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  2. I’ve soured on my view of him in recent years. As Supreme Commander, it was he who liberated the concentration camps. There is an account of a certain nearby German mayor pleading ignorance, an enraged Eisenhower forcing him to tour the camp himself, and the next day that mayor hung himself. The national system of interstate 4 lane divided highways is named after him. You wouldn’t be able to get around in a timely way without them. It is a good symbolism for how he stabilized the country after the war and put it on sound footing to prosper through speedy transportation and commerce. One aspect of the system was that the roadways could be used to evacuate areas quickly in the event of nuclear war. They are used that way today to evacuate for approaching hurricanes. It’s all a good legacy to the man. He did good things. He is essentially the savior of the world, and then the guide of America afterwards. But with my visit to his home in Gettysburg, his star began to fade some. Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide suffered intense persecution during WWII. There were only about 75,000 of them—not the 8 million of today. In the US, many were beaten, others rounded up and arrested without trial, some tarred and feathered. There were a few that were killed. He could have stopped it! He could have explained just who and what they were. No one on the political scene knew them better than he. It was his mama’s religion, who remained faithful to her death. He was raised in it. “Look, they’re patriotic in their own way—they hold off on fighting because of their own religious views about God’s kingdom. They are honest and hard-working otherwise. They are harmless! They are not criminals. It is free speech they are engaging in, and that’s what I am in Europe fighting for!” He could have said that, and probably ended their persecution. Others did speak out in behalf of the Witnesses—notably Eleanor Roosevelt and the ACLU. He kept mum. It is impossible for me not to think that he kept his mouth shut with regard to his mother’s “brothers” so as not to harm his stature and political career—both during the war and afterwards. That harsh verdict is tempered by the fact that he truly did well by WWII standards and 8 years of presidential standards—and NATO chief afterwards. Maybe had he not been where he was, his substitute would have screwed everything up. Still, when push comes to shove, he did sell out his childhood “brothers.” In a sense he was like Pilate, who knew very well that Jesus was innocent, but he also had a province to run and he decided that was more important. “Give the scoundrels what they want, and keep them out of my hair,” was his attitude. It may be the same with Putin, who says: “I don’t understand why we are persecuting Jehovah’s Witnesses—aren’t they Christians, too?” But, one year later, persecution just keeps rolling on, so it obviously is not a priority to him. Even now the National Historical Park Service, that is not wrong on anything, stays wrong with regard to Eisenhower’s upbringing. The ranger during my visit said that he was raised Mennonite, and he wasn’t. He was raised a Witness. Keep that embarrassing fact well-hidden, so as not to jeopardize his or his families social stature. They are a respected family and they want to remain so. They can survive a Mennonite connection, for that can be passed off as quaint. But they dare not take their chances with a Jehovah’s Witness connection, and the National Park Service helps them maintain this ruse. The actual facts of Dwight’s upbringing lead to somewhere embarrassing for a national figure, and so they don’t go there. It is hard for me not to think of Jesus’ words that “you will be hated for the sake of my name.” Just the thought of being associated with those carrying out the kingdom proclamation work that he originated and that others spearheaded is enough to make a prominent national leader turn tail and run like a rabbit. “How can you believe,” Jesus asks, “when you are accepting glory from one another and you are not seeking the glory that is from the only God?” Exactly. Dwight did know that you cannot play it both ways. You must choose. He chose to “keep religion in its place.” As is usually the case, that means last place. Did you deduce from the post that I “really hate Trump and his supporters?” If so, I don’t know from where. Could be. Still, I don’t view him as the monster that his enemies try to portray him. He is a guy who has had an affair or two or three or four—something that is by no means unusual in men today. Some of his accusers are among the nuttiest people on earth, such as the one who flummoxed Anderson Cooper by describing rape as “sexy” and then leaned into him with: “You’re fascinating to talk to.” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cooper-cuts-interview-short-after-e-jean-carroll-calls-rape-sexy Melania passed off her husband’s remarks to Billy Bush as “locker room talk.” Given that the media was every day trying to take him out and had apparently been sitting on that sound bite for ages, waiting for just the right moment, I made up a broadcast (in No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash) that I named: Live From the Locker Room: “Good evening. We’re broadcasting live from the locker room tonight to reveal to America just what goes on in this previously obscure culture that has so suddenly thrust itself upon the national stage. We’ll interview some players in this intriguing venue. Ah, here’s comes a jock now. “Hey! Yo! Whazzup? We’d like to ask you some questions.” “Why, good evening sirs, madam. You must be members of the news media. Welcome to our humble locker room. It’s not much, but please make yourself at home. There are refreshments in the adjacent room, just past the gentleman snapping his neighbor’s buns with the wet towel.” “Charlie, it is as we thought. ‘Locker room talk’ is but a lame excuse. They’re not crude at all here. They are quite refined and sensitive and…” Hey, ya wanna get your crap outta here?! I can’t get to my @%!# locker!”
