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  2. It would not have been there for you to comment on had I done that, would it?
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  4. From @TrueTomHarley A personal letter to Billy the Kid. So why not in a personal folder And I still find it funny how you compare yourself to GB / JW rules when you say you've been a 'bad boy'. You go on about what the GB might have said and what the Elders said and how you 'justified yourself to men' (Elders), but no mention of Almighty God or Jesus Christ at all. You keep saying this is not a congregation on here. Every sentence is about the JW Org. Tom please start thinking about GOD and JESUS CHRIST, not about pleasing men such as the GB and Elders. One good thing about being outside of the Org is that it gives a person a closer relationship with God through Christ. And you have just proved that through your own writings.
  5. Ohh, than i can see this as an rare exception of the global, general rule on issue. :))
  6. Yeah, and in this Book is a law too, that one creature must kill another creature to survive.
  7. You know, @BillyTheKid46, having written what I just did, there's a part of me that wants to take it all back. it is very hard to address a dozen different points of view expressed here at once and I think I overestimate my ability to rise to the occasion. It may be that everything is exactly as you say. At any rate, I'll keep mulling over the verses you have spotlighted.
  8. Now now now. You threw this in as an afterthought and you should have left it out. Why not just say: “I am wise. Everyone else is stupid.”? It comes across as judgmental, Billy. And it serves no purpose. You have been at this for some time now, trying to make people behave on this worldly site as though they are in the Kingdom Hall. How’s that project going, anyway? If you choose to write on this forum, you must not write with only brothers in mind. You must write primarily for the non-Witnesses that might be lurking about. The brothers get their counsel at the Kingdom Hall. It cannot be done--converting the worldnewsmedia into a congregation. You only shoot yourself in the foot when you try and you leave a not-so-hot witness by saying things like the above. The internet is not the congregation and cannot be made to behave like one. From where did you receive the commission to declare: “Only 40 days more and the worldnewsmedia forum will be destroyed for its great badness”? You didn’t. It could be argued that you are the most hypocritical one here. I have made no bones about being a bad boy in certain respects. Were I obedient to all aspects of counsel, I would not be here. That is equally true of you, but you don’t acknowledge it. Do you think the GB says: “There are a lot of yo-yos on that ‘out there’ website, but thank God, we have our man Billy to straighten them out”? No. They say: “Oh, man, that TTH is a screwball and now that gunslinger Billy is also carrying on! How come they don’t listen to us and stay on better channels?” I am encouraged, Billy, and probably you are too, that ‘loyal’ ones seldom appear on this open club. If they come online, they stay in the closed club, which is spiritually more healthy. I like that. Don’t you? It shows an obedience on their part that neither you nor I display. I have explained to you more than once my reasons for disregarding counsel on internet association. You don’t accept it, but they are still my reasons. I am a brother neither servant nor elder, though I have served in those capacities previously. I am universally liked in my circuit because I am a peacemaker and I am not wound up too tight, though there are probably a few who think I am a windbag. What am I going to tell them—that I’m not? Recently two elders approached me to say they would like to use me more in the congregation, but was there anything to the rumor that I associate with apostates? I told them that there was not, however what I did came close enough that it might easily be taken that way, and if we apply the direction given young people to all adults, then it clearly was that way, so for that sake we all decided it better to leave things just as they are. I told them why I did what I did—that I learned a reporter who wrote several bad articles about us used a certain apostate Internet forum as his sole source. ‘If that’s the case, maybe others do as well. Maybe I can go there and plant