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  3. no need to add anything, you said it yourself. your personal opinion, but that part is fine. It is treating others different because of how they look is the problem. No that is scripture, Matt 8, did Jesus avoid/ treat the leaper any different then others? You do realize that lepers looked different, right? Sores, mostly dirty, etc. funny you mentioned that list, isn't that the kind of person whom they would like to be portrayed as? Someone with some sort of clout?
  4. How can one Matthew claim to be Matthew 9969? Methinks you are reading too much into this, trying to get a squabble going.
  5. I think it's a safe bet to say the governing body has overlapping mental illnesses.
  6. So 7 men claim to be 1 man, how is that possible? Or is it like when many demons were in 1 mans body causing him madness?
  7. When I see jw men all dressed up, I can't tell the difference between them and mobsters, lawyers, politicians, ands shady TV evangelist.
  8. There's a guy in Texas who says he is Christ returned. Anyone can say what they want about themselves, and some fools will believe it.
  9. For the record I have never heard you say anything here that did not sound sincere. I have never heard a word from you that I would have thought was borne out of hate or even OCD. However, there is a such thing as a "zeal for God, but not according to accurate knowledge." Of course, I'm sure your knowledge of scripture is at least as good as Pearl's, but as I've said before, the interpretation appears to unnecessarily "pick on" the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Earlier you quoted from Matthew 7: 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. I realize that this is not about identifying an organization, but is more about how Christ Jesus along with Jehovah's spirit produces a good tree producing truth, comfort, healing, and good qualities among those who follow. The problem with your own view, in my opinion, is that you already claim that it's the association of Jehovah's Witnesses through which the faithful anointed are coming through, and for this reason such an association fulfills Bible prophecy. But these faithful anointed are therefore being produced through the association of Jehovah's Witnesses -- and no bad true tree can produce good fruit. Also, anointed aside, I think all of us who are associated with Jehovah's Witnesses see GOOD FRUIT being produced among us. All of also see many of the wrongs, and most of us are not willing to discuss the wrongs, or admittedly, even "process" such things. Sometimes that's because some of us are obviously thinking that the organization has some kind of direct authority over us. This is no doubt a common view of immature Witnesses. But the Bible makes us realize that such an organization can be used as a tool for Christ's Kingdom interests, but that Christ's authority transcends organization. The organization is an expected result of trying to efficiently and lovingly get the word out to as many people as possible in as many lands (and languages) as possible. Human nature leads some in the organization to assume that they need to have (or see) some kind of temporal, worldly-styled authority over other persons, but many of us realize that we are not actually under the authority of men. Yet, we appreciate the leadership and example of men in the organization. Unrelated to that issue of authority, most of can easily see how the effect of a world-wide association of Witnesses is both an opportunity for each of us to show the fruits of God's spirit, and it becomes an example, even a "Witness," to the good effects of God's holy spirit. I'll grant that there is much to improve, but even if it produces SOME good fruit, then it is coming from a "good" tree. We don't have to chop down the tree, because it's not a bad tree. My own interpretation is that the "organization" is not the tree of Matt 7:17,18 anyway, it's just that the good influence of Jehovah's holy spirit helps such a "tool" to reflect usefulness as an "instrument" or "vessel" because it is made up of well meaning sincere and loving people who want to do what is right. Organization or "orderliness" is just another potential result of wanting to do what is right in the best ways possible.
  10. This is what i meant. You connect old age of Belgian and Dutch leaders with some proceedings in Parliament.
  11. I reffered on interpretation. How you explaining word "qualified" in this matter (what is content, qualification that person should have to be called "qualified")? What should be look like "the qualifications" in your opinion? Name them as list or something like that. When you said "servant of God", who is/are servant/s, in your understanding, in this issue? Who you call as such one, who may be "servant of God"? Are there any distinction/levels inside people/group of those who called themselves "servant of God"? When you tell me more about this, perhaps i will be more able to answer what you ask me. ...........But i will tell you in this way, for simplest, faster conversation. Interpretations on Bible verses is best to live to Him, because He is The Most Qualified to explain verses (word "interpret" is going to sphere of calculations and speculations. This word (interpret) for me, is reflection of human try, attempt to go into space of unknown, of something that is almost not possible to understand .... without help. Well, "interpretations" is just variations of many choice and at the end perhaps not one not have true meaning. It is just perception of reader or listener. Author is only one who knows what he meant when he wrote or told something. Author is that person who can explain true meaning. All other don't know true meaning and they can do exactly this .... "to interpret". Even if somebody is self claimed servant or as servant appointed by God (in sense of true appointing), we can't be sure in source of authorization of such individual. Or, to be said in this way. If you are an individual who have real appointment by God as his "servant", only in that case you would be able to detect important part of issue: Is it another individual who claim how he is also "servant of God", true or false "servant". All other is speculation and faith or blind faith.
  12. Anyone on the outside of your cult can clearly see that your governing body are the ones blaspheming Jehovah by claiming they are Him, selling false prophecies in His name, changing/reversing doctrine in His name, killing others in His name. Your governing body has said they are Gods mouthpiece. Jehovah is perfection, Jehovah would not give the governing body information one day, then a few years later tell the governing body that that information was false/wrong and had new information. Your governing body is calling Jehovah an imperfect being, and you worship them so you are as guilty as your governing body. My God is a mighty perfect God, not found in a building or a group of men.