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  4. The gb have admitted they have no spiritual guidance, so the jw's are not moving spiritually forward. However satans spirit's are giving them momentum.
  5. The only ones I see with TDS are those who want to hatefully take him out. If TTH really hates Trump and his supporters, he would be willing to vote, but no, he's a jw and thus has no room to talk crap about any politician or their supporters.
  6. Typing on a tablet is difficult sometimes....but I'm sure my education surpasses your 4 year awake and watchtower education:)
  7. Fair enough and I agree with you on that. There is always a risk - even when we try to do the right thing, pray, follow scriptural principles, avoid bad areas... I'm sure you would also agree though, that some actions are riskier than others. i.e. jumping off a cliff is riskier than jumping off a curb - (unless you are jumping off the curb into traffic) For instance, if you know an area of your city is known to have a high crime rate - especially at night, you might feel it prudent to avoid that area when you have a choice. True you may not be attacked, but the chances of that happening to you are significantly greater if you expose yourself to that environment. Not to flog this... (OK yes, I am flogging it ) One more example. You might not get cancer from smoking cigarettes, but the evidence shows your chances are greater of getting it. And in fact, even if you felt you were willing to take the chance yourself, would you be willing to set that example for your kids by smoking at home? They would see your example and possibly feel it's fine to follow your example, in turn putting them at greater risk of both addiction and cancer. That's the point I was clumsily trying to make. Personally, per se, I am not a dogmatic "opposer" of higher learning such that I would take it upon myself to punish others for choosing that option. But I would also candidly admit from real-life examples I have seen, that it poses a higher risk to spiritual objectives than other grades of schooling (which of course, as I recognize, can come with their own risks.)
  8. I just want to point out how, life is a sort of risk. Events that took place in Eden Garden (and in Heaven Realm with angels) show us how many things can go wrong when you are alive. People who do not live (do not exist), or are dead, are not at risk and not causing any risk, (only health risk if they are not properly buried or burnt). Perhaps corps are not risk for vultures. (black humor) But want to show how facing "risks" is "normal" thing. You are at risk even in your congregation meetings. You can fall in love with person you should not to fall. Or somebody can be in "crush" with you. You are at risk to follow human interpretations of God's words!!! Children are at risk to be victims too. We have literal and spiritual risk that took place in congregation. And you have to deal with them. In that way, you are at risk where ever you go. Bible verses can give you good advice or warning, but they will not save you from every risk. If you are in a place, you believed is the safest place on Earth, than you are at risk ..... Bible shows this too :))
  9. Here is the material for the next 2 weeks December 9-15 and December 16-22, 2019. TB Watchtower December 9-15, 2019.doc Watchtower December 9-15, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 9-15 , 2019 text only.doc CBS December 9-15, 2019.doc CBS December 9-15, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -December 9-15, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -December 9-15, 2019.pdf Watchtower December 16-22, 2019.doc Watchtower December 16-22, 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019 text only.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019 text only.doc MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of December 16-22 , 2019.doc CBS December 16-22, 2019.pdf CBS December 16-22, 2019.doc Additional Highlights -December 16-22, 2019.pdf Additional Highlights -December 16-22, 2019.doc
  10. Yes, the first to control navy, airforce and ground forces. But i doubt if he could have been such a good diplomat in the "critical times " we are living in now.
  11. I have often sang songs where I change a word here or there. This one does need so e work.... I like more poetic writing..... I was surprised at the subject .though.... but always good to have a person love dancing with his wife for a change.
  12. Dwight David Eisenhower was raised by Jehovah's Witnesses Parents, but never became one of Jehovah's Witnesses. He did become Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during World War II, and later President of the United States with the diplomatic and interpersonal skills he learned during his lifetime from all sources. After he became President, he joined the Presbyterian Church. And the TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome is ONLY in the minds of OTHERS .... not Trump. Look at the three videos in my previous posting, above, to see how those that hate him have scrambled their OWN brains.
