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    • Entre estos prisioneros se encuentra el cineasta Oleh Sentsov, condenado en 2015 a veinte años de cárcel por supuestas actividades terroristas en la península de Crimea y que lleva 34 días en huelga de hambre   Estados Unidos urgió este lunes al gobierno de Rusia a liberar "de inmediato" a más de 150 presos identificados por organizaciones internacionales como reos políticos y religiosos. "Pedimos a Rusia que libere de inmediato a todos los identificados como presos políticos o religiosos y cese su uso del sistema legal para reprimir a la disidencia y la práctica religiosa pacífica", señaló el Departamento de Estado en un comunicado. La portavoz de esta división, Heather Nauert, precisó en esa nota que la sociedad rusa "merece un trato igual ante la ley y la capacidad de ejercer sus derechos sin temor a represalias". En concreto, el gobierno de Donald Trump mostró una "especial preocupación" por el bienestar de cuatro reos ucranianos "injustamente encarcelados", según Nauert, que están actualmente en huelga de hambre. Entre estos presos se encuentra el caso del cineasta Oleh Sentsov, condenado en 2015 a 20 años de cárcel por supuestas actividades terroristas en la península de Crimea y que lleva 34 días sin ingerir alimentos en protesta por su confinamiento.     Oleh Sentsov (AP) EEUU destacó también los casos del activista Volodymyr Balukh, que lleva casi tres meses en huelga de hambre; del soldado Oleksandr Shumkov, que ha estado 23 días sin comer, y de Stanislav Klykh, que inició su huelga el pasado 9 de junio. Además, Nauert subrayó los casos del activista Oyub Titiyev, encarcelado "por acusaciones inventadas de drogas en Chechenia (Rusia)", y de un testigo de Jehová, Dennis Christensen, que permanece en una prisión rusa desde mayo de 2017 sin haber sido enjuiciado. Con información de EFE    
    • I just happen to have a spare "star in a stick". When you tap the star on something, glitter comes out. I will give it to him for free, as I control the glitter supply. BROUHAHAHAHAHAAA!
    • Hey ... they had "expenses" ! Yeah .... that's the ticket! "Expenses"
    • Things are thought of in Chicago quite differently ... it has a very long history of being a criminal hotbed, and unassailable corruption ... and the current Mayor, Rom Emmanuel ran for mayor (unofficially) on a platform of "let the murders continue .. it's good for business". (His being continually reelected). The thing you have to remember is that all crime is LOCAL, and all attempts at Justice are LOCAL.  This is almost ALWAYS true. A "good" Leader" ( that is to say, one that the people will follow ...) is a person that gives those over whom he has authority permission to do WHAT THEY  WERE GOING TO DO ANYWAY !! Trump has  nothing ... ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the massive murders going on in Democratic Party controlled Cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia,, Detroit ... in fact, he has threatened to replace their police departments with National Guard Troops, the corruption and malfeasance is so bad. Chicago has a particular immunity to change as their political machine is, and has been since the early 1920's, been geared to to allow people long dead,  to vote ... and vote OFTEN!   They always vote Democrat. Philadelphia had several precincts where NOT ONE PERSON voted for Trump. A statistical impossibility. But of course, it's like Josef Stalin once said (paraphrased...) "He who votes counts for nothing ... it's only he who counts the votes!". What you are experiencing is not new, not even real news ... as it is the normal condition of human mis-rule. If you are not willing to fight to the death ... LITERALLY ... and are prepared to be the first casualty ... you have no natural right to freedom from tyranny. Freedom is PURCHASED through mountains of bodies and oceans of blood, and if your wallet cannot take the hit, a slave you will remain. For me, the simplest solution is sell everything you own, and move somewhere else. During World War II, many Jews in Poland did just that ... and many who did not ....stayed, were rounded up and sent on around the world cruises up crematorium chimneys. There are only three choices ..... fight ... flee .... or be enslaved.  
    • Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and the company's ex-president were indicted on criminal charges.
    • LOS ANGELES—Today, biotech magnate Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong will officially acquire the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union Tribune from media company Tronc for $500 million. Doctor who? A guy who's somehow managed to rack up every single job title known to humankind: Surgeon, philanthropist, entrepreneur, adjunct professor, billionaire, minority owner of the LA Lakers, issuer of over 230 patents...and now? Newspaper owner, a title he doesn't take lightly at all. Soon-Shiong will have to work some magic on the LA Times, a paper whose staffers were basically in open rebellion last year over several questionable decisions by ownership.  And then, of course, there's the huge challenge of navigating a newspaper industry that's struggling to adapt to the digital age.  Maybe he and fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos (owner of the Washington Post) will talk strategy together.
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