  13. Hi! Srecko (Lucky) The first thing you need to consider, is Bible interpretation one thing, and Bible translation another? Keep that in mind when you ask yourself a very important question. Do you believe Jesus had “faith” the ancient scrolls were well written and represented what his father’s intention was for mankind? The follow-up question should be why, do you believe the scribes have corrupted the ancient writings to a point it now defers from the time of Jesus and think God would allow his inspired word, be so corrupted that it could not be interpreted and translated by modern linguist. Wouldn't that poison the body of Christ since Jesus is the Christian Church. Consider the following. If you have a well-rounded rebuttal and reframe from personal speculation and vendetta, I will respond. 1996 Hebrew Bible Old Testament the History of Its Interpretation, vol. 1 page 20 “Every discipline of research that is of some age has its specific history, without which its identity would not be fully understood. It is, therefore, perceivable that the history of research, as a discipline of its own, in recent years has become an expanding scholarly matter of concern, both in science and in humanities, and not least in the field of biblical studies. It may be maintained that the writing of the history of studies increasingly seems to be regarded as a significant scholarly challenge. 1. In view of a broader context of the present new History of biblical studies two introductory remarks of a general character may be relevant. First, historiography of research is, methodically, not different from any other kind of historiography, each kind having its distinct character according to its specific object and setting. A critical history of the study and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament through the centuries has definitely a most specific object of its own; at the same time, however, ft. will be but a part of cultural and social history in general as well as of ecclesiastical history and Bible studies in particular (cf. M E I N H O L D; E B E L I N G). 2. Second, the basic and partly philosophical questions of what 'history' and 'historiography' really might be cannot, for obvious reasons, be discussed as such or at any length on this occasion, and far less so as the opinions concerning these issues among historians and other scholars occupied with historiography are considerably divergent.” Your response will deal with facts. Who is more qualified to interpret and translate God's inspired word. A scholar or a servant of God. Especially a servant that is "faithful" and "chosen" by God. Then ask yourself, is anyone here qualified to honestly answer your two questions?
  14. Whistleblowers, if honest, should actually FACE their accused .... it is a right all accused people have as a natural right. Because the accused has a right to face his accuser and answer charges, face to face, the whistleblower has NO RIGHT to anonymity.
  15. No, Arauna, I was a wallflower in the organization. I was obedient to those who supposedly were watching over my soul. I am now obedient to Christ; and will continue to expose the WT and the GB for who they are, and how they fulfill prophesy about God's people in the last days. I am sure they know who I am now, and keep track of what Pearl, myself and others say, about their spiritual ruse. If I could take every JW by the hand and drag them out of the organization, I would. What you translate as OCD, hate and bitterness, is absolute fear and dread for your spiritual lives. Rev 11:1-3 I just read this sobering quote by Mark Twain: “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Your statement that I quoted was well made, yet you cannot see that it applies directly, to the men whom you believe are leading you to salvation. Addition - I no longer "fear" men. God did not arrange the Body of Christ - a body of "bond servants" who are under one Head, and who are to cherish each of its members - only to expect a group of them to wield authoritative power over the others. Jesus warned his disciples not to be this way. 1 Cor 12:12-26 Now, we have an organization with "rulers" who fail in their teachings and still expect obedience; as if the GB is the Head of the anointed Body of Christ! I wish you could see that this defies God's word. It defies Christ's teachings. Luke 22:24-27 To say that a person who turns his back on men and their organization; and instead, turns fully toward God and Christ, is the one at fault, shows just how powerful and successful the GB and elder body's rule over JWs, has evolved. "The Lord confides in those who fear Him; He makes his covenant known to them. My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare." Ps 25:14,15
  16. No, but I bet you have- because you have a HUGE ego that cannot be quenched and therefore manifests in OCD hate and bitterness ....... over and over.
  17. I speak a form of Dutch as my first language.... I understand the culture well...... and I also understand communism....which they are proponents of. ........ and I am older than they are. So what is your point?
  18. This phrase is a way of rephrasing what the other person has said to give it a personal and nasty twist.... Race does not matter... period.... but the way you present yourself - this does matter. I always present myself in a neat way. RASTA does not look neat...... it always looks asif your hair has not been washed for 6 months and it "may " have some fleas lurking somewhere. That is YOUR opinion. Jesus did not own a house or have a prestigious worldly job...... but the soldiers threw lots for his garment. Why? Because it was of good quality. Jesus must have looked decent and properly dressed for the preaching work. Again: not racist clothing but fit for the job at hand.....
  19. Last week
  20. So what you are saying is that those who don't look the way YOU want them to, are not worth your time? I hardly think that Jesus would do the same. In fact I think it has been demonstrated enough times in the Bible where Jesus did exactly the opposite. Not to mention, John, wasn't he wearing rags for clothes and eating locusts in the wilderness? Did that bring reproach on Jehovah? Yeah, you have summed up your position completely. I get it and frankly if that is how jw's are, which I am know many are, you can keep that among yourselves. We have enough bigots in the world already. Please don't spread.
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