  13. Of course he would have to work on his personality....... but then he would not provide the reason for the derangement syndrome in the first place..... the high school level of emotional triggering. His paying off prostitutes will have to permanently stop.... don't you think? In meantime the Russia /China alliance is getting stronger (pipeline for oil completed) - so China in stronger position and Petro-dollar not used during transactions. Erdogan making alliences in Meditiranean in hope of new caliphate...... and the show goes on.... I think Darth A has given up on me. The extra blood pressure medications I took and the moronic answers I gave tired him out. Lol
  14. You do not have to be poor to be happy. You can be rich and be happy ... and it's a LOT easier! There is no disgrace to being poor ... .... but it has absolutely NOTHING to recommend it. ... and being undeducated is not a crime. .... neither is being functionally stupid.
  15. I know, I wrote poetry when I was younger and I wrote a few classical music pieces (art songs). Hard work. Now I just use the art of other people. Writing songs (with good words) is not as easy as it seems. Structure to everything.
  16. ??? I'm not sure I understand your reasoning, but my response would be: "When under trial, let no one say: "I am being tried by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone." James 1:13. Other than that, I would suggest you look up "non sequitur" in the dictionary. Romans 5:10 "For if when we were "enemies" we became reconciled to God..." So God views individuals alienated from him as "enemies" but with the same hope and attitude we have, that they become reconciled to God. We view non-JW people as potential brothers - don't hate them. As Jesus taught us, we love even our enemies - yes, even in times of war. But more than that, MUCH more than that. Worshippers of Jehovah have always had "enemies." The faithful patriarchs, the nation of Israel and faithful men therein, Jesus Christ, early Christians, faithful men who were burned at the stake for producing Bibles, modern-day worshippers of Jehovah... As the recent broadcast mentioned, JWs are experiencing persecution on an unprecedented scale. Matthew 24:9 "Then people will hand you over to tribulation and will kill you and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name." John 17:14 "I have given your word to them, but the world has hated them, because they are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world." John 15:18-20 "If the world hates you, you know that it has hated me before it has hated you...for this reason the world hates you...A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you..." Mark 13:13 "And you will be hated by all people on account of my name. But the one who has endured to the end will be saved." Frankly I could go on, but you get the idea. Do yourself a favour and do a word search on all the times "enemy" is used in the Bible and in what context. The historical, firsthand experience of JW's in countries around the world makes it clear that many non-JW people have acted as enemies, whether it be totalitarian governments, different religions, tribalism, and just plain "haters." And why should that surprise us? What would you expect from a world whose God is Satan the Devil? 1 John 5:19 "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Luke 4:6 "Then the Devil said to him: 'I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish." Revelation 12 - all of it but vs 17 should suffice: "so the dragon became enraged at the woman and went off to wage war with the remaining ones of her offspring, who observe the commandments of God and have the work of bearing witness concerning Jesus." In a nutshell: if you, while living in Satan's system don't find you have any "enemies," you may want to seriously consider whose side you're on. I will accept responsibility for your misunderstanding of the point I was making. I wasn't very clear I guess. Sorry about that. It was my mistake. I was NOT making the point that you have to be poor to be happy. in fact, a poor person can be more materialistic than a wealthy person. But if you look to material prosperity as the ultimate gauge of happiness, you will be on a never-ending quest. Wealthy people are rarely satisfied even when they have an abundance. I was making the point that even poor people can be happy. Wealth does not in of itself equal happiness - which is the false hope some have. Psalm 37:16 "Better is the little of the righteous one than the abundance of many wicked ones." Luke 12:16 ""keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed, because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses." I believe the word he used in describing your scenario, was "vanity" or "futile." But that's another discussion...
  17. These two conflict. The first is the mountain spoken of in Isaiah 2:2,3. The second is a "mountainlike organization" that is built by men. Which do you believe God sanctions?
  18. or·gan·i·za·tion /ˌôrɡənəˈzāSH(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc. "a research organization" Was NOAH and his family a body of people with a particular purpose? Was Abraham's family? Jacob's? Moses, Aaron and some 3 million escapee's standing before God? Jesus & the Apostles? The Kingdom of God is 144,000 + 1 , an organization of every human resurrected to Heaven to do a particular purpose = rule the Earth Yes ,The Watchtower represents a body of people with a particular purpose, the doing of God's will, organized, just as all of God's works are See 1 Corinthians 14:33: For God is a God not of disorder but of peace Peace comes from organization like we see in the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. God is the foremost organizer in all creation!
