was rescued by firefighters yesterday after cementing his head inside a microwave. The video of the incident, titled I cemented my head in a microwave and emergency services came.. (nearly died), can be found on the TGFbro channel, as part of an "Extreme Christmas Calendar" series. It has gained more than 850,000 views in 13 hours. The channel's two stars – Jay Swingler and Romell Henry, of Fordhouses, Wolverhampton – mixed several boxes of Polyfilla (spackling paste for our US readers) before inserting Swingler's head, bound in a plastic bag with a breathing tube, into a microwave full of the quick-setting plaster. Swingler (understandably) found it difficult to breathe despite inserting the tube. Henry and other friends struggled to break through the solidified paste using metal tools and an electric drill, before calling the fire brigade and ambulance. The emergency services then took an hour and a half to remove the assembly. Swingler, speaking directly to the camera at the end of the video, thanks the fire brigade and paramedics, and also his friends for acting quickly when the problems began.* Speaking to the BBC, Watch Commander Shaun Dakin of the West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) said: "All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need." WMFS's official Twitter account tweeted yesterday: "We're seriously unimpressed 😡. "Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been 'cemented' inside a microwave oven." ® *Debatably, the problems started as soon as he had the idea to stick his head in a microwave full of Polyfilla, but different perspectives and all that.

  20. 607 B.C.E. - Is it Biblically Supported?

    Then your observation would be a provocative one just like ANN’s. You are supporting your conclusion from another source of the same author. Your opinion is based on the author’s book: The Fourth Day: Why the Bible Is Historically Accurate, while Foreigner’s question is on the same author’s book: Why the Bible Is Historically Accurate (2nd Ed.) The author is not looking at VAT4956 on the posted question, by foreigner. Then, the author’s opinion runs independently from you’re observation. The author then makes a calculation for VAT4956 that would be “separate” from that theory. I believe, we all know where secular history stands with VAT4956, but that’s not what the author implies in the first title of the book posted. Meaning, making an observation from 605BC minus the 19 years to conclude in 586BC. Now, isn't 604/5BC and 586/7BC standard dates?
  21. WHEN ANYTHING IS COOL ---- then THIS !!!!

    Haha..... yes, I see you dancing here thats great, dear Blanchie Enjoy, my dear sister !
  22. Side Effects of Soda

    I changed my opinion about Coca - Cola.... We've 1000 better Drinks for our body ! Lets be careful what we put in.... Too expensive and too bad for us !!
  23. Is "New Coke" Back Again?

    aka "Coca-Cola II"
  24. Sushi - Yummy Roll

    Today for lunch I took myself out for a treat: This roll really lives up to its name: It has Spicy Crab, Smoked Salmon, and Avocado. Topped with Tuna, Shrimp with Black and Tobiko (not even sure what that is) Monkey and Malan sauce. Tempura Flakes and Scallions. Yummy!!
  25. JW's mistaken claim...

    Mr Sostar, And it can easily be shown that the NWT is the incorrect rendering. <><
  26. Is "New Coke" Back Again?

  27. JW's mistaken claim...

    Ms Fofana, Sorry for the lateness of this response, so many things occupy my attention of late. Nana: It is very deceptive, imo, to refer to "quoting articles out of context", as if the customary and accepted practice is not to quote anything unless 'context' -maybe the whole article?, or maybe the whole book?, or maybe everything the author ever wrote, along with his life history, including the context of the times in which he operated?- is included, and then to portray a false innuendo by calling them "misquotes." Of course it depends on which side you are on whether you agree on the use of any quote, but for me if the quote is intentionally made so that it appears to say one thing when really it is saying another that then constitutes as deception, and that is not a trait of real Christianity, no matter how you try to excuse it, only false religion would stoop to that leave...sorry. Visit any good library and you will see what I mean for yourself! I didn't hear what you say is "Oneness idea" at the UCC, and that's what I was trying to say all along! Wherever you get this idea from that Jesus is the Father it is incorrect and it is not the Trinity. The Father is a person, the Son is a person, and the Holy Spirit is a person who exist as One (Matt. 28:19) that, put simply, is the Trinity. Jesus being God does not mean that Jesus is the Father, any who claim this are just as wrong as the JWs claims about Him. Here is offered some New Testament basis that the trinity concept is unscriptural.- You refer to Matt. 16:13-16 where Jesus is confessed to be the Son of God by Peter. Jesus’ sonship is also confessed by the disciples in Matthew 14: 33, it was also a part of Caiaphas’s question to Jesus at his trial (Matt 26: 63), and the sonship of Jesus is also the focus of a round of taunts lobbed at him while nailed to the cross (Matt. 27: 39– 43). These people all knew what being the Son of God meant! Jesus is the Son of God, but what that means must be understood in the way the ancients viewed the term, not read with a modern “understand” back into the Scriptures. Jesus is called "the Son of God" in a non-literal sense, since He was not procreated. In fact Christians claim that Jesus, according to the NT and the way those around him understood the term that it meant that Jesus possess the nature of God fully and completely (see for example Col. 2:9; Heb. 1:3). When Jesus was condemned to death by the Jewish Sanhedrin, the Jews insisted to Pilate, “We have a law, and according to that law he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God” (John 19:7). Prior to this, the high priest who was the president of the Jewish council, put Christ under oath, and asked Him two questions (mentioned together in Matt and Mark, but stated as proposed separately by Luke. “Are you the Christ?” (Luke 22:67) and “Are you then the Son of God? (Luke 22:70). And it was the affirmative answer of Jesus to the last of these questions, which were grounds for condemnation. Keep in mind that Jesus knew the sense in which the question was asked (for He had been accused of this before, see John 5:17-18 and John 10:30-39), and He was bound to answer it honestly and truly in the sense in which He knew the high priest meant it. He therefore affirmed under oath, at His trial before the council, that He was the Son of God in the high sense the phrase was meant, and for this He was condemned to death. According to the Law of Moses, any person who enticed others to idolatry was to be punished with death (Deut. 13:6-8, see also Lev. 24:16). A mere creature, who should claim divine honour to himself, was guilty of this crime, and even though the Romans had taken away from the Jews the power of inflicting this punishment, they still had the right to report to the governor concerning such a person, “We have a law, and by that law He ought to die” (John 19:7). This was their decision as reported to Pilate, concerning Jesus, and if He was not entitled to this claim then their decision was just. So when we read the account in the Bible, the Jews brought two charges against Jesus, one was treason against Caesar, by making Himself a King. To this charge Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you a king?” (John 18:37). Jesus answered in the affirmative, but so that they would not convict Him of a crime of which He was not guilty, He explained, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). His reply was satisfactory to the governor, who acquitted Him of the charge (John 18:38). In the other case He not only claimed to be the Son of God, yet accompanied the claim with NO explanation. He could have said, I am the Son of God, but not in such a sense as true Deity. But he made no such explanation. If Jesus was not entitled to divine honour, He knew it; and He also knew then that He deserved death for claiming it. To make the claim before the court was to be guilty of the crime. To answer as He did, on oath, if He did not mean to make the claim, was perjury. And to allow the sentence against Him to pass, without any effort to explain, was to be guilty of His own death. Yes Jesus is the Son of God. That is, true God from true God, Amen. <><
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