some things that are more balanced,’ I told myself. I have put several long posts there, but afterwards I do not hang out. Each post produces a flurry of protests and I briefly answer a few, but after that I disappear. It is not a course that I recommend for others, and brothers usually get their heads handed to them on a platter when try, being severely outgunned and unprepared for the sheer onslaught that they trigger. It is being disobedient to counsel for me to do it, and I do not try to spin it otherwise. I would not presume to do it but for senior years, a long honed ability to write—if you do anything long enough, you tend to develop a knack for it—and enough humbling circumstances in life that I am not likely to become overly full of myself, much less go the way of these characters. The rules are different here, Billy. It is not the congregation. If you knocked on a householder’s door who was a known ne’er do well and when he answered you saw some brothers inside, you might say to them: “Um, guys, do you really think that you should be here?” But if they did not respond, what would you do? Would you feel it your place to barge into that householder’s home and make those brothers behave as they ought? It is kind of what you are doing here. We must respect our hostess here and abide by her rules--the Librarian, that old hen. Given that I have chosen to be online, I commit no wrong in whatever association I have with @JW Insider. He has committed an extraordinary indiscretion, in my opinion, and I have done my duty as a brother in exhorting, even rebuking him, in the way that is most effective for me—by a skit painting him as the friendly but incredibly naïve poker player who fans out his full house for all to see. That’s about all I can do but it is what a brother should do. It will all be lost on him, most likely, because he sings the "theocracy dies in darkness" mantra more fervently than Jeff Bezos. Do you think that he ought to be disfellowshipped? If so, note that he is not, or at least if he is we don’t know about it, and can therefore with good conscience treat him as in good standing. And why is that the case--that he is not or that we don't know? Because this is the internet, and the internet cannot be made to behave as the congregation. Persons ought not be here if they cannot get their heads around that.
  9. Once again TTH. I’m not claiming to give anyone counsel. Therefore, scripture is meant in relative terms for those that chose to defy God’s counsel yet think their loyalty means something. Doesn’t scripture relate, we cannot serve to masters? Therefore, what is shown, how far to the left people have gone here as to the truth. Something that people like James, and witness will use as an excuse to justify their Christian conduct as though somewhere in time, they decided to use scripture out of convenience, to bolster their claims. Therefore, it’s NOT about you, but how we perceive others. The approach one should have as to its validity to 1 Thessalonians. I believe James claims to the truth, and the double edge sword to endorse that claim. Wanting to be on the fence and taking both sides to promote further erred understanding, as prescribed by scripture, not me, you, or the Watchtower. Revelation 3:16 is intellectual dishonesty. What would one’s personal conviction (conscience) be, to benefit who? As you reflect and push forward, people should ask, why is such division occurring now? Luke 11:14-28, I cannot make it any simpler to be understood. This of course happened with the Brotherhood in the past. We just don’t get it? If I simplify it any further, I would have to use a crayon and wait until spiritual maturity sets in.😉
  10. This is better, Billy, but it is still not good enough. The Benefit book says that you must specifically make the connection. Presumably you think this verse will serve as counsel for me or you would not have quoted it. How will it help? What part of it applies? Do you think that I have three wives or that I am a drunkard? For your posts to do what you want them to, you must always say what you mean. And all those passages on conscience. How do they apply? I’ll come to Thessalonians presently, for in this I am pretty sure I know what you mean. The opening verses, too. I can guess, probably accurately, what you mean. But it would still be a guess. I could be wrong. It would be better if you said it. That’s the best way to give counsel.
