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    • Michael Krewson

      Well... I'm off to Starbucks for a grande white chocolate mocha and a ham and cheese croissant that I seem to always need to ask them to warm up twice. I also notice that they have close a couple of their mobile drive thrus in the NW. 
      On a side note, whenever I order a ham and cheese croissant they always say: "Let me see if we have any left" even though it is 8am. Is there a chronic shortage of these things? and why at every single Starbucks?
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    • The Librarian

      I used the US Post Office today (on a Sunday) where I was able to purchase postage.... affix the stamp to the envelope provided by them and send it.....with no postal worker.... automation is getting rid of so many of the simple jobs out there.
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    • Michael Krewson

      Lately I seem to be more and more concerned about indoor air quality.  Anyone else thought about this recently? I’m thinking a vacuum cleaner should do more than just spew dirt around. 
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    • TheWorldNewsOrg

      A 56 yo foreigner arrested in Hong Kong Saturday for pushing a cleaner onto a rail track. CCTV... https://t.co/6gbEswkqrO
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    • The Librarian

      So... @Kurt inspired me to start finding and cataloguing some of Charles Sinutko's public talks. Thx Kurt. Soon I'm off to breakfast....not sure where though....
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    • I don't think I said that I viewed us that way. I said that the Soviet government did. It is in Baran's book and is well-supported. Who cares what I think? The brothers were not trying to operate where I governed. They were trying to operate where they governed. I simply meant to note their point of view, not indicating agreement with it.
    • I am very sure how similar or the same view as you expressed with this sentence many other people have too. If "spiritual education that JW received in WTis the best in the World, than it would be expected, i would expected, higher level of contemplation and "spiritual maturity", and not so simplified "not my business" attitude. If you David, are one of JW then by WT and Bible teaching in NT you have to be interest in talking to people of opposite view and "argue" or as WT Reasoning book in it title have word , you need to "reasoning" with them and to help them and to rescue them from false religion and lies they think are true, from satan philosophy and wrong expectations of future. If you are not JW, receive my apologize. But nevertheless, are you or not JW, it is good for soul to develop more compassion and interest in people, at least, to have better understand of people behaviour :))) Here you need to have attitude "not my business". Because it is JHVH business to open people's mind and heart and NOT YOURS  it is of God's concern how people would interpret events in their lives. As it also case with JW members who interpret events in the way that suits to them. :))))))))  with help of GB. Is this really as far as you can go in mediate about God's impartiality??????????     Are you kidding me David? WT publications are full of experience about "worldly" people who prayed to "GOD" not knowing his name, not say "in Jesus name, amen", and not knowing nothing about "harmony in principles and plan", and Bible have examples too about people who prayed to God and He listen to them and helped them, despite how  they were "Gentiles". Ohhh man, if this "requirements", formalities which man has to satisfy before God in order that God could hear him, than all people who are not praying by JW model will never be heard by God, and they have never been heard in the past. Unbelievable :))))))))))))  
    • You are quite correct, God is impartial and accepts every human, regardless of race or social status, "who fears him and does what is right". This brings us to the usual argument about what it means to do what is right, and in whose eyes. In other words can it be said that religion, just like race or social status does not matter to God either? The Bible seems to indicate that it does matter to God. It indicates that the impartiality does have a condition attached to it. And that is the whole point of "he is patient with you because he does not desire anyone to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance". Then what does repentance mean? Who sets that standard? God does of course and he lets people know what these standards are through the pages of the Bible.  That being said, just because Witnesses get all involved with their "own" problems, doesn't mean they do not have compassion with people of other faiths. It is understandable that they will focus on their brothers in the faith first though. I know it's the "fashion" now for many to believe that ALL Christians in any denominations are acceptable to God as long as they live  a morally clean life and try to do good to others. And that is fine by me because who am I to judge? BUT, I also believe that God has not abandoned his pattern of having a people, a group, unitedly worshiping together like he did in ancient times, separate from the world around them, but this time from every "tribe and nation" not just the Jews. The Scriptures do indicate this on a number of occasions when referencing spiritual Israel, and those who would attach themselves to them as "foreigners" or "other sheep" to make one flock, not individuals by themselves out of all of Christendom's denominations....
    • I agree that it is a red flag if we do not cooperate. (Although you weren't clear on who you meant by "them.") But the second part of what you said there might be ambiguous. Did you mean it is a red flag if you do call them rulers, or a red flag if you do not call them rulers? I assume you meant the organizing shepherds who care for us in the new system. But "them" in the quote above appears to speak of "red flags" in the present. This is why I'm confused as to whether you might be saying it's a red flag now to not call them rulers.
    • There is NO gap in the explanation of the fourth beast and its horn. ALL is there for us to understand the history and our place in it.
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