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    • Yes, and it has been going on for years now, the fact that Rick Fearon has been mentioned only adds more fuel to the fire due to how everyone views Fearon, in addition to those who support and or alluded to whatever he says. If his own blood deem him as crazy, that should tell you something. I myself had a run in with those in support of anything Fearon says and it was not fun at all, but very aggravating to deal with such ones. Former members of Jehovah's Witnesses, those who are neutral and actually fight against the lies people make about the faith, often have to clash with former members who show a total disdain for the faith itself, which was the case with the whole stocks and bonds information of which people tend to spread conspiracy of, only for those who knows the information far better than the conspiracy spreaders, putting the truth into the light, which was successfully done regarding the Riley Trust and anything in connection of it, the same can be said about those saying the JWs have military connection when it is known JWs wouldn't even submit to nationalism, and or join the Navy, so the Navy contract claims are false. As for the tax return thing, it was brought up by a man named Jason Zelda, to which people have called out about his twisting of information regarding tax returns. Other than that, it is always a constant war-zone when it comes to stuff like this, and some, even when proven wrong still rely on the falsehood information, some even now rely on such and claim it as truth, when the real truth that debunked everything has been made known years before and known by everyone. Yes, JWs only use God's Word, the claim that JWs harbor weapons, poisons and other devices of destruction under their churches, be it in Warwick, to Pennsylvania, all the way to the Congo is unfounded. Churches that harbor weapons or the like are known as Christian Terrorist, such as Christian Militants, who also train children for combat and or the KKK, the modern day Crusaders, and several others, an example would be, a pastor, some years ago, took a gun out of fake bible to shoot an angry husband, for his wife had committed adultery with the pastor, who shot the husband during service in front of a crowd, for it is that crazy out there. Since JWs are not of the mainstream Christendom and the fact they are Restorationist, there is 0% chance that they would have a stockpile of weapons and poisons, of which JW opponents make the claim they will soon distribute poisons to their members, the irony of it all is a JW opponent riddled an empty JW church with bullets from an assault rifle, the response and reaction from JWs was not of fighting fire with fire, pulling an AR-15 to seek out the culprit, no, they were concerned and very passive, as well as being aware of how people treat them, those who have a total disdain for them. That is also true, that is why I was able to spot the 2 links that Witness posted as the top Google searched links, these same links are used time and time again to further make proof to a claim proven false many times in the past.
    • Now, Rick Fearon, be it a JW, former, or not even that religious, it is known to many that Fearon is someone one should not be supporting an or even alluding to support anything of which he says. The man is known as a fraud by many, and often times even deemed crazy, even by his own blood. I will just shed a small light on why some bring up weapon bunkers, poisons the whole wedding ring thing, but this is but small fragments of information of which I had saved from 3 years ago. Since originally we are speaking of Rick Fearon, I will get to Pearl another time, the claims of guns being stockpiled was brought up by a Fearon Follower (I blank out the names for reasons), who is also a disgruntled former JW who was in an argument with an Israeli Christian, and later on a Hardcore Christian. There was an actual marine in the discussion but the Fearon Supporter wiped out the discussion, with one EXJw being seen saying she wish death on others and wants blood of JWs, and made the same remark of those who were killed in the Manchester Bombing, this person also being a Fearon Support and a former JW. Clearly the disgruntled one is very ignorant and hate filled. After being refuted several times, this person deleted several of her comments and resort to insult, even to mocking the name of the Hardcore Christian who's name was of someone who died on 9/11, as well as her racist remarks to the Israeli Christian who also was in debate with her, even before this one she had stated Rick made it known that all JW churches have weapon bunkers under them, as well as the mention of poisons, something of which the JW opponents spoke of time and time again. This same user, continues to speak in support of Rick Fearon, making the claim that no one is seeing this man as a fraud and or in error, as seen here:   More claims made by this person, but this time to the Hardcore Christian, for this person is not a fan of Rick Fearon, but the follower of Fearon continues, she makes claim that the person, who made the comment in the below image is a support of Fearon, but we see for ourselves that the person of whom she speaks of, a well known former member, is clearly against Fearon: But in the next image, we see that one of the well known former JWs made this comment: Also it is safe to mention she also accused the Hardcore Christian of stealing a picture from JW opponents, the picture in question is a free use image to the public, default art. Furthermore, it is clear that there is a fallout among even the former members who are on a constant attack on this faith and only this faith alone, for this person in question does not shy away from Trinity believing versions of JWs known as SDAs (addressing the person who made the comment above). So that in itself is hypocrisy, and moreover, we can see that shows that people do not support Rick Fearon, they do not mention him, they do not speak of him, whatsoever. Even the  Atheists make mention of Fearon, in a