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    • YOU  REALLY  CARRIED  A  WEAPON  AS  JW ????   hmmm.... STILL  MANY  PEOPLE  HAVE  TO  DIE  BEC. YOUR  CRAZY  LAWS  IN  THE  USA ;-((   poor people  and  kids
    • ... there is of course a "Liberal Snowflake" solution to the school shootings ....
    • Going back to my original comment about public hangings ... the LAST public hanging in the United States was in 1936. THAT is when the Liberal Snowflakes began to accumulate. Since public hangings were stopped,  the dull, and stupid, and crazy have been accumulating like snowballs on a downhill slope.  
    • I left my 18 shot 9mm pistol on my front porch swing, with two additional magazines for a whole afternoon ... and to my surprise ... it did NOT KILL ANYONE. Years ago.... Australia was disarmed ... and the murder rate by knives, baseball bats and poison went up. ... I am not counting the Tasmanian Massacre where a rifle turned in to the police according to law was sold illegally BY THE POLICE to an assasin, and was used in the massacre. Crazy or EVIL people kill innocent people. Guns by themselves have no sentient will. What part of DUH ... do you not understand?
    • Just a little item that I copied from A BBC web site: " "Organisers of gun giveaway competitions in the US have come under pressure following the Florida school shooting that killed 17 on Wednesday.

      Republican politicians in Maryland and Kansas went ahead with their gun giveaways, while a county sheriff in North Carolina cancelled his raffle.

      A children's baseball team defended its decision to continue with a fundraising effort, in which the winner will receive an AR-15 assault rifle.

      That type of gun was used in Florida.

      Gun sweepstakes - costing as little as $5 (£3.50) per ticket - are a part of life in some parts of the US, with the National Rifle Association having held raffles for decades.

      Organisers have hit back at the online criticism, saying their fundraising events were planned months ago." Are some Americans really that sick.......and they say: "I wonder why we have this problem?" "What's gone wrong in our society?"...............I think the fruitage is self evident!!!
    • Several years ago, in Grand Prairie, Texas, Four Sisters out in Service were killed when their car was T-Boned at an intersection. Those that "live by the car .... die by the car"".
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