  19. It should be understood that science itself made it to where everything needed to be absolute. Therefore, with evolution everything needs to be specific and with creation everything is possible. Creationist didn’t make that rule, science did. Now science needs to defend it at all cost.
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  21. Simply stating an opinion that some people have a hateful agenda doesn't mean they are "brainwashed." It's simply an observation/opinion borne out by what we see and experience. I could just as well say that you are "brainwashed" because you disagree with me. You can either agree or disagree according to your observations - you are entitled to your opinion. Brainwashed has become a derogatory term used too loosely these days and especially apparently, by you when someone disagrees with you. Once again, you are welcome to your opinion. And while I agree that mindless unquestioning obedience to whatever is said by imperfect, uninspired men won't always reach God's standards, by the same token, you too are an imperfect, uninspired individual - as is every other human alive. But I'd put far more weight toward what I have learned through JW's than I would with you. So feel free to believe what you want. Thank-you for the compliment of being "in line" with TTH and Arauna and thank-you for noticing. Once again, you are going beyond the scope of your reference after that. While it may be true that we compare JW's standards with those of this wicked world (a fair thing to do by the way, as long as you don't leave it at that), we also try to align our standards with what we read in God's Word. That is why JW's are known for being honest, truthful, law-abiding, loving, loyal, peaceful... But you already know that. It seems that for you, it's like coughing up a fur ball for you to acknowledge anything good about JW's. Yes, I get the picture...that you don't know what you are talking about and that the cute comparison in the context of our discussion only shows you drive cheap and nasty cars. Nothing more. There is nothing cheap and nasty about JWs as a whole (even though there are some bad apples). And JWs for the most part have already made the appropriate comparisons by either being raised in one of thousands of different religions or exposed to the different ideas of those same ideas in the field ministry. One thing should be obvious to you by now. Most JWs have heard your negative rants and character assassinations before. In fact, they may have even entertained those same views prior to becoming JW's. So they aren't going to change because some anonymous loudmouth spews vitriolic diatribe over the internet. (I'm not specifically accusing you of that) Yes, that's all. "Just humans, trying to live our daily lives." So why are you spending your daily life on websites such as this singling out Jehovah's Witnesses? Aren't there bigger fish to fry out there? What about all those religions that go to war killing millions of their fellow worshipers; celebrating pagan holidays; teaching people they will burn for all eternity in hell for some imagined infractions; terrorism and suicide bombers and a myriad other greater infractions? I could go on and on but apparently you seem conspicuously silent on the big issues and big fish. I wasn't planning on wasting more of my time with people who have an agenda.
  22. CORRECTION: The article is correctly and completely titled, The Anointing Teaches Truth--How? / The "Refining Pot" / Who should partake, and when? / "Tribulation" 4womaninthewilderness blogspot
  23. Adam and Eve were at risk too. Their coming on Scene of Life was risk itself. But God himself put them at risk even more.... with The Tree, and with allowing devil to visit them. Without warning Adam and Eve what is coming on them. In our life we have to be challenged from non friendly "elements" too, and main purpose is: to be stronger than before. Of, course you will not go purposely to prison to be surrounded by criminals for that reason, but it seems how some JW's consider non-JW people as "enemies". Than, it would be interesting to understand why many poor people want to stop to be poor. And why many people who are not poor (according to statistics and normative about what poverty is) are not ready to leave their material position for purpose to be "more happy" with less money. Does this poor people, described in comments, are happy because they are among people with similar material status, and such position not cause comparison or envy and jealousy? People want to learn, to know more, generally. And as such this is one way how to satisfying basic and legitimate needs. Adam and Eve also want to learn more, about The Tree. Despite the ban of eating (eating = get knowledge), their natural need (putted in them in moment of Creation by God) for learning and know more put them in the risk. King Solomon was extremely rich. And, as he quoted few times personally, he was in position to afford for himself all "this wisdom" not only because of Heavenly Revelations that came to him few times, but because of Riches he had (and people, poor and rich Israeli people have made it possible for him). Solomon proved main issue, that you can be rich and happy in the same time. :)))
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