negative light, they also make mention of what I had addressed previously of what Fearon's original plan is all about:   Even to this day, the views are still there, even by a relative of Rick Fearon who is of relation says the same about Rick Fearon himself, thus keeping his connection to Rick hidden, but only once made the mention of being related to this man. Now let us go to the Fearon supporter's view on wedding rings. She spoke strongly about Rick's view on this matter and had this to day to the Hardcore Christian, moreover, the Fearon follower is twisting the words of the Hardcore Christian who defended wedding rings because Fearon said otherwise:   This is what the Hardcore Christian had to say vs. the Fearon claim regarding Wedding Rings:   This same person, the Hardcore Christian, also debated another claim by the one who speaks on and supports Rick Fearon regarding JWs and Nationalism: In doing so he put an end to this Fearon Supporters constant lying and the fact one can tell she is lying is when she throws insults and accusations. My next response about Rick Fearon would be his connection with Byron Brown, and all facts and information is accurate, in order to bring forth His plans regarding converts, and  more information about him in recent times.
    • . It wouldn't be surprising, former witnesses would attempt to use the Watchtower name for their personal gain. I believe simple comparison about the vast amount of the Watchtower literature that is subjectively misrepresented, would be an indicator for, how far people are willing to go. The “only” weapon the Watchtower needs? Is fully disclosed to the public. God’s word! As for investments that are made in, belief, of the Watchtower, an economist that is acquainted with the Watchtower portfolio would make it aware to the Watchtower if an investment is “joined” (tethered) to a questionable stock. However, what is “more” surprising? What people do accept as fact, and would continue with that misrepresentation, especially when the information comes from questionable sites. Therefore, I would ask, where is the same amount of assessment, and under the microscope analyzes, for other religious organizations with their tax returns?
    • Unfortunately, there has to be a care for if there are groups who have weapons stashed somewhere, it should be of concern even by the public. To speak of rumor, conspiracy and yield upon speculation via claims that are not true can only cause more harm than good, like I said, both Passaic and Orange County are such ones to take issue with things mainly in regards to firearms and weapon caches and or bunkers, and speculation leads to problems, i.e. the situation that has taken place in a Jewish Cemetery, of which I made mention to months ago near the area or perhaps the teacher having the firearm inside of a educational institution.
      Other than that, like I have said time and time again, the JWs is a Restorationist group with religious leaders who are not following Christendom of the mainstream, but rather, the early Church itself, the very reason as to why they differ and often ones who are targets, and Restorationist are known to adapt to learning new things by means of Scripture, the mainstream do not, an example would be knowing of inspired and uninspired verses, like others, made revisions. So when it comes to understanding their Christology to it's core, one can easily see where they are coming from, granted the practices of the early church of which they profess stems from the Apostolic Age, who even back in those days, differ from the accepted form of Christianity that today's mainstream professes.
      If they were indeed a big evil, mind you, a minority group out of all denominations, they would have joined up with Babylon, perhaps, signed up to increase Babylon's ranks back in October 2016, granted majority of religious around the world have united with each other and it being more obvious since it has been alluded to back in the 2000s.
      And as to what big evil is being played out in the Heavenly realm as you say?
        As far as many people know already, a Non-Trinitarian Restrationist group isn't part of Babylon and or the likes of those who are the real evil here, that is unheard of, even the Sunnis and Shias know this,as do others. Apparently they are known for this, even former members of the faith made confirmation of this (which can be seen by the information provided), even current members of the faith also, as well as those who are not part of any religious denomination. It comes down to the rank and file to do the research, but such has already been made known, for over the years this has been brought up in discussion time and time again by Atheist who show up to debate with both JWs and former JWs - mainly in the 18-20+ years that have passed, such information is not unknown when one does the research, mainly to those who know of trust funds, tax laws and the like far more better than others, I need not speak of quotes because the information of what was professed is evident, with several quotes put into the response. To believe no one knows of this when it has already been public is kind of silly, especially when there is actual truth vs. those accepting and or making incorrect claims. Perhaps, but it is no surprise with what kinds of donations that both educational, religious, as well as political persons, groups and or organization receive, being it the donation is anonymous or known, in the end, they do not own the trust, only the owner of the trust does, and the owner, he or she can choose to where they want to put their money in to support so and so - which was the case with the Riley Trust situation of which some twist the very formation of without looking into the facts of the operation of a trust and or mutual fund. If I am not mistaken, there are those who do receive money from brothels, most of the time it is anonymous, however in this case, such is not listed at all. former members made the claim to a specific company, but the list provided by you and want I dug up only points to conspiracy.