  11. HEALDTON - Memorial Services for Mr. Thomas “Tom” Ellery Idleman, 72, of Wilson, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday March 20, 2019, at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Healdton with Bro. Chad Walker officiating. Services are under the care of Alexander Gray Funeral Home of Wilson. Tom was born on Aug. 29, 1946, at Wilson to the late Mr. Jess Thelbert “J.T” and Mrs. Tommy Lou (Cannon) Idleman. He departed this life on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at his home in Wilson. Tom was raised in Wilson graduating from Wilson High School in 1964. Tom joined the United States Air Force on Sept. 1, 1964, at San Antonio, Texas. He made a career within the military serving mostly as a jet engine mechanic, retiring after 20 years of service. He retired in August of 1984 at Altus, as a Master Sargent. During his military career, Tom was stationed all over the U.S. and overseas. While being stationed in Udon Thani, Thailand, he met Boonhom “Hom” Nilkhamphee, who was working as a seamstress on the Air Force Base. They fell in love immediately and soon became married on April 19, 1969, at Thailand. They moved to the U.S. where they would raise their six daughters. Tom worked after his retirement from the Air Force mostly as an entrepreneur owning and operating “Tom & Homs” restaurant. He also loved the country life raising cattle and other animals. He was most proud of becoming a Congregation Elder of the Kingdom Hall and was always extremely devout in his beliefs and service to his heavenly father, Jehovah. He enjoyed preaching to others about the good news of God’s Kingdom. Tom was a very proud father to his children and grandfather to his grandchildren. He could always be depended on by his friends and was considered a brother by many and was a devout member of the Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses of Healdton. Preceding him in death are his parents; wife Hom - Jan. 26, 2018; brother Joseph Mark Idleman; sister Mary Sue Venne and his mother-in-law, Boonchan Nilkamphee. Survivors include daughters, Doungsri Sutthiboon of Ft. Worth, Texas, Dawn George and Gus of St. Augustine, Fla., Kinnali (Thim) Jordan and Lowell of Sachse, Texas, Linda Sue Houchin and Jeff of Wilson, Tommi Weatherford and Scott of Ardmore, Sherri Brown and Edward of Ardmore; sister Linda Covington and brother David Idleman, both of Wilson; grandchildren, Sarah Sounavong, Cherry Sounavong, Samantha Spain, Katelyn Thompson, Jourdan Weatherford, Jamy Inglett, Joshua Houchin, D’mitrios Smith, Edric Brown, and Tyler George; five great- grandchildren, Karston Spain, Marley Inglett, Leland Sounavong, Kinsley Houchin, and Ellerie Spain; many nieces, nephews, other relatives and a host of friends. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Kingdom Hall at JW.ORG or Cross Timbers Hospice of Ardmore 207 C St. NW. Condolences may be sent online at www.alexanderfuneralhome.org.
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  12. An EU citizen has been placed in solitary confinement, denied visitation with his wife and subjected to a grueling daily regimen while awaiting trial in central Russia, the Jehovah’s Witnesses told The Moscow Times. The federal penitentiary service of Kirov region did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Andrzej Oniszczuk, 50, was one of several adherents of the religious group detained in the Volga region of Kirov on extremism charges in October 2018. Russia labeled the Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist organization in 2017, leading to raids nationwide and the sentencing of a Danish national last month. “Andrzej has been kept in solitary confinement for over five months,” Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman Jarrod Lopes said in an emailed statement. Prison authorities prohibit Oniszczuk from lying down for 15 hours during the day, withhold the Bible and allow showers only once a week, the spokesman said. Oniszczuk’s wife has been denied several requests to visit him, Lopes told The Moscow Times. He said Polish diplomats were “finally” allowed to visit and assist the EU citizen despite Oniszczuk’s initial signature “under duress” to refuse visits from embassy staff. The organization said a total of 24 Jehovah’s Witnesses are currently held in pretrial detention in Russia, where 150 believers are under investigation on extremism charges. Lopes said in February that investigators in Siberia had stripped, suffocated, doused with water and applied stun guns on at least seven believers detained on extremism charges. Russia's Investigative Committee has denied the claims.
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  13. This is the second time you’ve mentioned annointed in addressing me. I hope you don’t think that I claim to be annointed. You will know the day that I am annointed when you read a Going Out of Business sign in heaven.
  14. Actually, I wrote up that post in haste. I hadn’t noticed. But billion just sounds so much better. Besides, it’s just a zero. And what is a zero? Nothing! You’re getting all worked up over nothing! I can’t ask the Librarian again, noble old girl. So we’ll do it like when Billy Graham was kicking back at criticism of his supposedly loving material things, according to someone’s satire: For the Lord’s sake I would gladly walk about in rags, but the fact of the matter is that I look so much better in this two thousand dollar suit!* *adjusted for inflation.
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