      Moreover, it should be known to you, even before this, that any person, group, institution and or organization can donate to any person, group, institution and or organization of their choice, which seems to be the case with Ms. Riley. Other than that, the brothel remark seems like a jab, granted the list you provided and the list I have provided having been brought to light to be false, for people make connections to paint so and so as the enemy. Not quite. Because I took the time to look into the operations of trusts and funds, tax returns, etc. Then I went on to look at the trust information itself. Because I already know of what you bring up is one-sided, the top of the list whereas I went in to look for the ifnormation myself -hence why the response I made early, according to former members, such of which you have listed, example, Raytheon Company, was a hoax.
      It is more about putting forth truth to fact vs. claims that do not stack up. After all, I brought up the information that halts the conspiracy in it's place, as the one who made the information public, he wanted to put the claims made to rest with absolute fact. Well that is important, if one does not know how Trust funds are and how they operate, you can easily trick someone with the claim you made by your other response, but knowing even the basics, one can see the error and do the research, there was a reason as to why I asked you to cite your information.
      Now, they are not like mainstream Christendom (that is absolute fact), this faith group is not part of this world, which is indeed true, they take bible passages seriously and adhering to our early brothers and sisters in teaching and action, the same could be said of Restorationist individuals who knows what the Bible message is all about despite not being affiliated with any denomination whatsoever, hence their neutrality, but evident refutation of accursed things. That being said, accepting donations does not disqualify such ones from their stance of not being part of this world, that would have easily removed the historically engraved position of them being Restorationist to begin with, another thing is, the majority of their money is used for the Great Commission.
      Burn down a JW church, destroy it, or perhaps the church is taken down by natural disasters, they will simply make the plan among their community and discuss with those who are leading, use the funds to gain resources, get the volunteers to clean up the area and build another church, this also goes hand in hand with the money being used for their books, getting a portion of their church member having a bit higher responsibility from one church to another, and I believe it has been said they take care of their older ones also, etc. They are also known to buy property to build their churches and or support members as well as sell said property. At times during such events of , they do tend to help out others as wll as their own, which was the case with areas hit by disasters, the recent ones being Puerto Rico and Texas, of which they did partake in helping their own and others, however, JW opponents went as far as to flag video proof of JWs helping out, causing said video to be deleted, thus painting them in a bad light afterwards and make the claim they didn't do anything in events that unfolded in Puerto Rico and Texas, equaling them to the likes of Joel Olsteen, when the video that they got removed showed JW's helping people nearby as well as witnessing their church literally flooded - now that in itself is deceitful and misleading - this of which I mentioned before. It would be a problem if the Jehovah's Witnesses had used the money on things that do not contribute to the Great Commission at all, and as I said, I spoke explicitly before on those who take the Great Commission seriously vs. those who do not - be it individual and or group based. If it were the case, all the books they produce to this day would be lacking, as with the number of churches they have, the numbers would be down, however, it would seem to be going up rather than down, granted the group just bumped up a few thousands in converts, therefore, growing and more is being done, 8.3 to 8.4+.
      For what people are looking for is a church that is true to their word on the use money, if it is is being used primarily on the Great Commission work itself, that is, the spreading of the gospel,evangelicalism the people, teaching, etc. They tend to put their community of believers first, before helping others, which was the case in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Texas, Haiti, Dominican Republic,to name a few (mainly with what went down in the span of 10-11 years), moreover, knowing how the community is to Caribbeans, mainly if such ones are religious, it does not shy away from community first and others after. Even to this day, as of recent news, they are still in Puerto Rico, helping out, as with others when the rest of the US forgot that Puerto Rico is still not 100%, those who got the video removed, you do not hear them speak of Puerto Rico at all. Jehovah's Witnesses, mainly new ones to that faith, tend to work in any field of work, there is no doubt about that, however, when one becomes a dedicated member of their faith community, they make the choice themselves to make the change prior to baptism i.e. a police officer who is one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but later on makes this officer made choice to leave that job as a police officer for something else that would benefit him and his family, moreover, the job that he chooses has nothing to do with what he has done before, for this person I speak of in this example use to work as a policemen in one of the most dangerous cities in the Tri-State area, he himself originates South Africa (Bloemfontein).
      Furthermore, when one takes the time to think and soon apply changes to his or her life and make the effort to live up to it, they themselves pave a path to baptism, especially when one takes in accurate knowledge of God and his Son. This practice is common to other minorities and also, for it is not alien to Jehovah's Witnesses for members to cease a profession and or practice that they themselves see as not Christian-like, but such a changes, for some takes place immediately and or over time. The remark you made about brothel, a prostitute can enter into the Kingdom of God as long as he abandons her ways, but such will take time and eventually she will learn of who God is, his Son and learn about the good gospel of the Kingdom and what it will bring, eventually, this one will be baptized, this one will be seen by God for making the effort, as well as the accomplishments this one makes to change her life, and with her experience on her change, she can minister to others who are dealing with making changes and wanting to apply biblical principles and law. A person who works for such a company and or was formerly involved with even the likes of gangsters, or perhaps those who have been working as a sex worker in prostitution, which I made an example of above, those part of political and or governmental based groups, assassins for hire, and or some military faction, can become members of the faith and or learn what it takes to enter into God's Kingdom, to be recognized by God, but on their way to Baptism (death unto life, as portrayed in the origin of Baptism) they make drastic changes to who they are and their lifestyle and turn over a new leaf completely, this goes for career and or jobs that they themselves do not see as fitting for a follower of the teachings, the baptism is that important and to defile such will lead to problems, be it of the church and or God himself, for if anyone is familiar with the origin and history of Baptism, it is that serious. People from all walks of life put in the effort and have the time to think over baptism, thus in doing so they become part of the community, but at the very core, the Bible itself, God's Word, changes the lives of the person, thus in baptism, they become like living sacrifices to God to religiously be in service to him and to religiously worship in total servitude to him with total devotion, in addition, to those who express His Word they act as guides for such ones to teach them and so forth because these people take into account of what Jesus had entrusted them, so it is nothing too crazy as some have made claim to, hence it being common among in the realm of religion itself.
      Other than that, it is no surprise the abilities of which Jesus Christ entrusted the church with, mainly when it comes to expelling also known as excommunication and how it's application is in our modern day, some take serious action with should someone fall into grounds of expelling (Takfir). Another interesting thing to add is those who take the Ten Commandments seriously hold to such a view themselves - if to have God abide with them they must make the change, they must go from death unto life, they must serve and worship, and spread the teachings of which has been commanded, making disciples out of people. Lastly, seeing how all educational and religious institutions are, they do accept money open- handedly, donated money, not all the time they would question, they would simply give thanks and be on their way. I am sticking with what the former members say on this matter and the quotes integrated in my other response, those who are well aware on the difference between official tax returns vs. a tax return for a charitable trust (for this was called into question when Mr. Zelda mad the error to twist the information), as well as who owns what, and who is a beneficiary. It is not hypocrisy and or deceitfulness, and as said before, this information was out there for years, and it is known by the Jehovah's Witnesses, some of them even making comment to claim, hence the mutual fund mention, that was from a Jehovah's Witness response to an Atheist, you even quoted that response from my comment, but no mention for what has been addressed when compared with facts that are true. Their donations, since they practice free will offering, like I said, not only it goes for their churches (build, repair and or rebuilds), but for their members, their books and publications, maintenance as well as providing for their own (I think the biggest amount known of which they have spent on their own members is around/over $70.9 million, caring their pioneers, missionaries, and traveling overseers in their gospel spreading assignments), anyways, it is no different from the early church for they themselves use whatever they receive to care for their own and progress in the Great Commission by means of spreading the gospel. Even in their early years, donations is what kept them running, from others and or from their own. Other things such as clothing, and other items are often donated to them, even that of houses and or buildings if it comes to that, gifts also, for there had been those outside of their faith to have given them physical and or financial gifts. Also they do not apply and or practice the law of Levites (tithing), but what is in application to them is Free Will Offering Matthew 10:7, 8. And yes, the good news gospel, Great Commission is indeed to teach people of what is to come, what the Spiritual House will bring, what God's Kingdom will do for mankind, and what God's chosen one will do, there is no surprise in that, for learning of such things it teaches one about what is to come that the world cannot offer, last I checked, the world cannot offer you life, for if you die, you die, only God's Kingdom can put an end to death, and death itself will be the last enemy that would be done away with, 1 Corinthians 15:26 (Revelations 20:14). Yes. I listed them because all of them have proven false to the claims made, and I take the word of the one wanting to put the conspiracies to rest, he has succeeded, but disgruntled ones continue to rant and rave and stick to falsehood, thus confusing many in their wake, you included. All that has been listed were complied by disgruntled former members of Jehovah's Witnesses trying to trick others and even novice JWs who are fresh to the faith, to make claim that they are doing something they shouldn't be doing. What you yourself have mention also, is deemed false, one of them turning out to be a hoax itself among the list you have provided while the rest is conspiracy, it is highly unlikely that the Jehovah's Witnesses have anything to do with a gaming company - Nintendo, Women's Lingerie - Victoria's Secret, The US Navy - contract and connections to Rand Cam and the like, and the list goes on, and on.
      Again, dwelling in conspiracy will make you believe in such and drive you mad and or confused, as with someone who is a very close source of mind who is well aware and observant of who are really of Babylon, conspiracy will drive a man to insanity, as he puts it, and this source of mind is reality wrong, mainly due to what he has professed Israel and Iran. It would be true if the Watchtower was part of Babylon, but they are not for there is a lot of information of who is truly of the Devil and who is not, in addition, to who among Babylon is targeting and or persecuting, moreover, if they were, their own wouldn't have removed them in various countries, such as Russia, or even behead them, Iran and Egypt, they're own would not have robbed and or cheated them out of property and money, France, who was a key player in the Russia banning of the faith, let alone the FSB joint group who targets them and even puts up pictures and addresses of such ones to be targeted, according to my contacts in Russia. We must also take into account, God the Father is clearly not a fan of those who make false claims, in fact, he is said to be very serious on such issue, it is also wise to understand as to why Jesus called out to his Father to forgive even the likes of soldiers who clearly do not know any better, as seen in a passage in the Greek New Testament.
      You can be the most righteous man on earth, but make false claims of person(s) will land you in front of the White Throne on Judgement Day, a position that would be far more hair raising than being met with a sword carrying Lamb of God along with the angels who follow his lead. This is why I say, many times, the best course of action is to remain neutral (like 1000%) with even the minorities, which includes JWs, especially when it comes to those who are Restorationist because it can lead to problems, mainly if we are accepting of false claims and conspiracy and the incite of religious infighting, even some who agree.disagree with JWs on a few points remain totally neutral with them because they too know how easily it make and or adhere to false claim, thus being subjected to judgement when the day comes, therefore, being very VERY careful is important, along with vigilance and endurance. So it is a safe bet to not engage in a boxing contest with God. The only thing we can deal with is accursed teachings that do not go according with the Bible, the Early Church, Early Christian brothers and sisters, example, the doctrine of the Trinity or the belief God is suddenly a fan of Molech, or perhaps that everyone is considered the first of the fruits (once saved always saved - all going to heaven), etc. Very silly to waste time dealing with a religious minority when there are those out there who are teaching the accursed, those of Babylon, that has plagued Christendom with heresy, and apparently only those who are woke only his matter are doing as such, me included. Aside from that, I have knowledge in the Christology of others, even that of JWs, hence why I say what I say on things that I observe from them and research on. But I guess such ones are not aware of what it means to be God fearing and do not realize what path they continue to walk on. Therefore, your application of the verse does not fit properly, when one understand of who and what this faith is and their structure.
    • Santiago. Un total de 2.330 personas, pertenecientes en su mayoría a las provincias de Pontevedra y el sur de A Coruña, asistieron al último día de Asamblea Regional de los Testigos de Jehová. En este día se repasaron profecías bíblicas que, según la organización, muestran "el maravilloso futuro que le espera a la humanidad" y se advirtió de que "antes vendrán tiempos difíciles". La cita se repetirá el fin de semana que viene, con nuevos bautismos, para el resto de la comunidad gallega. Al igual que en esta ocasión, al cita se celebrará en el Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia. http://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/ecg/asamblea-testigos-jehova-reune-2-330-personas/idEdicion-2018-07-16/idNoticia-1127015/
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